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Flashes of the night before ran through my head, the party, the booze, the girls. A small smile crept across my lips as I started to come round to my senses. I could feel the cool sheets all over my body, and I knew I had gotten lucky. A few things told me this, the fact that I was naked was one give away and the fact that I could smell sex in the air, on my bedspread as I lay on my front.

Who was the lucky girl?

Not to be big headed, but fuck I was hot. I knew just how good I looked, with my 6"4 frame, lean and muscular frame, golden skin, my blonde chin length curls and my sparkling blue eyes. I was at the forefront of most girls' dreams at night. I was willing to bet that half the girls in the office would regularly get out there Rampant Rabbit to get off while thinking of me in between their legs, my tongue ball working on their bean bringing them to a lush state of ecstasy.

I turned, not opening my eyes and sudden pain shot up my backside. Fuck that hurt, why the fuck did my ass hurt? Just what happened last night?

My eyes opened and looked to the other side of the bed, expecting to see the lucky woman next to me but the bed was empty. Fuck, that's never happened before. I closed my eyes as images of last night flashed through my hand.


I had spent the day going through my latest case. My weekend normally consisted of me trailing my eyes through countless pieces of paper ready for my appointment on Monday morning where I would be handing over some papers along with my bill to some poor sob. Working in accounts was easy really, the worst time was when everyone's tax bill was due and everyone needed their accounts looked at. It wasn't hard to balance books, not really, how difficult can it be to keep track of your outgoing and your ingoing?

I heard the front door slam shut and Edward appear, looking stressed. We had lived together since college, there were four of us in the house to begin with. Emmett lived with us until he meet Bella at college and moved in with her shortly after we left and Seth moved out about a year ago leaving just Edward and me.

"Fuck, it's never going to be ready with these idiots!" He screamed as he sat down. He closed his eyes for a minute taking a few deep breaths.

"Okay..... what's happened now?" I asked him putting the pile of paper on the coffee table. He groaned and racked his fingers through his hair.

"The water still isn't working! We open in six hours and it's not working. I can't open the club if the water doesn't work, I'll get shut down before it even opens." He grumbled flicking through his phone. "Jazz, I can't afford for this to fail. I've poured too much money into it." He placed his phone to his ear. "Jake, about bloody time......." He trailed off as he left the room.

The club, E2 was Edward's new project. No, wait, it was Edward's only project. Edward came from a rich family and he didn't need to work. His parents paid for everything for him, poured money into his bank account, therefore Edward had never had the drive to get a job. His parents had told him to start earning or they were cutting him off, that simple. I did smirk and secretly laugh that little rich boy Edward had to start working. Don't take it the wrong way, Edward was my best friend, we had been friends since we were in high school, but I just found it funny that he was threatened by his nice hard working parents. The idea of a club had come about as a joke. Edward always moaned about the clubs we went to. He never pushed to go to a gay club and it was often taken in turns when we went out. He moaned one night about the latest top club that had opened up claiming it to look more like Primark with neon lights that Emmett had told him to open his own club if he hated all the clubs we went to.

So three months later he had found a spot, had the contractors in and tore the place apart. He gutted the whole place and remodelled the whole lot. He had promoted the club for tonight's grand opening, he had even promoted it on the local radio station. It was set to be a storm, the place should be packed to the rafters if all goes well, which it will do. He was just panicking right now, last minute nerves and all.

"Sorted?" I asked as he sat down with a smile on his face, he nodded his head and let out a long sigh.

"You are coming tonight, aren't you?" I cringed slightly and screwed my face. "Jazz, you're my best friend, you have to come." He pleaded. I shook my head at him. I wasn't in the mood to go out clubbing, even if it was Edward's club.

"Oh please tell me this isn't about that bitch that dumped your ass?" He asked. I shot him a look. My break up with Alice had been hard, we were planning to get married next summer before she broke it off with me two months ago.

"Jazz come on, you might get lucky tonight." He wiggled his eyebrows at me. "I have some pretty nice talent in the club." I chuckled.

"What sort of talent? My kind or yours?" He laughed throwing his head back.

"Yours, of course. The club is straight, well it's meant to be." He smiled at me. "Please Jazzy, please pretty please." He begged in a childlike tone.

"Fine, I'll come." I accepted the fact that Edward wouldn't leave me alone until I agreed to come.

