There are holidays in the human world that I really appreciate. This one is one, Mother's Day. Esme is the best mother in the world...well, vampire world and I want her to know it so we all have something planned. Emmett took her hunting with just the two of them, Rosealie also took her for a loooong walk (too long if you ask me) she wants our mom all to herself and we know it! Alice is taken her shopping and Jasper is doing something secretive that he won't tell us about and he's even leaving the house so I won't know! and Bella and I are taking her on a picnic, she's out picking daises with her granddaughter.

Bella didn't want to come along, she felt like Esme was my mother, I reminded her Esme was now her mother as well. I could hear Esme and Renesmee coming in from the west, they were laughing, the sun was out today but we didn't care, we had found a place so secluded from humans with a lake nearby that today with our skin shimming like glistening diamonds, we didn't care. But I had a feeling, what? Today was perfect!

Picnics for vampires aren't like humans, instead of chicken, Bella poured each of us a glass. Well, she did bring along chicken nuggets for our daughter. She was getting them out when suddenly...I turned my head to the right of me, I could hear it even if I wasn't a mind reader, this voice that sounded like a angel's voice screamed "Edward!!!"

Bella looked, Esme and Renesmee stood grounded in their tracks and the voice just kept screaming, coming closer, my protective senses stood on edge as I wanted to grab all the girls in my life but Bella touched my hand then I saw, finally saw....this picture perfect...ghost? was running to me, she had on a eighteenth century dress, she was a vison, her hair was askew because of running but the light around her, it was like the sun!

Then I saw the bruises and I thought 'Bruises on a ghost? what?' then she came close and I saw the frightened reflection of myself, it was my mother! my mother when I was human, Elizabeth! then I yelled:


Elizabeth turned to us, looked at us all and yelled:

"He's coming!!"

Esme grabbed Renesmee closer and I looked at Bella and if we had hearts, they would beat a thousand times a minute. The ground was shaking but there it wasn't a earthquake, it was something only nightmares are made was...