Title: Resident Evil : Re-Birth

Rated for: language, violence, possible M chapters ahead

Genre: Angst, Romance, Suspense, Horror?, Adventure

Fandom/Universe: Resident Evil / Dark Angel

Characters:Alec McDowell, Leon S. K., Jill Valentine, Carlos Oliveira, Chris and Claire Redfield, Alice, OC

Pairings: Alec/Nÿx, Leon/Nÿx?

Spoilers/Warning: Mentions of events in games and movies.

Disclaimer: Resident Evil and all related characters are copyright of Capcom. No infringement intended. Dark Angel and all related characters belong to James Cameron and OC's are all ME. No infringement intended.

Summary: Takes place 15-20 years in the future. Nÿx and Alec have been cloned, Umbrella has turned the world to shit and the last of humanity is trying to survive. Takes place before Resident Evil:Extinction

Status: In-Progress


Carlos moved to the next door and found it unlocked. The operation was a bust and now he had to find a way out for all of them.

"Another team's heading our way."

"Make that two." Jill said moving away from the door.

Carlos gritted his teeth and looked at the unlocked door. He had a bad feeling about it but there was no other way out of their current 'rat hole'.

"Check your ammo." He ordered slapping a new clip into his MP5K. "Doors unlocked, I'm making it our way out. Josh, leave them a token of our affection."

"Be happy to." Josh grinned. He set to work while Jill moved towards Carlos. She stood on the opposite side of the door, her weapon in hand and nodded. As one, they moved into the hallway, red and yellow lights flashing in warning. Jill moved to the left side while Carlos led the way. At the first intersection they turned right and headed down a second hallway. The Umbrella guards made a lot of noise coming out of the room.

Josh chortled and shrugged off Jill's look.

"You're…" but she had no words to describe the ex-Delta squad leader. She turned and followed Carlos into the next lab only to stop as the dimly lit glass gave them a view of the spheres in the next chamber. "What are they doing?"

Carlos shook his head, he had no clue but it was more likely not a good thing. He set to the controls, looking for a clue as to where it was hidden. Without the new virus, Umbrella would have one less weapon to use.

"Shit. They're making people now?" Josh asked moving to the glass window. He noticed the keycard pad in the door leading down a set of stairs into the chamber. He patted his vest and found what he'd been looking for; a white little square he'd picked off the dead lab rat. He swiped the card, the red light turned green and the glass door swished open.

"What are you doing?" Carlos asked scowling as he looked up. Josh shrugged again.

"Just checking to see if it worked." He said. "It works."

"I'm for leaving him behind." Jill said wearing a slight frown on her face. Josh placed his hand over his heart and sighed heavily. "Don't." she warned before he started on the faked hurt speech.

"I-." Josh raised his MK and fired off a spray. "Move." He ordered as the Umbrella guards crumpled in the doorway. Carlos was up in an instant, all three heading into the next chamber- the one with the pods. Just as the door slid closed another guard entered firing his weapon. The bullets ricocheted off the glass and all three straightened from their crouched positions.

"Its bullet proof." Jill said stating the obvious.

"Yes," Carlos agreed but he wanted to know why.

"I got this."Josh hefted his weapon and posted near the door. "You find us an exit."

Carlos and Jill separated, searching opposite ends of the room but there was no way out except the way they'd come in.

"We are screwed." Jill muttered to herself unable to keep her eyes from the pods and the males held captive inside.

"Nothing. You?" Carlos called to her.

"No, maybe the grates…" she looked down, their boots echoing on the metal floor. She frowned, looked at the pods again and then at the floor.

"What?" Carlos asked.

"They have grates here. These pods are filled with something- liquid. It makes sense they'd need a way to let it drain out of the room…" she turned to him, questioning.

Carlos dropped to his knees and tried to pull up a grate, it creaked but didn't give.

"Hey, guys?" Josh called.

"What?" Carlos grunted but as he looked up he saw the guards approaching with their own keycard. "Oh shit."

"Duck." Josh ordered hunkering behind one of the pods. He didn't wait for Jill or Carlos to obey, just pressed the button in his hand and closed his eyes as the room above them exploded. Shards of glass peppered over their heads, clinking against the grates.

Jill hadn't expected the blast and it knocked her back, right into one of the pods. Her hand came down hard on the metal pad and her shoulder smacked into the 'glass' only it wasn't glass and she looked in shock as the ripples travelled around its surface.

Something happened and the male in the pod opened his eyes. He jerked, hands half clawed striking at the surface, he kicked and the sphere burst drenching her in water. She bit back a yell, eyes wide as the male struggled on the grates, hacking and wheezing until he could breathe and then he was spitting up a milky mucus.

"What the hell…" Josh stared.


It echoed and screamed- bounced around in the prison.

Dark hazel eyes opened and a silent scream released a hurricane of air bubbles.

They obscured everything in front but the noise- the screams- grew louder still.

There was blood and pain and more screaming- a sound like-

There was water.

It was all water.

Her voice- hands clawed at the thing on her face, tried to tear it away and it hurt. It felt as though her throat were being yanked out of her mouth and then there was a cyclone of bubbles.


Red and yellow lights.

There was a blaring alarm ringing inside her head while she was dropped out of the water bubble that had been her prison. The metal grates cut into the skin of her arms and legs, she tried getting up but her body felt weak, her limbs were like foreign appendages and they didn't obey…

The screams got louder, the fear and pain- it was overwhelming. She covered her ears but that didn't block out their cries for help, their pleas for mercy-


They were all dead.

