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I stood with the front door open watching as Edward slowly pulled onto the drive of our new home. He grinned at me through the windshield, a smile that was purely just for me, before opening the car door and stepping out onto the thin layer of snow we had during the night. Opening the back passenger door he carefully leant in, my eyes stayed fixed on him as I watched him carefully un-clip the fastener and lift out Mia. Holding her close to his chest he kicked the car door closed and walked towards me.

"You get her off." I asked looking at his tired eyes. He smiled and carefully handed me her. I kissed the top of her head breathing in her little scent, the hint of baby shampoo still lingered on her from her bath last night.

"Yeah, she caved about twenty minutes ago." He answered gently as we walked back into the house. Carefully carrying her upstairs I placed her in her crib and turned on the baby monitor.

Mia had arrived into our lives two months ago and since then our nights of passion had been swapped for trips round the block in the car trying to get her to sleep, tonight had been no different. It was now just turned five and we both had given up on trying to get any decent amount of sleep. I had been out in the car at two leaving Edward to take the later shift if she wouldn't go down, the car seemed to work better than walking the floor with her.

Even though we had forgotten what it was like to have a full night's sleep we wouldn't change her for the world. Mia was biologically mine and Maria's, the idea of this had come about not long after we got married. We both wanted children and we both knew the other would love to have them as soon as possible. Maria had come round one night to look at the wedding pictures and find out how our honeymoon had gone, while looking over the pictures and talking we had sunk ourselves through a few bottles of wine and we were all a little drunk.


"I brought wine!" Maria announced walking through the door and placing them down on the table. "I want pictures, I want details, and I want a glass." She grinned.

"Anything else, Maria?" Edward joked while getting up and moving towards the kitchen to get glass and a bottle opener.

"No..... I think that's it." She called after him before looking at me. "Look at you, you're glowing with happiness. I take it you guys had fun?" Fun? We had more than fun, our two weeks off the coast of Italy had been amazing.

"We didn't want to come back." A sheepish smile crept on my lips as I thought back to our honeymoon, and the two weeks we spent there.

"You did see Italy, didn't you?" She asked with a knowing grin as Edward arrived back with the glass.

"Yeah, the hotel room was really nice, so was the balcony and the beach." I flushed slightly at Edward's words. Yeah, we hadn't really seen much of Italy, most places we went to we ended up making love.

Maria looked over the wedding photos as we talked about our honeymoon. We spoke about work and how Lauren's case had been dropped. I didn't care to be honest. Yeah, I was happy that there would be no more from the matter and the investigation had now been dropped, but other than that I didn't care. My life had moved on, I was happy working at the club with Edward, happy how my life was and that I didn't have to work in that god awful place anymore.

"Seriously, Jazz, I miss you at work." Maria said slightly half cut from the wine. "I miss seeing your little fits at the PC when it wouldn't load up. I miss our chats." She looked as though she was about to cry.

I did miss Maria, we always manged to have a good laugh and pull us through the boring long days there. Maria would always be in my life, she was a good friend to have, and wouldn't think twice about telling me when I was acting like a cunt and needed my head pulled out of my ass. She was to me like Peter and Garrett were to Edward, who couldn't make it to the wedding. They were currently travelling the world and wouldn't be back until some point in the new year. Edward missed them on our day, he had wanted them there so badly, but they were on the other side of the world and weren't close enough to come back for it.

"I know, I miss you too." Edward chuckled at our drunken miss you's we were currently saying. "But as much as I miss you, I love my new job so much more." I grinned looking at Edward who raised his eyebrow.

"Stop there, I don't want to know what you two get up to at work." She giggled and refilled her wine glass. "Right, I'm gonna tell you something..... and I mean it as well."

"What's that, Maria? You've had too much to drink tonight?" Edward asked running his fingertips over the base of my back.

