Summary: How does Harry react when he finds out the truth behind all of Dumbledore's secrets from Voldemort? Simple... he plots to kill them both.

Warnings: SLASH - Harry Potter/Lord Voldemort

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" regular speech "

Italics is telepathic talking between Harry & Voldemort

Bold is Parseltongue


Twenty Years Later

"But Professor Jumbly," Ian Mallcott, a sixth year Ravenclaw said holding his hand up interrupting the Transfigurations professor, "that's not exactly true. According to the book, Animagus Abound, Mistress LeStrange states that any witch or wizard can be taught how to become an animagus. According to her, Minister Potter became one at the age of twenty-five after studying things left behind by his father and godfather and taught her and her husband how to become animagus as well."

"Those cases are rarities, Mr. Mallcott," the Professor replied looking sternly at the boy. "Also, to my knowledge no one has ever seen either take on their animagus forms and none have registered as such with the Ministry."

"But they don't have to anymore," a girl said confused. "That law was rescinded years ago. My mum is an animagus and she's not registered either."

"Well she should be," the professor snapped. "You all were born and raised in very different times, brought up to follow these new wizarding ways. In my opinion they haven't been for the better. Children should not be doing magic anywhere except at school and should not even be instructed in magic until they have reached the age of eleven as was once the ways of our world. And this mess of allowing animagus to roam about without registering their forms only leads to more chaos. It is his doing, his way of finding those who oppose him and stamping out their voices of reason."

"His? His who?" Ian asked confused.

"You-Know-Who!" she shouted.

"Well, it has been some time since I was referred to as such," Voldemort said stepping into the classroom doorway.

"Eee, it's My Lord," Heather Dundoggle squeaked excitedly before slapping her hands over her mouth as the entire class stood and then immediately lowered to one knee. Harry, walking in behind his bonded mate for two decades this week, watched the professor back into a corner before doing the same, fear etched in the woman's face. He chuckled and Voldemort looked at him amused before turning back to the class, and particularly, the girl.

It had been a long road to get where he and Voldemort were now. The announcement of Voldemort being back and that he'd bonded with the Dark Lord sent the wizarding world into a complete panic. Some people tried to flee the country while others locked themselves in their homes under Fidelus Charms. Rebellion groups sprang up literally overnight. None of that did any good, not with Voldemort back with him at Voldemort's side and every Death Eater who'd once been imprisoned in Azkaban free to strike down any and all signs of revolt.

As weeks and months passed with new laws being made and others being changed, things that benefited the wizarding world as he'd always promised any changes that came under his tenure as Minister of Magic would, people slowly began to relax and come out into the wizarding world again. And his lover using all the charisma of the old Tom Riddle in public addresses to the wizarding world detailing some of his future plans drew his lover support little by little. Those that refused to support his lover, well; they were dealt with in private.

For him and Voldemort privately, it took years for him to regain the man's complete trust again. He never occluded his mind anymore for that reason, not even when he planned gifts or surprises of any kind. Though it was never really a surprise, his lover always smiled at him when he presented the gifts or they entered the party anyway.

It wasn't always good times for them. More than once they'd had loud arguments that lasted for days. There were just some policies that his lover wanted put into place that he couldn't agree with no matter how much he loved and supported the Lord and Master of the Wizarding World. The dispute over Muggle-borns being exiled, imprisoned, or killed was the worst argument they'd ever had. Eventually, they'd come to an agreement where he was responsible for the actions of ever Muggle-born in the wizarding world and they weren't allowed to speak or get near his lover. There were a lot of other restrictions placed upon Muggle-borns, but at least they weren't killed anymore. It was only him reminding his lover that he wouldn't be there if it weren't for a Muggle-born witch that finally made Voldemort relent. While his lover would never admit that he was right, he knew that Voldemort wouldn't be feeling the joy the man was at the moment if he weren't.

"Rise, child, and come forth," Voldemort said.

"Yes, My Lord," Heather squeaked jumping to her feet. She took three steps towards Voldemort before stopping and drooping her head lowering to one knee again. Voldemort looked at him again raising an eyebrow at him.

Heather Dundoggle, sixth year Ravenclaw, Mudblood, he said silently to Voldemort. I kept telling you that law that Mudbloods weren't allowed to get within five feet of you would come back to bite you in the arse one day, but you said you didn't care. Voldemort glared at him and he smiled sweetly in reply before turning towards the girl again.