She coughed, wracking lungfuls of a mucous substance until she could breathe easily. She wiped a limp hand over her full lips, hazel eyes looking up and around the room. It was a silver color, metal walls and cold but she wasn't alone. Pushing up she wobbled to her feet. She barely noticed the cold air blowing on her bare skin or her slight shiver.

She wasn't alone.

Five water spheres were held aloft by a metal arm; one of them empty. A keypad and screen sat in front of each one and inside… inside she saw the infant floating in water with a mask over the face. It had a fuzz of black hair swaying lightly with each ripple.

"Wh- whu-." Her throat felt raw. Words weren't easy to form… She couldn't make sense of what she saw…

The second sphere contained a young child- a girl. Her dark hair was longer but the face was still mostly obscured by the mask. The third sphere held a young girl, the same dark hair floated about her face and body but she moved- her hand twitched as though she were trying to reach out.

"Wh-ho…?" she frowned, closed her eyes as more voices-words- filled her head. She hunched into herself, scrunched her eyes shut and willed it to pass. She wanted the voices to quiet down and then it was.

She drew in a deep breath, straightened… her body jerked- a spasm and she steadied herself on the console in front of the empty arm where her prison had been. Sounds filled her head, the rush of noise- heart beats, the echo of a whisper she couldn't quite make out.

She turned to the last sphere.

A woman, the same dark hair as the other three.

She studied her, the lines of her body as it sat curved into the sphere… her feet pressed together, gently pointed downwards, the muscles in her calves up to her thighs- there was power. Both hands- fingers swaying imperceptively, up her arms-

The face- it was familiar- she knew her-

She turned to the other spheres, frowning-

She knew them all.

The door burst open and the yelling echoed in the metal room.

She clutched her skull, struggling against the onslaught of pictures flashing in her head. They were all yelling; too much noise and it had to stop. She wanted it to stop, wanted the voices and the pictures in her head to stop- it was too much, too much-

"Sir!" the technician rose in alarm. "Sir, one of the pods has opened."

"What?" the doctor frowned. He shoved past the technician to look at the screens and found that the vitals for the teenaged female had stopped recording. "Send in a security team. I want her back in stasis." He ordered scowling. "She isn't ready."

The screen in the stasis room showed him their fourth experimental clone which had taken a lot of time and money to re-grow from the original specimen captured five years before. He wasn't about to let her walk out his front door the way Isaacs had done.

"What happened?" the doctor demanded turning on the technician. The pods were a new take on Dr. Cilenti's old design, it made the process much easier to accomplish.

"I-I- I'm not sure." He stammered.

"Then get me the data for the last ten minutes- before she was released from stasis!" he demanded. The fact was- the clone had no business being awake. And he was curious about the why and how.

"Yes, sir." The technician turned away, headed to the nearest computer and started typing on the keyboard. The lights flickered a second before they were left in the dark.

"Now what?" the doctor demanded as a generator re-lit the lab in a blue glow. The thought occurred to him it might've been the clone. He knew the original female had been capable of emitting EMP bursts. It was one of the reasons Dr. Cilenti was hired and her work became priority one.

"Sir?" the technician turned, one hand wiping at his ear while a dark streak smeared the front of his snowy lab coat. He stumbled forward, falling face first onto the white tiles.

The doctor scooted back bumping into the computer console. He yelped in surprise and pain as his hands were singed.

The keys were charred around the edges and sparks glittered through the seams, the screen cut in and out then cleared. The doctor's jaw dropped in amazement as he viewed the destruction in what had been the stasis room. All the pods were obscured by a dark liquid which drained out. His four clones dropped to the metal grates- the lifeless bodies joining those of the security team…

We were awakened to a world that made no sense.

People were dying, becoming…something else.

There were monsters on the loose and only a few brave humans willing to do anything to stop it.

The memories came back slowly and with it…emotions.

Everything we were, what we did, where we'd been…

The family we left behind…

It wasn't easy- to see our reflections.

They changed us.

It wasn't overt but obvious to us; enough we noticed the lighter gold instead of light green.

Or the dominant shade of moss green in the hazel eyes. The irises- we saw it there as well, the feline in our DNA had been enhanced…

We were equals now; in strength, speed, agility…

Our senses-

We heard each other, the soft voiced echo inside of us…

There was hardly a moment I didn't see it, watched it happen again-

Sleep wasn't a welcome reprieve from the nightmare that had become our lives.

City after city fell to the undead and each time Umbrella covered it up again.

Raccoon City was the last straw.

We were dead.

No word, no contact from us to TerminalCity and no trace…

Both of us captured- beaten…

We were caged; studied, examined… killed and dissected before they started making our first clone. An exact copy of what we had once been.

But that wasn't good enough.

And like the Dr. Frankenstein's of Manticore and Chimera, Umbrella improved our 'design' four more times.

We are all that's left.

Generation 2 of the five clones.

We killed the others… killed the guards… blew up the facilities…

The world is dying all around us.

AN: I'm going off the 2nd RE movie in this chapter so Carlos hasn't joined up with Claire and Vegas hasn't happened yet. The guy in the pod is Alec- well... it's the cloned version of the original. Because, you know, Umbrella likes to clone- so Alec and Nyx will be teenagers in this fic and equals now that Umbrella has messed with their DNA. I'm thinking its been about 15 to 20 years since the peace in TerminalCity with the Government and the U.S. got sort of back to being where it was in the 'golden days'. Now is when the world is going to shit and the zombies are taking control- which leads into the 3rd RE movie. If you haven't seen them you should plunk down in front of the idiot box with all 3 and have a marathon. = Hope this answers some of the questions.