"No, silly. A baby." She grinned at us. "When you want one, let me know.... You can have one of my eggs." I sat there speechless. Was she seriously just offering us what I thought she was? She can't be offering us this? She just can't be.

Edward cleared his throat and looked at Maria. "Are you serious?" He asked his voice full of disbelief, she nodded and smiled at us both.

"Yeah, I'm serious. I may be drunk, but that doesn't mean I don't know what I'm saying. I'll give you one of my eggs, I'll even carry him or her for you. I'll sign over all legal rights to the pair of you. I'm deadly serious, when you two are ready let me know and we can sort it out." My mouth opened and closed like a goldfish.

Fuck, I loved Maria right now. Though the thought did enter my head not to get too excited she was drunk and there was a big chance that she would change her mind in the morning, when her wine head disappeared, but for now I was happy busy picturing a child of our own. If she actually did do this for us she would be an amazing woman, giving us something we both wanted and would love to have.

"I can see I've shocked you both." Shocked? Fucking understatement of the year, Maria. "I mean it, guys. I wouldn't say it if I didn't. I'm gonna go and I'll speak to you both later."

Again Edward spoke, I really thought I had lost my power of speech. "See ya later, Maria." He walked Maria to the door. I could hear them both talking in the hallway. I couldn't really make out what they were saying, but I know it was to do with the bombshell she just dropped on us.

The front door closed and Edward walked in smiling at me, I hadn't moved since Maria told us what she was willing to do for us. "What do ya think?" He asked sitting down next to me and laying his back against the sofa, pulling me to his chest he wrapped his arms around me.

"Fuck...... babe, if she is serious shall we agree to it?" I asked. He released a breath in a smile, sighing happily over it.

"I think we should, it's easier than finding a donor and everything. Besides, we know Maria, she would be a good choice." I thought about it, if Maria was to do this we would always be around her, seeing every stage of her pregnancy.

"But would she be able to give it up after it's born? I don't think I could handle that if we went through nine whole months planing and waiting for our baby only to not get it at the end. I mean you hear about this sort of shit happening." I wanted to do it, but the thought of having it all snatched away from me scared me.

"You sort out the legal papers beforehand I would think, Bunny. I don't know the ins and out of all of this, but I would imagine that you have some sort of legally binding paper beforehand." He kissed the top of my head. "In a few days time we will talk to Maria again, see if she is serious about this and if she is then we can look into the legal side before we start anything." Hugging him tightly I sighed contented with thoughts of our family growing.

The weeks and months passed, and even though we had spoken to Maria about what she offered we still hadn't done anything about it. The months soon turned and we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, one blissful year of being with Edward had passed. With every day that passed from our wedding I fell more and more in love with him. We had managed to balance out us working at the club and us being a couple, the last thing we wanted was for the club to come between us and cause problems.

A year after we married we decided that we wanted to move. The house we were currently living in was fine, but we had been there since college along with both Emmett and Seth until they moved out. It held some good memories and some pretty awful ones. We wanted a fresh start, a place where the only memories in there were just of us.

During us looking at what seemed like a million fucking houses we decided to go and speak to Maria about what she had offered us just over a year ago. We had looked into the legal side of things and what we would need to do, what Maria would have to do and what we would have to do once the baby was born. Asking Maria if she was still serious was a daunting prospect, she could easily have changed her mind and decided against it, and if that was the case we would have to look elsewhere to make our dreams come true.

Pulling up outside Maria's house I was a nervous fucking wreck. I already had my heart set on this happening now. In my mind we were going to have a baby in nine months time. Edward held my hand tightly as we walked up her path and knocked on her front door.

"Jazz, relax." He whispered in my ear giving me a kiss. I wanted to laugh at him, he was far worse than me over this idea, yet somehow we had both been spending the last few days telling each other to relax over it.

"Come on in, boys." Maria said as she opened the door to us. Heading into her house I felt like we were heading back to the estate agent, waiting to find out if they would give us the mortgage we wanted. It's all in there hands right now, they can make you very happy or very fucking sad.