"It's all right, Heather. Your Lord told you to come to him and his word directly to you supersedes any other law." The girl lifted her head and looked at Voldemort for confirmation. Voldemort inclined his head only once before the girl scurried forward and immediately knelt at his feet.

"My Lord, it's an honor to meet you," she said quickly. "I've read every book you've ever written. Your work on creating advanced Unplottable Stones to make the wizarding cities of the United Kingdom completely undetectable by the Muggle world was absolutely brilliant!" That those stones encompassed roughly half of the United Kingdom now was pretty damned impressive even to him and he'd seen Voldemort do some amazing magic over the years.

"And you have no wish to know the Muggle world you were born into?" Voldemort asked lifting her head by her chin until she looked at him.

"Oh no, My Lord," she said emphatically. "My place is with you in the world you have created. I study very hard, My Lord, in the hope that when I finish my schooling that I can serve you best in the career path laid before me."

"And what path have you been set upon?" Voldemort asked.

"The Department of Agriculture, My Lord," the girl said. Voldemort locked eyes with the girl and she didn't flinch even though he knew Voldemort was scanning through every facet of her mind.

"Who gave her this path?" Voldemort asked.

Being a Mudblood, she didn't have many choices in what she was allowed to do, he said. "I'll have the records checked immediately," he said and turned towards one of the Death Eaters standing behind him. The Death Eater nodded and immediately walked away. You have to stop holding their birth against them, love. They can't help whom they were born to and you know just like I do that she's too damned smart to muck around on a farm for the rest of her life.

We shall discuss it later, Voldemort replied still looking at the girl and cracking a smile. "So read my books, have you?" Voldemort asked and the girl nodded with a bright smile. "You are to write a twenty inch essay on each and owl it to me by Friday evening. Should I find them a worthy read I may have to adjust your future career path."

"Yes, My Lord," she gasped and Voldemort let the girl go. She immediately curtsied at his feet before he waved her back to her desk and looked at the entire class. He felt Voldemort scan every mind in the room before turning and looking at Professor Jumbly in the corner.

"Professor Jumbly, I require a few words with you in private. Minister Potter shall tend to your class in your absence," Voldemort said. The woman nodded, but looked near tears with fear. She should since the reports from more than one student that she was slandering Voldemort and him was what started the in depth investigation of her and Voldemort wasn't happy with what had been uncovered. "Class, I shall speak with you all again shortly as I have thus far enjoyed my visit with you immensely."

More than a few squeaked with excitement and he chuckled again. Voldemort looked at him with a smile and he drooped his head lowering to one knee as Voldemort neared him by the door. He smiled at the gentle touch of fingers in his hair as the man walked by. When he stood again, Professor Jumbly did have unshed tears in her eyes as she walked by wringing her hands in front of her.

"Minister Potter?" a boy said and he looked at the young man. "She's going to be sacked, isn't she?"

"Yes, she is," he laughed lowly moving to the front of the room and taking a seat on top of the center of the desk.

"Good because she's always going on and on about how thing were different when she was growing up instead of teaching us things," the boy snorted, his robe Slytherin colors.

"And when she does teach us things it's never anything useful," another girl huffed. "How to change a turtle into a crystal platter and back again. Are we ever going to need to use that in life?"

"I can honestly say no and I hated that lesson when I was your age, too," he replied and the entire class laughed. "Actually, it was during that lesson that Your Lord started teaching me things by lesson instead of a book that were useful in life."

"Why don't you ever call him My Lord?" Heather asked.

"Because I'm privileged with a much better title for him," he winked at the girl lifting his left hand and wiggled his fingers to display the ring on his third digit making the entire class laugh again.

"Can you tell us more about when you were in school, Minister," the Slytherin boy asked.

"Well," he said just as the words, I have heard entirely too many times of your rantings of long begotten days for my liking. As you have no desire to live in these times allow me to grant your wish. Avada Kedavra, went through his head, "I can tell you that I always hated those desk when I went to school here. They're so bloody uncomfortable," he said and waved his hand transfiguring every desk into a cushy leather armchair with a small table in front of each one to write on.

"Now that's a Transfiguration spell I want to learn," the Slytherin boy grinned and he laughed along with the rest of the class.


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