Naruto: the Ninja Saiyan

Flashback/Mind Link

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Chapter 6

"There are eight targets on the human body: spinal cord, lungs, liver, clavicle artery, jugular vein, kidneys, brain and heart. Now which vital, vulnerable spot should I choose? Hehehe." Zabuza's voice came from everywhere and it echoed in an eerie, almost demonic, manner that made young kunoichis very nervous.

Naruto, in response, flared a little of his own murderous intent to counteract Zabuza's own. "Listen up, everyone!" he called out to the group. "Calm down. If you let him psyche you out, it'll be a one-way trip to the afterlife. Remember, he's both outnumbered and outmatched against our forces. And besides..." He paused, knowing it'll even get Zabuza's attention. "I won't let any of you die. You can count on it."

"Brave words coming from a dead man." Zabuza's voice echoed from everywhere before he appeared to Naruto's left.

As quick as a flash, Naruto slammed his staff into Zabuza's zanbatō, briefly stunning him, before lashing out with his left foot. However, Zabuza turned into water as soon as the kick connected. "A water clone?" he said to himself.

Zabuza's chuckle echoed throughout the forest. "Come now, boy. Do you really think I'm that easy to hit?" he questioned, his voice full of mirth. "You'll have to try harder than that."

Naruto's eyebrow twitched as his eyes turned violet. "That may be so, but you haven't landed a hit on me either. And I guarantee you that you won't."

"Really now?" was all Naruto heard before being cut in half. However, Zabuza was disappointed when he found out that he cut through a clone made out of steam. 'How did this brat do that?'

He was jolted from this thought when he felt something slam into his left side. He grunted in pain as Naruto thrust his staff at the jounin. The gennin then slammed the other end into his abs, pushing him off the ground. He spun him around a few times before raising the staff up. At the same time, the weapon grew in length. Once it was triple its original length, Naruto brought it down, slamming the rogue mist ninja into the ground, creating a small crater from the force.

As he waited for the smoke to clear, the staff rapidly shrunk to its original size. "Just because I'm young doesn't mean I'm weak." Naruto's violet eyes traveled across the area as he felt Zabuza vanish from the smoke cloud.

"That's an impressive weapon you got there, brat. I would take it for myself if it was a sword." Zabuza's voice echoed throughout the forest.

Naruto scoffed. "Even if it was, you could never touch it without it hurting you. Only myself and my little vixen can wield this staff."

Naruto was then kicked onto the nearby lake. As he skidded across the surface, he entertained the idea of switching his weapon for another. 'No, I don't need a sword for this. My Jingu Staff will work just fine.' He then raised his staff and blocked the massive cleaver before he was sliced in half. "Not bad, but I've seen better." He then vanished, appearing right behind the rogue ninja. He then ran up the man's bare back, kicked off of it and threw his staff at his head, which promptly bounced right off before it flew back into Naruto's grip again.

Zabuza, while seeing stars from the shot to the skull, was still standing and wondering where that surprise attack came from. "Not bad, brat. At least you have some skill... for a gennin."

Whatever he was about to add refused to leave his tongue as he stared down a furious redhead. "That wasn't a wise thing to say, Momochi." Naruto growled before re-holstering his weapon. "I was going to show you mercy, but not after what you just said." His hands moved so fast, their afterimages had afterimages. Once he was finished with the forty plus hand signs... in under three seconds, he grinned. "Time to fear the dragons! Water Style: Twin Dragon Dance!" Two small whirlpools flanked the redhead before a pillar shot up from each of them... in the form of a dragon with glowing yellow eyes. The dragons roared as they twisted around each other. After a few twists, they sailed in Zabuza's direction while continuing to twist about.

While this was going on, Zabuza formed his own set of hand signs, but he was no where near as fast as the boy. "Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu!" he called out before a pillar of water shot up in front of him, also in the form of a dragon. The difference is that Naruto's dragons are two-thirds the size of Zabuza's, making his stronger. However, Naruto's twin dragons held far more power together and were easily able to defeat Zabuza's and even slammed the swordsman into a tree.

