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Emmett and I went back to the main house in the late morning hours the next day. Most of the family was sitting in the living room in various stages of downtime. Rose, Edward, and Esme were sitting by the piano, Edward playing, the two women listening. Alice, Jasper and Carlisle were watching the news, though I was pretty sure they weren't really watching. Charlie was standing by the window, looking out at the forest. I was still taken by surprise sometimes that I wouldn't have to lose him like I would mom. He was the most unconventional vampire I had ever met, with his older, though refined looks, and his precise haircut and mustache, he was nothing like any vampire I would have imagined.

He seemed to be the first to notice us too. "Bells! How was the opera? Did you have fun?" he asked, coming to hug me. We had become much closer since his new birth.

"It was amazing, and so much fun. How was your night?" I asked in return.

"You know, same as always," he replied with a grin. "Went hunting and then talked to Regina."

"Oh?" I asked nonchalantly. I had quickly noticed that my father and the black haired Denali vampire were in some kind of relationship. "And what did you talk about?"

"Nothing much. Just about what we'd been up to. And I might have let slip that we're moving up there in a little while."

"I bet she took that well," I teased.

I knew that if he'd been able to blush he would have been. "Uh, yeah she did actually. She was very excited to see the family again."

"I'm sure that's what she was excited about. When are you going to just admit that you like each other?"

He grinned at me, taking my by surprise. If there was one thing that had barely changed since he'd been turned it was how much he disliked having his emotions talked about. "When are you going to admit that I am a better vampire than you?" he asked in return.

I gave a fake gasp of indignation. "That was just mean! Besides you know I'm a better vampire," I said with a wink.

"Bella!" Alice squealed before Charlie could get a response in. She wrapped her arms around my neck and twirled us around.

"Alice," I laughed.

"Wasn't your night just amazing? I knew it would be. I told Emmett not to worry at all, but he did anyway. And didn't your dress go perfectly for the occasion? It was perfect. And I noticed that you're much happier about the move now. That's good, because we've had to deal with sullen vampires before and I'm kind of getting tired of it. Oh and—"

"Alice!" I exclaimed with a laugh. "Slow down!"

"Sorry," she said with a slightly sheepish grin.

As we talked I saw Rose get up from the piano bench beside Edward and come toward us.

"Bella," she said with a smile, "Alice, Esme, and I are going shopping around noon. Would you like to come?" she asked.

I couldn't stop my sharp glance at Alice, who just shrugged. I was kind of surprised that she had agreed to see this witch woman, but I guessed that it couldn't hurt to at least hear the woman out. "Oh, um, well sure, if…you don't mind do you baby?" I asked Emmett.

He grinned, "of course not Bells. I had you to myself all night, I think I can last a few hours without you. Jazz and I will probably just play Modern Warfare 2 anyway."

"Ok, then sure I'll go with you," I said slowly, letting a small smile slide onto my face.

"Great!" Rose said happily. "You won't regret it," she said. Of course I knew this was code for something entirely unrelated to shopping, but all I could do was nod.

Half an hour later we were all in Rose's car driving toward something that gave me a worse and worse feeling the closer we got to it.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" I asked yet again, wringing my hands.

"Bella, would you stop worrying so much. We're vampires! If she doesn't do what she says she's going to then we can tear her apart!" Rose said exasperatedly.

"But, well, if she's a witch wouldn't she be able to protect herself from us?"

"Stop it!" Rose said loudly. "You're just fishing for trouble in smooth waters. Just relax. Think about what it will mean to Emmett when you tell him that you can give him children. Do you know how long he's wanted kids?"

"Yeah, actually. We, um…we talked about it last night on our way home. I was trying to decide if I wanted to come with on this trip, so I asked him about how he felt about the kid situation. No I didn't give anything away. But I did find out that I have to at least give this a try. Sorry about being such a pain, I'm just worried."

"We gathered that," Alice teased, causing all of us to laugh.

Finally, after driving for what seemed like forever, even for a vampire, we pulled up in front of a surprisingly elegant looking stone building.

"Our witch lives here?" I asked skeptically.

"Yes, she does," said a voice from the side of the building. "It makes your witch look more professional, and more approachable for her upscale vampire clientele." The woman who walked forward and spoke was surprisingly young and pretty, not what I had pictured in a witch, with long brunette hair, a pretty face, thin, medium height figure, and heavy eyeliner that somehow looked good on her. "I am Corriene Nelson, Witch of the First Order. You must be the Cullen women."

Rose looked back at us before stepping forward. "Yes, I'm Rosalie, we spoke once. This is my 'mother' Esme, and my sisters, Bella, and Alice."

She nodded, "yes I know, I have seen you. Come inside before we draw attention." We followed the woman inside the building and into a small living room. "Sit down," she offered, gesturing to the couch and chairs. "Now what is it you are here for?"

We all looked at Rose, who looked at us for a moment before beginning to speak. "You told me that there was a way for us, us being vampires, to have children. We come to ask you how you know this and how it is possible."

"Ah, of course, now I remember. And all four of you share this wish?" she asked. We all nodded together. "Well I suppose I should begin at the beginning. My mother and grandmother were witches. They taught me everything they knew and then sent me away to learn even more. Not all witches are of the First Order, in fact there are only two that I know of right now. Anyway, when I returned home from my years of travel I was informed by my mother that my grandmother had died several years before, old age we presume. Two months after my return my mother was experimenting with a new spell and, to put it politely, it went badly. Before she died she told me about you're ability to conceive and birth children. Imagine my surprise, after having met so many of your kind and having no knowledge of this. Alas, she did not know the exact spell or procedure, grandmother did not know it to tell her. So after she died from the injuries of the spell I went on a search, to find the answers I wanted. It wasn't until I went to Italy that I found my answers."

She paused, as if waiting to let us ask questions. "Italy?" Rose asked. "That seems like an odd place to find answers about vampires. I would have thought it would be in Romania, where our kind originated." I had been thinking the same thing personally, but didn't want to ask about it.

"It was in Voltura. I was pretending to be on a tour and was taken to the lair of Aro and his brothers, some of the oldest vampires in the world. I was chosen to be Aro's personal meal that day, but when he touched my hand and read all my thoughts he realized what I was and was intrigued. He let me live so that I may talk to him for a while."

"So the Volturi told you where to find this information? The information needed for vampires to conceive?" Esme asked in her soft voice.

Correine smiled, "they did more than tell me where the information was. You see, Aro and his 'family' have intimate workings with vampire conception. To put it bluntly Aro and his family are some of the original practitioners of vampire conception. All the vampires in his coven besides his brothers and some of the older women are all his or his brothers' children, literally. They have been practicing for many, many years. This is where I learned the ins and outs of vampire conception."

"Wait, the Volturi are actually having children? And not telling anyone?" Rose asked. "Why would they do such a thing?"

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