A couple of hours later I was in E2 waiting for it to open. The club was kitted out ready to go as I sat in the VIP area. A bucket of champagne sat on the round table in front of me and our friends. Edward stood in his black suit with white on everywhere else playing with his cuffs. I wasn't gay, never had any kind of interest in men but I knew a good looking guy when I saw one and Edward was just that. He had a swimmers build body, broad shoulders, smouldering green eyes and bronze messy hair. I had seen many girls go weak at the knees over him.

"Its show time, Eddie boy." Paul called dressed all in black, he was working as one of the bouncers in the club. I watched as Edward took a deep breath, the music filled into the club and within minutes the club was filling up.

Popping the bottle of champagne, we cheered and drank to a toast. The worst fear hadn't come true, which we all knew it wouldn't. The queue to get in the club was already halfway down the road.

"Congratulations Edward, the club is filling up." He smiled proudly, drank his champagne and disappeared.

The night wore on and the champagne kept on following. I found myself enjoying the night even letting my sister pull me on to the dance floor for a while, before some guy caught her attention and she left me standing there. I was soon about to disappear back to the VIP area when I felt someone grab my hand. The bolts of electricity shot up my hand and I yanked my hand away, turning to see Edward Standing there, a smirk on his face.

"Fuck Jazz, you been rubbing some wool or something?" He asked. He had felt the shock too, what the fuck was that? Passing it off as nothing I looked around the packed club.

"It's taking off, you should be proud." I told him. He smiled and leant towards me talking into my ear over the music.

"Very, I need a drink though." He headed towards the edge of the dance floor and through the VIP area. The noise wasn't as loud in there giving you a chance to talk and get heard.

"That's better, I can hear you now. So Jazz, you on the dance floor, huh?" I slapped his arms playfully as we climbed the stairs to the area.

"Rose dragged me on there. I was forced." It wasn't like I hated dancing or I couldn't dance, I just hadn't since everything went wrong with Alice.

"For someone who didn't want to come tonight you seem to be enjoying it" He smiled, his green eyes smouldering, slightly glazed over with the amount of alcohol he had drunk.

"I know. I'm glad I came, Ed." He smiled as we entered the VIP area. He grabbed another bottle of champagne and walked towards our table.

"I can't believe how fucked I feel, all the stress of the last few months has gone." He poured out the champagne, and clicked my glass. "To me." He smiled downing his glass.

"Shots?" Emmett called breaking apart from his world class act of sucking Bella's face's off. Bella blushed bright red and I smirked at her wiping my mouth, taking the piss.

"What are we having?" Edward asked leaning his elbows on the table.

"Oh Tequila, it's makes me happy." Emmett sang in his drunken voice. "Eddie get the Tequila out." He demanded slamming his fist on the table.

My head was already spinning slightly from the champagne, the Tequila would send me over the edge, and in fact I may pass out if I drink it. Am I going to be a coward and back out of taking the shots and risk the guys forever taking the piss out of me because Bella is being man enough to down them? No, so I picked up my shot glass and downed the fucker.

"1..... 2.....3 , Slam." Emmett chanted as the glasses were refilled.

"I..... I think I'm gonna be sick." I mumbled resting my head on the table.

"Aw, is little Jazzy a lightweight who can't take his drink?" Emmett boomed at me laughing at the end. Bastard. I sucked in a deep breath, because that was really going to help me stop being sick.

"I'm fine..... Just felt a bit funny." As if to prove some point I poured out some more shots and downed mine.

Come the end of the night I was completely shit-faced. I couldn't see the straight, and the club had emptied leaving a very pleased looking Edward in its wake. I was happy that it had gone well for him. He had worked hard putting a lot of time and effort into the design of the place, not to mention a lot of money. He had asked me to do his books for him and as a friend I had agreed to keep them in check for him. After all it wasn't as though he ever asked for anything else of me, and he had bailed me out a time or two in the past when I was a little short of cash.

He never gave it a thought to lending his friend's cash, even if it may come across as flashing money he was very down to earth with it. He knew his parents had worked hard and came from nothing. He knew he was lucky to have cash always available to him whenever he needed it. I think that was half the reason why he bailed me out so much. I didn't come from a rich family. My family were working class, we weren't broke, but we weren't loaded either, we were comfortable you could say.

Tonight had been on Edward, every bottle of champagne his friends drank, or beer they had or shot they downed had come from his own pocket. He never asked for anything in return other than helping out with the club every now and then. Emmett agreed to work the doors for him if he needed it and I said I would do the books. For that we got as much booze as we could drink in the club, free entry and no standing in line.