As Naruto casually strolled over to the down ninja, he pulled out a kunai and was about to force him to surrender, but soon found two senbon sticking out of the man's neck. 'What in the...?' He followed the possible trajectory of the needles and found a young figure around his age wearing a white porcelain mask with red markings and the emblem of the Village Hidden in the Mist carved on the forehead. The figure is garbed in a dark blue and grey battle kimono with a brown obi, a mesh shirt underneath and getas. The figure also has their long hair in a wrapped bun with two tied up bangs framing the mask.

The figure disappeared in a small tornado and appeared before Naruto. "Thank you for your assistance. I've been tracking down Zabuza for months now." the person spoke. Naruto nodded just as the figure picked up Zabuza's body and slung an arm over their shoulder. This confused him somewhat. "I must be going now. His body contains many secrets and must be disposed of." The then vanished in a small tornado, just before Naruto's kunai hit their arm.

'Dammit...' Naruto cursed before retrieving his kunai and stowing it away. "We better get out of here and fast. Who knows who might be watching us."

Kurenai nodded, agreeing with the redhead. "Tazuna, where is your home?" she asked their client.

"This way." Tazuna replied, leading the group away from the area.


After a few minutes of walking, Tazuna lead his shinobi guard to a modest home on a dock. He opened the door and called out, "Tsunami, I'm home!"

From the kitchen emerged a young woman with long dark blue hair, brown eyes and dressed in a pink shirt and a long dark blue skirt. Her eyes widened when she saw Tazuna before she ran over and embraced him. "Father, you're home! I was so worried!" she exclaimed.

Tazuna chuckled as he held his daughter. "I'm fine, Tsunami. Besides, I got five great bodyguards to protect me."

Tsunami looked at her father in disbelief. She knew that he would go out and find some ninjas to protect him while he was building his bridge. She peeked behind him and saw the group. "Oh! Please, come inside." she said before bowing to them. "And thank you for protecting my father."

"There's no need to bow, ma'am. We're just doing our job, is all." Naruto spoke up.

"Oh, umm... wasn't there one more with you? My father said there were five of you." Tsunami asked.

"There is, and she's right here." Sakura replied while holding up Inari.

In a surprising display of speed, Tsunami had Inari in her arms. "Oh, she's so cute!" she squealed.

Tazuna sweat-dropped at his daughter's behavior while the ninjas were shocked at the speed she displayed. "Um... Tsunami, I think the fox is turning blue."

Indeed, Inari's face has turned blue, which is easily seen through her white pelt. "Oh! I'm sorry about that." Tsunami apologized to the vixen before setting her down. The vixen merely shook her body before hopping into Naruto's arms.

"It's quite alright. Inari's not afraid to show affection and she loves to receive it." Naruto responded as he petted the goddess into a blissful state.

"You said her name is Inari, right?" Naruto nodded to the woman's question. "What a coincidence. My son's name is Inari."

As if on cue, a small boy came into the room. He has dark brown hair under the fishing cap he's wearing and brown eyes full of sadness and depression. He's dressed in a simple white t-shirt and green fisherman's pants. As soon as he saw Tazuna, he exclaimed, "Grandpa, you're home!"

Tazuna turned around just in time to catch the boy as he leaped at him. "Everyone, this is Inari, my grandson." he said before introducing the ninjas to the young boy.

The young boy, also named Inari, looked at Tsunami and said while pointing at the leaf ninjas, "Mommy, why are they here? They're only gonna die if they oppose Gato."

The ninjas blinked at the boy's words, finding it very odd. "Kid, what are you talking about?" Naruto asked him. "If what I heard about him is true, then Gato's nothing but some two-bit punk who hires thugs to do his dirty work."

