004. Dark

Danny Phantom Saves the World! Part 2: Return of the Evil

"Ha it was a trick I am still a bad guy!" Said Vlad and he shot a huge beam of power that vaporized half the city!

"This is bad news!" Said Danny because Vlad had blown up his favorite store that was Target. Danny went to go fight Vlad again this time to kill him but Vlad had taken a special power up.

"I have taken steroids to become more powerful!" And he grew lots of muscles and got bigger in lots of places. "Now you will die and I will destroy the world!"

Spunky tried to stop him too but it didn't work and he died from a blast of energy from Vlad that killed him.

"No, Spunky!" Danny cried but he was distracted and so he got shot with another ghost beam that made him fall to the ground really fast and crashed into it so hard he died.

"I won the battle!" Vlad did a victory dance and cheered for himself but it didn't last long because another bad thing was going to happen. A big monster came out of the very hole that Danny made because he hit it so hard it went all the way to heck.

"I am Satan and I have come to destroy the whole everything!" Satan got out of the hole altogether and ate the entire city! Vlad got a paper cut that was actually infected mosquito bite and died too.

Meanwhile the government tried to stop Satan but he was too strong and killed the whole army. The other countries made robots from Japan to combat Satan but they didn't work because there was an energy crisis! Clockwork was going to turn back time so Satan wouldn't escaped but it Dan Phantom broke out of the Fenton Thermos with a gruesome kick and killed Clockwork too.

"Noooooo!" Clockwork said but Dan didn't listen because he was already outside and killing ghosts and people who were there too.

"We should team up!" Said Satan to Dan and they did and destroyed the universe and made a big palace out of dead people and lived there and were sad because they couldn't kill anything anymore because they already killed everything.


Okay, I believe some explanations are in order. My idea for light and dark was to have them both be the same story, but one having a light, happy tone and one having a dark, sad tone. Then I decided that the light one should be written with terrible grammar after watching Digimon 3: Predator vs Digimon one time too many, which made it seem childlike and helped with the light theme. When I wrote dark I changed my mind and decided to make it a sequel to light, instead of an alternate version, where all the happy stuff that happened turned bad. While this is never hinted at in either of the stories, "Light" is supposed to be a story Danny wrote as a joke and then Sam wrote "Dark" for some reason, perhaps to get on his nerves because he forgot their date or something.