"Jazz." I lifted my drunken head from the table to see Edward standing there waiting to go. He told me to go saying he had a few things to do first before he could leave, but I wanted to stay and see the night out with him.

"We going?" I slurred out, trying to stand and stumbling slightly. I noticed Edward wasn't as drunk as me and could actually stand.

"Taxi is outside." I stumbled and tripped all the way out the club laughing at myself. Edward had managed to get all the way out before tripping up at the last stop into the taxi.

Coming back into the house I fell into Edward as we walked through the door. My whole body felt alive as this sudden electrical current ran through me. I started to laugh as Edward got off me helping me up and back to my feet.

"You're fucking gorgeous." I slurred out making Edward laugh as he walked away from me. I grabbed his hand pulling him back to me. Before I could think about what I was doing I crashed my lips to his. I moaned into the kiss as my hands went into his silky hair pulling him closer to me. Edward pushed me back, rejection washed over me as I looked into his smouldering green eyes that were filled with lust.

"Jazz, don't do this." He pleaded against me. My body had full control pinning him against the wall and I kissed him hard. My tongue pushed against his lips, forcing its way into his mouth, dying to taste him. He tasted minty laced with alcohol. I moaned feeling hornier by the minute.

"Please." He asked again pulling his head away with me. "You'll only regret this in the morning." He whispered, I shook my head at him.

"I won't, I want this." And I did. For some reason I had this unbelievably hard desire to sleep with Edward. I was straining against my trousers as my raging hard on begged to be released from it confinements. I kissed his neck, sucking against his pulsing vein there as my hands gripped on to his hips. Pushing my hard on against his, he groaned, the sound coming deep from within his chest, rattling its way up and out of his body.

"Jazz... You sure?" He asked breathlessly. To answer his question my lips locked against his, battling against his tongue in some brutal primal attack.

He pulled back and grabbed my arm pulling me upstairs to his bedroom. My mind was hyperactive, my body shook with sheer need, and every single part of me was alive and craving its next fix. My fix was Edward. I was seeing Edward in some whole new light, one that I hadn't seen before. My lips hit his as we entered his bedroom, passion and lust flying between us. My hands pushed off his jacket letting it hit the floor before my hands attacked the buttons on his shirt opening them with stumbling fingers.

"Jazz, slow down. There is no race." He pulled my hands away from the crazed drunk attack on his shirt and placed them either side of me. He smirked and kicked his shoes off before kissing slowly down my neck. His tongue swept across my Adam's apple before he sucked it. I moaned loudly feeling myself coming undone as his lips kissed, licked and sucked down my neck, gently biting the curve at the base of my neck.

His fingers moved slowly undoing each button on my shirt until he pushed it off my shoulders. Every single touch set my skin on fire as he slowly pushed me on the bed. I kicked my shoes off as I laid back. His lips met mine for just one small gentle kiss before moving down my chest.

His tongue flicked against my nipple ring causing me to me moan loudly pushing my head back into the pillows as he kissed around it before taking it into his mouth and pulling gently on it. "That....... Feels....... So.... Good." My words came out in breathless whispers. No woman had ever pulled on it before. I feared I was going to come there and then and I ground my hips against him to cause some friction.

"Edward..... please just fuck me." I begged, loving the feeling he was crashing through me but the impatience within me was overbearing. His head came up and looked at me, his eyes dark and full of lust.

"You sure you want this?" He asked, his voice thick and husky and full of need and lust. I nodded my head as my hands pulled at his shirt.

"I want you..... please." I begged again, as he got off me and pulled his shirt over his head. My hands undid my trousers, and I couldn't remove them fast enough. I pushed them down as my cock sprang free. Edward's eyes looked me up and down licking his lips. He stood in front of me naked. I got harder by the sheer sight of him, and I was convinced I would explode at any second.

"Where..... what are you doing?" I asked watching as he went into his bedside drawer. He smirked pulling a bottle out and a condom.

"Lube, Jazz." He murmured crawling to me and placing his lips back on mine. The kiss sent my head into a spin as his hand trailed down my body ghosting over my throbbing cock. "Turn over Jazz and get on all fours."

My heart was beating wildly in my chest, but I don't think I have ever been as relaxed in all my life as I complied, getting onto all fours in front of him. He pushed my cheeks apart, I suddenly felt the flat of his tongue lick up my ass. I moaned at the new feeling as I heard the click off the lid.

