Author's notes: This is what happens when the story you've had an idea for since the previous December aaaall comes out for NaNoWriMo. Also, modern AUs are love. Go easy on me, this is the longest fic - hey, the longest story I've ever written! Will try to update three times a week - Monday, Wednesday, Friday.


A Beginning and an End

"Once upon a time, the land of Hyrule did not exist.

Then three golden goddesses saw the emptiness in the void that they existed in, and they decided to create a world - a beautiful land, filled with life that they would create to live in it, sculpted like a piece of art.

The Goddess of Power, Din, sculpted the land with her flaming arms. She carved out valleys and piled the rock high to make mountains. She flattened out plains and fields, built rock to build on and soil to grow things on. But the land was still empty.

The Goddess of Wisdom, Nayru, then created the laws of the land. She created blue skies during the day and black skies at night, created the tracks for Din's proudest creation, the sun, to cross the daytime and her own creation, the moon, to light up the night. She made water to flow in the valleys and fill the lakes. But still, the land was empty.

So then the Goddess of Courage, Farore, decided to fill the land with creations that lived. She made the blades of grass that covered the fields, and the trees that became the forests, and the flowers that lit everything up. And she made the animals and beasts - birds in the sky, fish in the lakes and rivers, animals to run over the fields.

But it still seemed empty. So they created beings in their images - people that could speak and understand and interact with the world. They gave them gifts - some were granted with ears to hear their whispers, some were given eyes to see the truth. They made people for the four corners of Hyrule - the forests, the deserts, the mountains and the lakes - and let gave them the rules for them to follow.

And then they departed the mortal realm, leaving behind a relic - three golden triangles, each imbued with the power of the Goddesses. One that was worthy could claim the golden triangles, and if they were pure of heart, their greatest desires would be granted.

But the people were greedy. They all wanted the golden triangles, and tried to get to the land where the triangles resided. In a realm beyond sight, the sky shines gold, not blue. There, the Triforce's might makes mortal dreams come true. And the people started to fight.

And then, one day, a dark king whose heart held no good found the Triforce. And the land it resided in began to sicken. To fight the dark king, the people of Hyrule banded together, and a young man wielding a sacred sword came forth to save them. The sword was so powerful that only one pure of heart and strong of body could wield it, and the one who was able to draw it from the stone became the Hero of Time."

"What was the Hero's name?"

"The Hero's name was Link, of course.

With the legendary sword, the Hero, along with seven wise sages, managed to seal the dark king in the Sacred Realm where he could no longer harm them. And peace returned to Hyrule.

But then, centuries later, when memories of the war had faded, new problems started up. Pestilence and drought that couldn't even be fixed by magic ravaged the land. The King of Hyrule, along with his Knights, wondered if it was the dark king again, but the seal to the Sacred Realm - now the Dark World - was still sealed. And then a sorcerer came, wielding magic that no one had ever seen, and stopped the disasters.

In gratitude, the king made the wizard his advisor and the heir to the wise ones that had sealed the dark king in the first place. And peace returned... for a time.

And then, one day, a young boy woke from his sleep to hear a young girl's voice calling to him - "Help me, I am in the castle dungeon." And the boy bravely fought his way to the dungeons, where he discovered the girl was none other than the Princess of Hyrule, and that the wizard had deceived the king, ordering him to capture seven maidens - the descendents of the seven wise ones who first sealed the dark king. And the Princess was the seventh maiden.

With the young boy's help, she escaped to a sanctuary. There, a wise old man told the boy about the Master Sword, the legendary sword once used by the Hero of Time. But to use it, first, he had to gather up three pendants of virtue.

The first pendant, the Pendant of Courage, was found in the Eastern Palace, an old palace filled with living statues that attacked on sight. But he found the pendant, and brought it back to the old man, who gave him the tools necessary to go to the next pendant.

The second pendant, the Pendant of Power, was in the Desert Palace. This one was full of sand and unpleasantness, but he fought his way through and claimed the pendant.

The third one was the Pendant of Courage, and that was found in the Tower of Hera, high up in the mountains. And after many dangerous battles, he claimed that pendant, too.

Finally, the boy ventured deep into the Lost Woods, a frightening place that bewitched the senses and made people go mad and become lost. Some went in and never found their way out again. But the boy was brave, and he had the three pendants. He fought his way through, and there he found the Pedestal of Time, where the sacred Master Sword rested.

The boy reached out for it, and the sword slid out of the stone like it was made for him. And at that moment, the boy awoke as the true successor of the Hero of Time - the Hero destined to save the land again.

But that's a story we'll have to tell another day."

"Aww, that's not fair!" the three children protested, practically clambering over each other to reach for the book that their guardian was reading. She gave them an apologetic smile, tousling the pouting Link's hair, pulling the blankets up around Ilia. Only Saria look reasonably good-natured about it - she was already seven years old, she had heard this story before.

"The Hero saved everyone, right?" Link asked softly, tugging his own blankets up to his chin. "Was he called Link, too?"

"Of course," Uli smiled, and stood, setting the book on the dresser and reaching to turn out the lights. "And don't worry about them, children. After all," she said, and she smiled, "It's only a story."