Best Christmas Ever

It was the first Christmas Kailey and I are going to spend away from New York and it's a strange feeling. I'm going to miss the crowded streets of last minute shoppers going from one expensive shop to the next. In a way though, that's what Kailey and I were doing now. We were always bad at buying gifts in a timely fashion, meaning; Christmas Eve, we were scouring the city for places that were still open. "I can't believe we forgot about Hikaru and Kyoya," she said, her breath steaming in the cold winter night. I nodded, my teeth were chattering though I was in a puffy winter coat, gloves, scarf and a hat. She pointed to a store that still had all of it's lights on. We went in to be surrounded by cuckoo clocks of all different designs and sizes. Let's just say we weren't in there very long.

"Who buys cuckoo clocks anymore?" I asked my twin.

She laughed, "Crazy people." We wandered around wishing we would one year learn to make a checklist of everybody's presents. Kailey got to a point where she was a good two feet in front of me and I hadn't realized she stopped, until I ran into her. She looked at me and was pointing to another store. This one had -thankfully- no cuckoo clocks. She entered the store and pulled me with her.

When we got home that night, everyone was in our living room and I mean everyone. The entire Host Club, even their families. I was surprised that Kyoya's dad and brothers were even there. "Where were you two?" Mom asked as she felt our hands and faces. "You're freezing! Didn't you wear coats?"

Kailey laughed, "Of course Maman. It's just cold out there."

I moved around them and tried to find a spot to sit down, there wasn't one, so when I went to sit on the floor next to Kyoya's legs, he pulled me onto his lap. "Merry Christmas," he said into my ear.

"Merry Christmas," I said as I kissed him.

"So where exactly were you? Do you realize how late it is?" Mom was still freaking out.

This time I laughed, "Mom, you know us. How do we usually spend Christmas Eve?"

"At the bar again? I thought I told you to stop that tradition when we moved." That was always Dad's response when we came home late. I stood up from Kyoya's lap and hugged Dad.

"It's such a hard habit to break." He laughed and I went to the tree.

"Since it is Christmas now," I said and picked up a present. Kailey joined me.

"I think we should open some presents!" She picked up one that was wrapped in silver wrapping paper and looked at the name. "Haruhi! Merry Christmas." She skipped over to Haruhi and her dad to hand her the present.

I picked up a bag that was covered in a ridiculous amount of snowmen. "Mrs. Hitachiin, you're the lucky winner of this lovely present!" I twirled my way over to her.

"Danni," I heard Kailey call to me, "I don't think we should have stopped at that bakery earlier."

I scoffed at her, "I doubt it was the half a dozen doughnuts we both ate. I blame that bar." She laughed and was continued handing out all of the presents.

"Last, but certainly not least," Kailey said holding up the last present. "Little Sora Luna!'

I laughed, "Why did we give him such a girly name?"

"'Cause we are going to dress him up and pass him off as our baby sister one day." I knew she was serious and that was what kind of scared me. Everyone opened up their presents at the same time and their was plenty of laughter. Probably because of all the eggnog everyone was drinking. I swear I even saw a smile on Mr. Ootori's face as he opened his gifts.

It wasn't until three in the morning people started pouring out of our house. It was fun though. Kailey and I made everyone, and I mean everyone, sing Christmas carols and any other songs that happened to pop into our heads. There was almost a food fight that was nearly initiated by Tamaki making a tray of deviled eggs go flying.

I saw Kailey pull Hikaru away from the mass of people exiting the house. I took her lead and pulled Kyoya away to. We had decided to get them the same thing. Mostly because we are terrible procrastinators and all of the good stores were closed, but we thought it was a great idea. I pulled him upstairs, to my room, and out to my balcony. I didn't care that it was cold, freezing really.

Once we stopped, he wrapped his arms around my waist. "I still have to give you your present," I said as he went to pull me closer.

"I really don't need a present." I giggled, knowing he would change his mind once he saw what it was. I pulled a present bow out of my pocket and stuck it on my head.

"Merry Christmas, Kyoya." He pulled me into a deep kiss. I tried my hardest to deepen it.

He pulled away, "So, do I get to open my present?" I kissed him lightly.

"Nope, there is a condition to that part of your present and you know it well." He smirked and kissed me again.

Best. Christmas. Ever.

I know it's a little after Christmas, but I meant to have it done a few days ago. I hope you all like it!

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