"I won't hurt you, just relax." He kissed the base of my back as I felt his finger push inside me. I cried out as his finger slowly pushed in and out of me. His lips kissed and nipped my ass cheeks as he entered another finger. It hurt slightly as his fingers slowly worked me, stretching me apart for him. It wasn't long until I got used to the feel and started to enjoy it, rocking my hips back against him as he entered a third finger into me.

"Please." I moaned out, my cock was twitching and throbbing with every thrust of his fingers. I was drunk and high off the feelings that were flooding through me, all these new emotions, new feelings that I had never felt before. I wondered why I had never tried this before.

I felt Edward's fingers leave me and I whimpered at the loss. I heard the foil packet of the condom tear open, I looked behind me to see him rolling it down his thick long cock. I moaned at the slight of it as he covered it with lube before adding some more to my ass. I turned my head back and closed my eyes waiting and bracing myself for this. I felt his head rub against my hole making him moan softly.

"Relax, Baby." He murmured to me as he slowly pushed his head into me. My muscles tightened at the sudden intrusion, the pain ripped through me, I bit my lip to stop the cry of pain escaping me. He stilled his movements giving me time to relax and adjust to him. My muscles started to relax as he slowly pushed a little further into me, thrusting slightly with his movements, going deeper and deeper in. It hurt and burned slightly, his movements were so slow and gentle with me, trying not to hurt me.

I relaxed a little more starting to enjoy the new feeling on him being in me. I moaned as he thrusted all the way into me. The pain was replaced with pleasure as I felt him hit places deep within me that I never knew I had. My hips rocked back against his.

"" Edward moaned out burying himself deep within me. Somewhere, deep within my alcohol fuelled brain the realisation of what was happening dawned on me, I was being fucked by my best friend and loving every second of it.

"Faster.... Harder." I begged, needing more, needing something more to fill the craving that I was having. My skin was alive, with electric currents running through my body, every inch of me, every nerve ending, and every fibre of me was burning up with the sheer heat and the intensity of it all. Whatever was happening when his skin touched mine drove me insane. I craved that feeling again and again.

"Fuck.... so..... fuck." I cried out as his thrust became harder and faster hitting these new wonderful places deep within me. I cried out again and again, hearing his moans and groans of pleasure as he slammed into me. I could feel the build coming, the release just over the edge that I was hanging on.

His hand left my hip sensing my release and gripped my back. His thumb ran over the tip of my leaking cock, I thought I was going to cum there and fucking then. His hand stroked my cock, matching his thrusts and pounded into me.

"Cum for me, baby." He whispered breathlessly. It was enough to send me flying over the edge. My body stilled and my muscles twitched as I came hard all over the bedspread and his hand. The sheer power of it rocked through as he hit the same spot in me time and time again, dragging my orgasm out.

"Fuck." He cried out as he stilled pumping his seed into the condom. He trembled slightly as we moved slowly riding out the last remains of our orgasm. Our breathing was hard as he pulled out of me and removed the condom. I collapsed on his bed, my body trembling from the aftermath of it all. I had never cum like that before. The last thing I remembered was his soft lips kissing my cheek as I drifted off to sleep.

My eyes snapped open. I had slept with Edward last fucking night. What the fuck? I wasn't gay, I wasn't even bi, so how the fuck did I end up on all fours being fucked by him? I wanted to cry, how had all of this happened? One minute we were stumbling in through the door, the next I was attacking him and then he's fucking me. From what I can remember I seemed to have enjoyed it as well.

No, No, No. I didn't do sucking dicks or being fucked in the ass, I did licking pussy and fucked girls, not that shit that Edward does. But somehow in the course of the night I had got shit faced and come on to my best friend fucking him in his bed and waking up in my own. I felt sick. He must have regretted it to move me during the night, wouldn't he?

Fuck, had I actually been that drunk that came on to Edward? That I talked him into sleeping with me, that I actually might have enjoyed it? So what did this all mean for me now? I had always thought, believed that I was straight. I had never seen a man that I found attractive in that way. Yeah, I could say when I thought a guy was good looking, but I had never gotten hard over a man, never knocked one out to thoughts of another man, so was I gay, bi or what? Was it just one of those things that you do when you're drunk and put it down to an experience? I thought Edward was good looking. I had seen girls drool over him a time or two. He had his out of sorts, messy bronze hair that just seemed to stick out all over the place, but look really good on him. I knew he was fit, apart from seeing him semi naked this morning. I had seen him half naked countless times during swimming heats when we had all stood on the side and watched him compete, but was I sexually attracted to him? I would have said no before, but now I wasn't sure if that was still the case.

