Sorry to those who thought this was a Chapter. After re-reading this story, and some careful consideration, I have decided to pull it as it currently is. I feel I have rushed it a little bit, and that I have not gone into enough depth with the plot, or plot points. I will keep it up as is for now, and will be replacing it when I am ready with the revised edition. I have had a heap of good praise and thanks for it, but I have felt that some key points have been rushed too much, or not gone into at all.

The new story will be out when I have finished it. I am currently having a look around, and plan on making the new version a lot darker, and a lot more fleshed out. Sorry to those who enjoyed the story as it currently is, but I personally feel that I had lost sight of what I myself wanted the story to be. Thanks anyway, and I hope to see you all soon!