"Maria, you remember that night you came round not long after we got back from our honeymoon?" I asked watching as she thought about it then giggled.

"God yeah, I woke up the next morning feeling like shit from all that wine." She giggled again. "What about it, Jazz?" Yeah, maybe I should have kept my mouth shut and let Edward do all the talking.

"Well..... Um..... It's...." I sputtered out feeling like a fool. Jesus! Just what the hell was wrong with me?

"What Jazz is trying to ask you, is that offer you offered us. Is it still valid?" I looked at him, who the fuck asks if it's valid to a friend?

"About me helping you guys out with a baby?" She said it so calmly, like it was nothing of much importance. We both simply nodded unable to find any words to speak. I think her calmness had both floored us and unnerved us.

"Of course it is. I told you I was serious about it and I have been waiting for you two to finally decide you want a baby." We both released a breath we had been holding, relaxing, finally relaxing over the whole baby matter.

"You're sure, aren't you?" Edward asked, there was a slight underlying tone of nerves in his voice. His voice was slightly pleading with her not to change her mind.

"Yes, of course I am, so.... which one of you is going to be daddy?"

"Are you awake?" His smooth whispering voice hit my ears. His breath fanned my neck and cheek as his arms wrapped around me in a loving embrace.

"Just about." Pushing my damp hair off my face I rested my head on his shoulder. "I would love to have a full night's sleep again." I murmured to him with a contented sigh. He chuckled gently.

"Me too, lets make use of Mia being asleep." He unwrapped his arms from me and took my hand, walking me out of our daughter's bedroom and down the hall towards ours.

Hearing the click on the bedroom door close behind me Edward's lips crashed onto mine. His fingers weaved through my hair pulling me closer to him as his tongue trailed across my bottom lip. Opening my mouth his tongue darted in, brushing against mine. I moaned into the kiss as I tasted him on my tongue. My hands slid down his back and rested on his pert ass, grabbing fistfuls of it and squeezing it hard in my hands caused him to make the most delicious sounds in my world.

Pulling away from the kiss, breathlessly I asked "The baby monitor?" He chuckled as he kissed down my neck and pushed his hands up the back of my T-shirt.

"On." He answered as he pulled my Tee over my head and threw it to the floor before bringing his soft smooth lips back to my eager waiting mouth.

As our lips moved together I ground my hard cock against his making us both moan. Hooking my thumbs through the belt loops on his jeans I pushed him towards the bed until the back of his calves hit the mattress. My hands worked up his Tee until I brought it off and over his head. My fingers ghosted over his hard cock making him moan before I popped the button on his jeans and pulled down his zipper. My hands pushed there way down the sides of the waistband of his boxers, bringing them down along with his jeans. Pushing him back on his shoulders I urged him to lay down on the bed.

Standing back from him I watched as he stepped out of his jeans and laid back, pushing his gorgeous naked body up the bed until his head reached the pillows. A moan escaped my lips as I took in the sight of him, he was so fucking gorgeous lying naked on the bed waiting for me. Popping the the bottom on my jeans his eyes stayed locked with mine as he gently stroked himself, pushing my jeans down I watched him bite his bottom lip and moan softly as I crawled slowly up his body.

Our cocks rubbed together as our lips met, my hips rocked slowly against his creating a wonderful friction between us. His hands roamed down the sides of my body, stopping at my hips and flipping us around so he was on top of me. Staring intently into his dark jade eyes that smouldered with love and passion I became lost in them. I gasped in pleasure as his hot wet mouth suddenly latched onto soft spot on my neck, sucking on it and making me squirm and writhe underneath him. His lips soon travelled down the rest of my neck towards my collarbone where he sunk his teeth in. I moaned loudly and grasped his hair hard in my hands making him moan and bite me harder. My hips bucked seeking more friction against him as he moved down my chest and towards my nipple ring.

