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So... this is another cross-over fic. We've got Doctor Who and Merlin. I've had the idea to do a cross-over like this for a while now, but was unsure where to go with it. But now that I've got some more ideas - here is the first chapter. And I apologise if any of the characters are OOC. I do try my best. :) Thanks again to Obwohl for looking over this before I posted. Your feedback is always appreciated. :)

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"This is the seventh disappearance in less than a month, my lord," Gaius, the court physician informed the King grimly.

King Uther Pendragon looked up and frowned slightly. "You think it suspicious?"

"I do, Sire."

"People go missing all the time, Gaius," the King replied.

"Not like this, I'm afraid. I think there may be something… else behind these disappearances."

"Are you implying sorcery is to blame here?"

"Perhaps, Sire. Seven people have vanished without a trace in the past few weeks. There are no connections between any of the victims and no one knows anything of their whereabouts."

Uther stroked his cleanly shaven chin thoughtfully. "What do you propose we do to combat this?"

"I am unsure, my Lord," Gaius replied truthfully with a statement which creased the King's brow, even further. It was rare indeed for Gaius to be clueless or unsure. "All we know is that whatever is stealing these people away is striking quickly and leaving no clues behind."

"You think it a creature of magic then? What else could possess these powers?"

Gaius shook his head, "It is unclear. There is nothing mentioned in any of my books, which worries me."

"I, too," Uther sighed, stumped by Gaius lack of knowledge. "Keep me informed, Gaius. And I'll have Arthur and his knights set up extra patrols around the city and a curfew enforced. We need to stop whatever this is and soon, I refuse to have sorcery at work in my Kingdom."

"I know, my lord and I'll keep you informed," Gaius answered gravely as he bowed his head. He turned away and began to leave, muttering out of the King's hearing range, "But other than that, I really do not know what to do."

* * *

The Doctor pushed open the doors of his TARDIS and stepped out, a wide grin plastered on his face. Rose stepped out from behind him and gasped at the view before her.

"It's beautiful!" she exclaimed at the picture perfect castle visible behind the dense forest. Rose turned to the Doctor who had thrust his hands into his pockets and was grinning somewhat smugly. "Where are we?"

"Camelot," the Time Lord replied.


"Camelot," he countered. "And it's not just a model."

Rose laughed at the reference. "So you mean it's not just a legend?"

"Course it isn't. Although it might be different from the legend you know. Historical things tend to get mixed up over time. But trust me - that Grail was a lot harder to find then they make out," the Doctor concluded with a cheeky smile.

Rose looked slightly sceptical before questioning further, "So we're actually going to meet King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table?"


"And Merlin and Guinevere and Lancelot?"

"Uh huh," the Doctor grabbed her hand. "Come on."

"No wait," Rose resisted on the tugging on her hand.


"I can't go running around Camelot looking like this," she gestured to her denim shorts and low cut shirt. "I don't want another Queen Victoria incident."

The Doctor sighed and softly let go of her hand. "Fine, but be quick."

"Quick? What happened to the whole 'we're in a time machine' shtick?"

"Oh yeah," the Doctor grinned broadly, watching fondly as his companion returned the smile, before dashing back inside the TARDIS to change.

After 5 or so minutes and a few knocks on the TARDIS from the rather impatient Doctor, Rose emerged.


"So what do you think?" Rose asked, cheekily poking her tongue between her teeth. She gave a small twirl in the flowing, deep purple gown, something which could have been fit for a Queen.

The Doctor grinning, getting over his initial dumbfounded-ness. "You look beautiful."

Rose smiled back, "Thanks. Now, we can go."

"Excellent!" The Doctor once again took up her hand and together they made their way down the slight incline and onto the forest path, which would eventually lead them into the castle of Camelot.

* * *

"Merlin," Arthur's tone was deadpanned and commanding. "Merlin?" He paused waiting for a response, which didn't come. "MERLIN!"

There was a clatter from outside, before the door to the Prince's chambers was opened and in stumbled the manservant in question, just managing to keep the food on the tray he was carrying. "Sorry Arthur. Sire."

"Where have you been? I've been waiting for my breakfast for at least 5 minutes."

"I'm sorry. There was a mix up in the kitchens and... and..." he trailed off, before placing the tray on the central table in the room. "Your breakfast, Sire."

Arthur gave a small glare at his servant, before softening and thanking him. Merlin wasn't that bad a servant, really. He was occasionally clumsy, but had made good friends with most people, including the Prince himself, in the short time he had been in Camelot.

"Is there anything else I can get you?"

"Not at the moment. Just make sure my washing is done today and remember to muck out my horse's stables. All of them."

Merlin groaned. "Yes, Sire."

"Was that groan I heard there, Merlin?" Arthur paused in his breakfast to look at his servant and raise a questioning eyebrow.

"No, definitely not," Merlin quickly replied. "You must be hearing things. Seems to be a common occurance, actually. There was that time you kept hearing that jangling noise, too remember. Did you want me to get Gaius for you? I wouldn't want it to turn into something serious. I know I'm just your servant, but I do have a duty of care, you know."

"Merlin," Arthur rolled his eyes, before grinning. They both knew that Merlin was far more than just a servant.

"I'm going right now, Sire," Merlin returned the smile, before ducking his head and leaving.

"Oh and Merlin."

"Yes?" he paused at the door.

"Remember we have sword practice this afternoon, too," Arthur stated with a smirk and Merlin groaned again.

Merlin left the room and headed out to the stables, humming softly to himself. He never noticed the statue which had suddenly appeared in the corner at the end of the corridor.

The statue of a weeping angel.

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