Inari looked annoyed at Naruto. "What kind of idiot are you? No one can beat Gato. He has hundreds of thugs under his command. You should just go home before you all die."

A tick mark appeared on Naruto's brow. "What a silly brat, you are. Apparently, you don't know what a ninja is." He then frowned. "Bandits, thugs and the like don't stand a chance to a ninja. Considering there's four here, one being a high-ranking ninja, plus a familiar as strong as an elite ninja, Gato's little army of hired thugs don't stand a ghost of a chance against us." He then grinned. "Besides, we've been trained by heroes. Gato's days are numbered."

"I knew it; you are an idiot! There's no such thing as heroes!" Inari rebutted before leaving the room.

Tazuna and Tsunami sighed. "You'll have to excuse my son. He's been like this for quite some time." Tsunami said to them.

"What happened to him that made him think such things?" Hinata wondered.

"Something traumatic happened to him, that's what." Tazuna replied. "Since then, he's been gloomy and, as you can tell, thinks that anyone who goes against Gato will die."

Naruto shook his head. "That kind of thinking will get him nowhere. As long as he thinks that whoever goes against Gato will die, he will merely sink further and further into despair." he said. "What's worse is that Gato wants that to happen. If he doesn't change before it's too late, he will see something truly horrific that will destroy him."

"Like what?" Sakura wondered.

Naruto's expression grew dark before glancing at Tsunami. "The loss of the one person he cherishes most in the world."


About an hour later, their reinforcements have arrived in the form of Kakashi Hatake. He informed them that the other squads were busy and the Hokage sent him to assist on the mission. He would have arrived sooner, but he ran into some trouble before he could catch up to them.

Now, the five ninjas met in one of the guest rooms as they had a meeting to determine their next move.

"So what's the status, Naruto?" Kakashi asked him. He had asked Naruto to send some of his shadow clones to scout around ten minutes ago.

Naruto's been frowning ever since he entered one of the two guests rooms the family let them use. "Well, the village is in terrible shape; even worse than some of the slums I've been to during my travels with Mom and Dad. I've never seen anything this bad before." He then sighed. "Gato must be stopped. His chokehold on this country needs to end before everyone here dies from his greed and cruelty. I'll happily do it now, but I need to find out where he is. Otherwise, we'll have to lure him out somehow." His frowned deepened further with what he said next. "But it gets worse. Zabuza's still alive."

Inari and the kunoichis gasped. "What? But how?" Sakura asked.

"I'm not surprised. I mean, I knew that tracker ninja wasn't trying to kill him, especially with where those senbon struck him at." Naruto commented.

"What do you mean?" Hinata wondered. She didn't see where the senbon hit, so she assumed that Zabuza was killed.

"They hit him in the neck, Hinata. With knowledge of the human body, someone could learn how to fake someone's death by targeting certain pressure points. Tracker Ninjas from the Mist Village practice this to bring back individuals that carry sensitive information that cannot be lost, either by death or capture." her fiancé explained to her. Kurenai, Hinata and Sakura nodded, as Kushina taught them how to do that as a way to save a comrade in danger.

"So what you're saying is that the tracker ninja was actually working for Zabuza?" Kurenai surmised.

"Most likely. Either that or they are another ninja hired by Gato." Naruto then gazed at the two jounin and asked, "So what's our next move? We can't exactly send me out to find them without any leads. That and we still have to protect our client. Against ninjas of this caliber, Sakura and Hinata aren't strong enough to protect him, let alone defend themselves if Zabuza decides to target them before going after Tazuna."

Kakashi and Kurenai conversed amongst themselves for a moment before coming to a conclusion. "We've decided that we'll let you and Inari train the girls until you deem them ready. Also, Lady Kushina wanted me to tell you that, considering the possible opposition, you can teach them those techniques during the mission." Naruto's eyes widened at what Kakashi just said.

"Well, I guess we'll start first thing in the morning. But where can I train them? I don't want anyone seeing them." Naruto's question was answered in the form of a small scroll given to him by Kakashi.