"Have I ever told you how much I love your nipple ring?" He murmured to me in deep rich husky voice before taking it in his mouth and pulling on it gently.

"Jesus!...... Hell.... Yes." I moaned out in utter ecstasy as I felt his tongue flick against it while his hand pulled and twisted my other nipple. "Fuck....... Babe, I need you." I pleaded to him causing him to chuckle and shake his head.

"You can wait." He looked up at me through his thick dark lashes resting his chin on my abs. Fuck, I was dying here! He winked at me before kissing across my abs making me moan.

His talented mouth moved across my hot skin effortlessly setting my skin on fire. I cried out as his wet hot tongue skimmed over the tip of my throbbing cock before sucking it into his mouth. My body shook involuntary as I writhed in supreme ecstasy underneath him, feeling his blazing hot mouth devour every inch of me as his tongue caressed the under side of my shaft. I cried out as the head hit the back of his throat and he swallowed around me before sucking his cheeks in and moving back up my shaft.

His tongue swirled around my swollen sensitive head, dipping the tip of his tongue into the slit and tonguing it. "Edward...... fuck..... so....... fucking........ good." I moaned out breathlessly as he sucked hard around the head. Fisting the sheets on our bed I struggled not to lose control and explode into his mouth right now.

Sucking his way back up my shaft I felt his teeth gently graze my skin before he released me from his mouth. I whimpered for a fraction of a second before it turned into a gasp as he began sucking on my balls. His hand stroked my rock hard cock keeping me to a point of explosion, but not letting me release. His mouth worked on my balls, sucking and rolling them just the way he knew I liked.

I was at the near point of dying as he spread my legs wider and pushed my thighs up. The tip of his hot wet tongue ran over my tight pink hole making me shudder in delight. The tip of his tongue slowly ran around the edge before I felt the flat of tongue press against my hole. Moaning and shaking he flicked, licked and pushed against my tightness, the tip of his tongue pushed through my hole as his hand stroked my twitching cock slowly. Pleasure ran through my body and his tongue began to fuck me reducing me into pile of goo on the bed, completely at his mercy and dying for release, but not wanting this moment to end any time.

"Please....... I need you now." I almost demanded in a growl at him. He pulled away from me and I whimpered like a bitch causing him to chuckle. "Stop laughing and just fuck me already."

He smirked as I passed him the bottle of lube from the bedside drawer and got on all fours. This was one of my favourite positions and every time we fucked liked this it brought back the memories of our first drunken night together that started all of this. Feeling two slick fingers push inside me I moaned out in ecstasy and pushed myself back against them, his fingers thrust in and out of my tight hole stretching me.

As I moaned and rocked my hips back to meet his fingers I grew impatient of waiting for what I craved for. My overpowering need to feel his thick big cock in me, fucking me hard from behind was close to unbearable. I needed him so fucking bad, worse than I had ever needed anyone in my life. I was aching to feel him, aching to be fucked so hard I forgot my own name.

His fingers disappeared from my ass and I suddenly felt the tip of his cock rubbing against my hole before slowly pushing the tip in. I grunted out in pleasure happy to finally have what I had been craving. Expecting him to continue to push in he pulled out of me and rubbed his cock up the crack of my ass. I huffed in frustration as he continued to torment and tease me.

"I love teasing you." He murmured to me running his hands down my back and over my ass.

"Please...... babe." I pleaded with him to finally give me what I wanted, what I was dying to have. I wasn't above begging. Fuck, I'd cry if it meant me getting what I wanted.

His lips softly kissed down my spine sending a shiver of pleasure to rip through me. "I love you." His husky voice, thick with lust hit my ears as I felt him push slowly into me not stopping until he he was fully seated inside me. A soft moan left his lips as he pulled nearly all the way out before slamming into me hard making me cry out in pleasure.

