"It's never done that before," said Remus pensively.

"What never?" asked Severus looking at Remus's lap in wonder.

"No never. It's gone halfway once or twice, but never all the way like this." Said Remus, stroking it gently.

"Can I touch it?"

"Sure." Remus moved his hand and Severus took over the stroking.

"It's so soft, I never realised how big it was." Said Severus.

"It likes that" remarked Remus smiling happily and looking up at Severus

"Is it meant to twitch like that?" Severus said, moving his hand away from the head.

"Give it a slap if it's misbehaving." Remus said shifted in his seat, the heavy weight in his lap was becoming uncomfortable now.

Severus eyed it warily, then did slap it.

The cat meowed and jumped down, then fled into the kitchen.

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