I was beyond confused now. None of this had ever happened before, I had never had a single twitch or thought about sleeping with a man, but yet last night I did. Did I regret sleeping with my best friend last night? I didn't know the answer to that. I couldn't think straight while I tired to figure out what I was now, how everything had been so clean cut before was now completely fucked up.

It had always been straight lines. I liked women and I fucked women, fuck I almost married one, but after one drunken night I was left to question everything that has ever happened for me, left to question if there was a part of me that I never knew existed until last night. Surely this was just some drunk thing where I was horny and experimented with Edward, that there was nothing, of any sorts in it at all, and I should just write this off and file it under 'Drunk and Stupid.' But if that was true then why was there a little part of me that kept saying, you have never felt that before in your life.

And it was true, fucking Edward had lead to one of the most powerful orgasms of my life. I had never cum like that before, never felt my body tremble afterwards. Yeah, I had had some mind blowing O's before, but nothing like that. I needed to go and talk to Edward, find out what he thinks about all of this. Maybe he can shed some light on this for me. But what if he is in love me and wants more? I can't do that, I can't give him that. Can I?

Groaning getting out of my bed, I pulled some clothes on and opened the bedroom door. The landing was empty, Edward's door was open and I could see into his room. I found myself staring at the bed that we fucked on while I heard myself asking him to fuck me harder and faster. I shuddered unsure if the shudder was because it freaked me out or because I liked it. I headed down the stairs. As I passed the living room I saw Edward's feet resting on the coffee table. He would have heard me coming down the stairs. Would he think I was being funny if I didn't speak to him? But if I did would he think of something more? Did I want something more?

"Morning, Jazz." I heard him call as I stood outside the door. I took a deep breath and walked in. I looked at the floor first before lifting my eyes to look at him, a concerned look across his face.

"Last night...... we..... um....... I........ fuck." I stuttered the words out like a complete and fucking retard.

"You regret it, don't you? Jazz, it's okay. I thought as much, that's why I moved you." I nodded slightly his tone full of nothing but compassion and understanding.

"I was drunk." I sat down rubbing my temples. He chuckled at me as I sat there uncomfortable after what happened last night.

"Jazz....." He sighed out shifting on the sofa and sitting forward. "I don't want things to change between us." Trouble was they already had. I didn't know if that was for the best or the worst. I didn't want to lose Edward as a friend and after all I had come on to him but.....

"Are you.... have you ever wanted to.... you know?" I asked feeling even more uncomfortable than ever. Why was I feeling like this? And he wasn't? I had come on to him, talked and forced him into it, not the other way around.

"Wanted to fuck you?" He asked. I nodded my head. "No. Jazz, you're a good looking guy, but you're my best friend. Me wanting you like that would complicate things between us, so I've never given it much thought." He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. He looked at me with confused eyes. "So does last night mark the end of our friendship or can you forget about it?" He asked.

I had never had a problem with Edward being gay, I still didn't. He never came onto any of our friends. He never eyed you up if you happened to be half naked around him, never made you feel uncomfortable. He was just Edward. But now with what happened last night I was uncomfortable, not with him, but with myself, and worst still Edward was uncomfortable.

"It's.... we're cool." I smiled slightly feeling the air around shift slightly as Edward relaxed a little. "I'm just confused, that's all." I mumbled getting to my feet and heading toward the kitchen. "Want a coffee?" I asked as I reached the doorway.

"No, thanks. I'm going to go for a run in a minute clear my head before I have to head back to the club. Thanks for coming last night." He smiled at me. I felt my skin creep a few degrees warmer. What the fuck? I'm blushing now?

"I'm glad I came, it was a good night." I turned away and headed into the kitchen rubbing my forehead.

I had had a good night, a blast that even ended with me having one of the best orgasms of my life caused by my best friend. My fucking gay best friend, who I have known since I was a kid.

It was just a drunken fuck, a night fuelled by alcohol that made me come on to him. It meant nothing, it certainly doesn't make me gay, or me wanting to a repeat performance. If that was the case, then why did my dick just twitch?

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