Silver flashed as a thin blade deftly whipped through the air, detaching a Level E's head. Red whips and blue electric tendril pierced and slashed, ending the poor exhumans' inter turmoil. Rima, Shiki, and Takuma met in the middle of the hallway, backs facing one another.

"Has anyone seen Kain or Aidou?" Takuma asked, watching as more Level E's spilled into the Night Dorms. The other two nobles shook their heads, not knowing where the cousins had gone. The trio tensed when the new group of vampires finally approached them. Rima nearly bared her fangs at an approaching vampire before she noticed the exhuman's state. The female's pale skin was shriveled and stretched over her frail bones. The E had obviously not been fed in a long time and was finally reaching her end. "Bastard," the orange haired noble hissed, cursing the owner of these exhumans. As quickly as she could so as not cause as least pain as possible to the exhuman, Rima sent several electric bolts through her chest. She could have sworn she saw the woman smile briefly before she turned to ash.

"Ichijo, get to Kiryu-san," Shiki ordered as he dispatched a growling exhuman. Takuma spared a worried glance to his lover which Shiki easily read. "We will be fine, just help him." Takuma nodded and shot through a gap of exhumans and to the pureblood's dorm room door. Looking back as his lover and friend continued fighting, he prayed for their safety before rushing into the room.

Zero fought another wave of dizziness as he gripped his gun, keeping his aim on the Archivist. The noble pulled his hand away from his injured shoulder and scowled at the blood on his hand. "Well my little pet, that was not very polite."

"Forgive me for my poor hospitality," Zero growled.

"So tell me, my sweet, do you think he will love you forever? What makes you think he is not like me and will discard you as soon as he becomes bored?," the Archivist laughed, pulling his hand away from his now healing shoulder.

"Shut up," Zero hissed. His head was swimming from being thrown against the wall but he refused to take his eyes off the bastard.

"You know that deep in down, you'll always have that fear and know that he will never love you like you love him." The noble smirked as he took a step closer to the ex-human.

"You don't know anything!" the hunter yelled. Kaname loved him; why else would he willingly create a bond with the boy? They were going to spend their eternal lives together…weren't they? A crash from outside the door caused the hunter to drop his guard for just a moment but it was all the time the noble needed. Nails tore at his hair as his head was pulled to the side.

"Forget him, my dear, you are mine," the voice hissed. He barely had time to scream before unfamiliar fangs tore into his throat.

Outside the Pureblood's room, the entire Night Class fought tooth and nail against dozens of level-D's and E's that had crashed through the ceilings and windows of the building. On every one of them, an intricate A decorated the side of their neck.

Takuma was trying desperately to reach the Pureblood's room and his friend's mate, but was stopped by four ex-humans. All four advanced at the same time, fangs and talons bared. The blonde's katana was swift and sure, decapitating two of the vampires in no time at all. The other two, a man and a woman were unfazed and continued trying to disembowel the vampire. Takuma jumped back and away from the woman as she swung at him, returning his own swing with his blade and decapitating the woman as well. Through the dust though, the male slammed into Takuma, shoving him against the banner. The force of the hit caused the noble to drop his weapon and the boy was left defenseless as a clawed hand wrapped around his throat.

Takuma closed his eyes as the other hand was swung at his face but suddenly the pressure on his throat lessened and the killing blow never came. Opening his eyes, Takuma watched as the exhuman's wide eyes traveled its own chest where a blood carved blade protruded. The exhuman's eyes moved back up to the noble in front of him but Takuma was taken aback by the almost relieved look on the vampire's face.

"Master made us do it…thank you." The unknown vampire smiled before turning to dust. Shiki was instantly in front of his lover, checking the blonde for any serious injuries. Rima soon joined them, her hands still surrounded by small sparks.

"Ichijo, look at me, are you alright," the brunette asked. Takuma nodded numbly before grabbing his katana and moving toward Kaname's dorm again.

"Zero, we have to get to him!" Shiki nodded and followed his lover but pulled him back as there was a large crash above them and more level-D's poured through the ceiling, followed shortly by a scream from inside the Pureblood's room.

Although the smell of blood was strong even from outside the Night dorms, there was no mistaking the smell of his mate's blood. The Pureblood crashed through the doors, instantly killing the exhumans that rushed at him. Kaname turned back around to see Yagari and Cross battling with the vampires themselves. Yagari pulled his knife free from a vampire's chest and leveled his eye at the Pureblood.

"Go damnitt!," the older man roared. Kaname did not need to be told twice as he rushed up the stairs towards his room and mate. His bond with the other boy had been screaming since he first felt its tug in the car but it suddenly began to dull as if muffled. Kaname knew that there was only one reason for this occurrence but he couldn't afford to stop and think about it at the moment.

Rushing past Takuma, Shiki, and Rima who made room for their leader, Kaname wasted no time in obliterating the door in front of him. The sight he came across made his heart jump to his throat. The man, who had been killed right in front of him the night before, ripped his fangs from the hunter's throat and gave the Pureblood a bloody smile.

"Welcome back, Kuran."

Zero fought to keep his eyes open as the love of his life blew through the door, several members of the night class still fighting level-D's in the corridor. The hunter wanted to struggle, wanted to fight back, but the young exhuman could not even move his arms. The noble had drained too much and left the boy weak. A single tear ran down his pale cheek, he didn't want to die like this. Not when he had just discovered love and definitely not in front of the same person that had showed him that love.

"Aww, Kuran look he is crying. How could you leave such a delicate flower alone?" The Archivist smirked and pulled the limp body closer to him.

"Let go of him," Kaname growled, his dark aura swirling around him.

The psychopath only laughed a licked the remaining blood from his lips. "Oh but, my dear Pureblood, I want him. Although I am sad to say that I've taken quite a bit from him and I fear that his time as an E will come sooner that I would have hoped so I only get to enjoy him for this short while. He is so beautiful isn't he," the vampire crooned as he traced a finger down the boy's cheek.

Kaname's fangs elongated to their full length and he moved closer to the noble and his lover. His heart clenched as he saw the tears running down his boy's face from his now closed eyes and his lips form his name although no sound could be heard.

"I am giving you one last warning, let him go," Kaname warned. The ground around their feet began to quake at the level of the Pureblood's power. For a brief moment, a look of fear passed over the blonde's face before it was quickly replaced by a smirk again.

"Or what, Kuran? You try to harm me, I end your lover's life more quickly. Do you know what I told him before you arrived? I told him you would never love him equally, you're a Pureblood after all. After him, you can easily go find yourself someone else to share your bed with. He will be just a small, insignificant memory in your life. So why don't you just let me take him and enjoy him, hmm?"

Kaname's inner beast roared but he refrained from charging for he knew the noble was true to his word and would indeed kill Zero right in front of him if he moved closer. But he would not hesitate to correct the son of a bitch, he would not let Zero believe the bastard's lies.

"You're wrong you bastard, there is no one but him nor will there ever be anyone but him. You will not take him from me because he will stand by my side for eternity and no sick piece of shit is going to change that!" The windows behind the Archivist shattered and the noble jumped but instantly regained his ground.

"You fool, even if you accepted him as your eternal mate, no one will accept either of you! You weak, piece of…." The noble's words died in his throat as blood gurgled out of his mouth. Turning his head slightly to see behind him, he was met with the furious blue eyes of Aidou who pulled his iced hand out of the noble's chest, an iced heart still faintly pumping falling to the ground.

"Both Kuran-sama and Kiryu-sama, are fully supported you asshole."

The Archivist looked back at Kaname. "Well damn," he managed to whisper before crumbling to dust and leaving the hunter to fall.