This is my entry for the Ben 10/Yu-Gi-Oh X-over challenge. In this story, Alien Force never happened, so Gwen still has short hair and is a tomboy.

I don't own Ben 10 or Yu-Gi-Oh!


"Gwen Tennyson."



"Duelling Partner?"

Gwen's face went blank. "Duelling. Partner?"

"Yes, I believe this is a Tag Team Tournament?"

Gwen shook her head in embarrassment. "I must've missed that."

The receptionist started to type something on the keyboard. "We could find someone else who doesn't have a partner."

Oh, great. Some hopeless, friendless loser? Like Ben? Well, it's better than not being in the tournament at all… "Okay… That sounds good."

The receptionist clicked on something and became silent.

"What's wrong? Is there no one without a partner?"

She was still gawking, almost drooling. "It's not that… there's one person left." She turned the computer monitor around, and Gwen realised why she had that strange, creepy expression.

"Is that?"

The receptionist instantly knew what she was talking about. "Yep. Seto Kaiba. Age: 16. No Duelling Partner."

"Wow…" Gwen found herself staring dreamily at the picture. "Kaiba…" She rested her elbow on the desk and rested her chin on her hand.

"Yeah, wow." Gwen looked at the receptionist, surprised. She had to be at least twenty-five! Well, Gwen couldn't blame her, he was very… attractive. Yeah. Just 'Attractive'.

She handed Gwen a key, with a tag hanging off of it that said 'Room 25'. She took it from her, and asked, "Do I…"

"Stay in the same room as Mr. Kaiba? Yeah."

Lucky me. Gwen thought. He may be hot, but I heard he's a real jerk.

"Your room is on the 2nd floor, 3rd door on the left." She explained, "I envy you, you know."

Gwen stared at her.

"Not just 'cause you're staying with Mr. Kaiba, but you get the nicest apartment in the whole hotel."

"Well, he is stinking rich."

"And smokin' hot."

"Meh." Gwen rolled her eyes, "Thanks for the key, though."

"You're welcome! Enjoy your stay!!" She waved at Gwen politely as she walked towards the elevator. Gwen pulled out her cell-phone and dialled Ben's number.

"Hi, Gwen!!!" Ben shouted, so loud Gwen had to hold the phone far from her ear so it didn't cause hearing damage.

"Hey, Ben. I just got my key for my apartment."

"Cool. Whose your partner?"

"Guess. Think… famous duellist."

"I don't know, Yugi Muto?"

"I wish! Seto Kaiba." Gwen groaned.

"Wow. Lucky you." Ben said sarcastically.

"Yeah, I know. I even have to share a room with him."

"Ha ha! Sucked in!! This is my unknowing revenge!"

"Well, time to be bored to death. See ya, Pig-head."

"See ya, Dweeb."

If Ben had of been there, she would've punched him in the head or something like that.

Gwen hung up and stepped of the elevator, and followed the receptionist's directions, and found 'Room 25'.

She knocked on the door, and Seto opened it.

"So, you're my new duelling partner."