My cries of pleasure filled our room as his pace increased, fucking me harder and faster with every thrust, pushing me closer to my release, hitting places deep inside of me. An electric current ran through my body setting it alight, highlighting every nerve-ending, making me respond to every single touch he gave me.

Dropping my arms down I rested my shoulders on the mattress creating a new angle. Ripples of delight ran through my body as he hit my sweet spot over and over again causing my body to crash in euphoria. Digging his fingers into my hips he began to pull my hips back to met his domineering thrusts. I cried his name over and over again, feeling my release building rapidly inside of me.

"Hold off...... I want.... you to..... cum with... me." He panted out breathlessly as I resisted the urge to grab my cock.

"Fuck..... Harder." Crying out the plea left my lips in a muffled sound as I pushed my face into the pillow not wanting to wake Mia from her sleep.

Edward slammed into me harder and faster as my mine was completely lost in the moment, everything stopped existing as my climatic waves crashed all round me sweeping away into a blissful heaven of sheer fucking pleasure with Edward.

"Cum with me, bunny." My pet name fell from his lips as his thrusts lost all rhythm, thrusting franticly into me. Grabbing hold of my leaking cock I matched my strokes to his thrust. Tightening my grip I pumped harder and quicker as my release was just seconds away.

"Fuck!" Edward cried as I felt his hot warm seed spill deeply into me. Hearing him cry in breathless whispers of my name from his lips pushed me over the edge.

My body stilled and then trembled hard as I shot my cum all over my hand and the bedspread. Breathing hard while I came down from my high Edward pulled out of me. Whimpering I missed the contact of his body on mine and collapsed on the bed.

A silly grin sat on my face as I felt Edward softly kiss me and whisper "I love you," in my ear before sleep overtook me.


Flickering my eyes open I was met with sunlight streaming in through the windows, I groaned and snuggled further down into the covers and rolled over. My arm stretched out looking for Edward only to feel the cold side of an empty bed. Sighing I lifted my head off the pillow and looked at the alarm clock on the bedside, 11:15 pm.

Shit. I hadn't slept in this long in ages. I wondered why Edward didn't wake me when Mia woke up for a feed, it was my turn after all, but I couldn't complain about it, I was in desperate need of some serious sleep. Edward must be so tired, he had the same amount of sleep as me, which wasn't a lot. I felt guilty. He had let me sleep while he got up and took care of our daughter, I would have to make it up to him, it was only fair.

Throwing the covers back I climbed out of bed and went in search of a pair of sweatpants and Tee before descending down the stairs. I could hear the faint sound of voices coming from the TV as I hit the hallway. I smiled hearing Edward's voice talking to Mia, my heart filled with love for the both of them as I pushed open the living room door to see Mia's head on Edward's shoulder, her big blue eyes staring at me. Edward turned his head to me and smiled, his eyes looked so tired which made me feel even more guilty than I did before.

"Why didn't you wake me?" I asked him as I gave Mia a kiss on the top of her head before giving Edward a kiss.

"I didn't have the heart to wake you. Besides, you were dead to the world." He chuckled while I frowned slightly.

"How long have you been up?" Stupid question, I could pinpoint the time he had been woken by Mia's cries.

"Long enough to know I have more caffeine in my body than blood right now." I chuckled as he sat back and moved Mia so she was lying on his chest. "Speaking of which...." He trailed off with a smile on his face.

"A coffee?" I asked with a loving smile on my lips, he simply nodded as I got up and headed towards the kitchen.

"You may as well do Mia's bottle while you're there." He called out to me as I entered the kitchen.

Filling the kettle up and putting it on I set about sorting Mia's bottle and grabbing two mugs out the cupboard. As I was spooning the coffee in the cups the doorbell went. Groaning I headed into the living room and poked my head round the door.

"I'll get it. I swear it better not be some fucker just trying to sell us crap that we don't want." There just seemed to be a growing number of people knocking all the time right now, trying to sell you everything and anything under the sun.