"She thought of that and gave me that scroll. She said that it is for your eyes only." Naruto nodded before putting the scroll in his pouch.


Elsewhere, Zabuza laid in bed with his eyes closed as the young tracker ninja, now unmasked, tended to his injuries. "I told you not to underestimate him, Zabuza." the tracker ninja said to the man. Her brown eyes stared at the grown man while her long black hair fell down her back.

"And I told you not to overestimate your opponents, Haku." Zabuza shot back. "That brat is definitely more powerful than some jounin. He'll even give you a challenge."

"I hope so." the girl, known as Haku, replied with a small smile.

Just then, the door opened and Gato walked in with two men with katanas on their left hips. "So, the great Demon of the Bloody Mist is defeated by a wench and a few brats. You're nothing but all talk." he said, but Zabuza ignored him. "Hey! I know you're awake!"

He reached out to grab Zabuza, but Haku's hand gripped his wrist. "Don't you dare touch Zabuza with those filthy hands!" she growled before her grip tightened, breaking the man's wrist. Gato screamed and his two bodyguards unsheathed their swords, ready to cut Haku in two. A second later, Haku was between both men, their swords in the girl's grasp and the blades centimeters away from beheading them. "Do not test me. I'm in a very bad mood." Haku warned them.

Gato held his broken wrist with his good hand and motioned for his bodyguards to stand down. However, before they could retrieve their katanas, Haku swiftly snapped the blades in two, shocking them.

"Let's go. Just make sure you kill Tazuna or I won't pay you." Gato said before he and the two thugs walked out.

After the door closed, Zabuza turned his head to face his apprentice. "You didn't have to do that, you know." he said as his left hand moved from under the covers, revealing a kunai in said hand.

Haku smiled sweetly. "I know, but we can't kill Gato just yet. We still need him or the tracker ninjas will be after us again."

Zabuza sighed. "You're right. We need to be patient before we make our move." His expression then turned serious. "Listen. In two days, I want you to spy on the Yellow Flash's son, Naruto. If you can, try to seduce him into working for us. If you're lucky, you just might get a husband out of this."

Haku nodded in agreement. "Understood, Zabuza." 'Perhaps I could charm him into falling for me. I'll have to be careful, though. One of the kunoichis with him might be his girlfriend. Oh well... if I can win him over, then tough luck for them.'


Meanwhile, Naruto sneezed while feeling like someone is talking about him behind his back.


The next day, Naruto, Inari, Sakura and Hinata sat in the room he and Kakashi shared. "Okay. Where we are going I won't tell you for now, but we'll be gone for five days. I've told Kurenai-sensei about this so they'll keep this place safe until we get back." The two kunoichis nodded. "All right. Since we're all packed and ready to go, grab onto my shoulder." While confused, the two girls did as they were told and watched as Naruto placed his right index and middle fingers on his forehead. A few seconds later, they were gone in an instant.


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Okay, before I even begin to hear it, Haku is not in the harem. She'll pursue Naruto, but may not be able to win his heart. Due to Inari and Yami, Naruto is nearly impossible to seduce, so it's going to be fun showing their encounter. Also, Naruto's Jingu Staff and bōjutsu fighting style does come from the Soul Calibur series, which I do not own. Kilik is one of my favorite characters from Soul Calibur and since the Jingu Staff is similar to the Power Pole, I thought giving it to Naruto would be good since Minato has the Power Pole.

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In this case, no one knows what happened to them that night since the Namikaze family disappeared along with Inari and Broly. Also, no one even knows what a saiyan is, so Orochimaru may not even see Naruto as special. Furthermore, the man would rather kill the boy instead of possessing his body if his only reason was to piss off Minato. And if by some chance he discovers their saiyan heritage, it would take him some time to discern if he can even possess him. After all, the man is not stupid. He'd do his research before trying to pull such a stunt.