Title - Angel Drinking Song

Author - sholot

Disclaimer - the boys, angel, and Bon Jovi aren't mine

E/O Challenge word - hold

Word count - 100

AN - Happy Birthday, The Tribble Master! Here's my attempt at Drunk!Castiel for you. Sorry, but I had to make him Fall for it to make sense in my head. Hope you still like it.

"Ish my life! Ish naw or nev'r!"

"Is that Cas?"


"Doing karaoke?"


"How many beers?"

"A few, plus some shots."


"Sammy, the guy's human now. He's gotta experience it once."

Ex-angel stumbles over.

"Sham! Dean! Mah fav-ite hun'ers!"

"Hey, Cas. Here's another - "

"Water. Water's good."

Roll eyes.


"Ta besh hun'ners eva!"

"Yeah, Cas. Let's - "

"Gonna shop Lucy."


"Sure, Cas - "

"Can't 'elp. Losh meh wings."

"Listen, Cas. You don't need Grace to help us."

"Dean's right, Cas."



Holds out microphone.

"Wanna shing, Sham?"

"Let's go home, Cas."


-= end =-