"Well, you never know, maybe it will be one of those church goers again." He chuckled, I rolled my eyes. The lady who lived three doors down was really big on church and god and all that, which was great and I have zero problem with that, what I do have a problem with was her turning up every now and then trying to get us to come to church and join in.

Heading over to the front door I braced myself to open it, both of seeing the the church goer and the cold air getting into the warm house. Shock ran through me as I opened the door, I hadn't expected to see my mother on our doorstep. I hadn't seen her or spoken to her since my father's funeral. Yeah, I had heard things though Rose who would tell me the odd thing here and there, but that was about as far as it went.

"What...... What are you doing here?" My voice was cold and flat towards her. What fucking right did she have just turning up here now? She hasn't given me so much as a second thought in just over two years and now she turns the fuck up here on my fucking doorstep.

Anger crashed through me as I thought about everything, every harsh word she threw at me, everything she blamed on me; how she just rejected me when I decided to give it a go with Edward, how I was disowned from the family and cut out of the will, how she couldn't even call when I got married and how she wasn't even there to share in the news about Mia.

"Jasper." Her eyes looked to the floor while I stared at her. "Rose told me that I have a granddaughter." She had to be joking, she was here because of Mia?

"Yeah, you do, and?" I asked dryly. This moment had been pictured so many times in my mind, there were times when I wanted to talk to my mum, when I needed her in my life and she wasn't there.

"Can I see her?" My mouth hung open. In over two fucking years of no contact she turns up and the first thing she wanted was my daughter, not fucking happening.

"No." Short and sharp I answered and by the look of her face she wasn't expecting that answer. What was she expecting? Me to open the door and welcome her in my home, into my life as though nothing had happened?

"Jasper, I just want to see her. I want to make amends." I laughed bitterly at her. "Don't laugh, Jasper, you were brought up better than that." Yeah, I was.

"I was, you're right, but you lost any right to have my respect a long time ago. Over two fucking years! It's been that long. I've gotten married in that time, had a daughter, and all of this you missed because you were unable to accept me being with a man." I screamed at her.

"You suddenly turned gay how was I meant to act?" She questioned. I shook my head unable to actually answer her without tearing her apart. "You're a parent now, Jasper, just think how you would feel if she suddenly brought home a girl? You wouldn't like it." The thought ran though my mind about how I would feel if I actually knocked out my own mother. I went against it, figuring that once I calmed myself down I would regret it.

"Stay there." I pushed the door to and moved sharply into the kitchen to where a photo of Mia was placed. Removing it from the frame I saw Edward out the corner of my eye holding Mia close to his chest watching me with a questioning look. "My mother." I answered sharply to him. I didn't mean for it to come out so harsh towards him, he hadn't done anything.

Opening the front door again I thrust the picture in her face. "Take it, it's the closet you will ever get to her. I will not have someone like you around her, poisoning her mind." Her mouth fell open. "And another thing, if Mia ever comes home with a girlfriend or does something I don't like I won't ever hold it against her. I won't go and disown her if she is happy. Her happiness means more to me than anything else, I'll never turn my back on her the way you did with me for finding happiness." My whole body shook as I battled to keep my temper under control. She went to say something but I put my hand and cut in before she even got the chance.

"Don't bother, I don't care any more what you have to say. Do not come here again, do not show your face at my door ever again." With that I slammed the door in her face and turned round closing my eyes and resting my head on the back of the door.

"Are you okay?" Edward's soft caring tone filled my ears. I opened my eyes to see Edward's smouldering green eyes staring at me intently just inches away from my face making me smile.

He was always there for me, through everything I had ever been through in my whole god damn life he was there, supporting me when I needed it most and loving me when I was hurting. The one that was made just for me was right there the whole time. I was glad that I opened my eyes to him and fell in love with him.

Wrapping my arms around his neck I kissed him gently on his soft plump lips before whispering "I am now."

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