After a long night of destroying Edward Sr., the Cullen family just sat around the fire that night watching it go out. They were all gathering their thoughts. Nothing of this magnitude had happened since the Voultri came to destroy them when they mistakenly thought that they made a immortal child.

Rosalie was still upstairs and Emmett was going crazy, Edward couldn't even keep up with his thoughts.

Dawn was breaking...streaks of sunlight was just beginning to streak through causing their skin to glisten like diamonds then Bella's cell phone rings in the house causing Bella's lullaby' to float out to them. Bella smiles but Carlisle asks:

"Who would call you at this hour?" "Maybe Charlie"

Edward tells them:

"No, it's Angela"

Bella smiles at her husband and thinks:

'Why do we even have caller identification.?'

Bella picks up and says:

"Hello? Hi Angela, this is unexpected"

She looks at Edward and playfully sticks her tongue out then she says:

"Sure, I don't see why not, let me ask..."

She clicks on mute then asks Carlisle:

"Carlisle, Angela and her brother want to know if they have permission to go through the back of the property going through the woods. They see a old cave on Forks map and they are into cave exploring"

Carlisle looks at everybody then says:

"Yes, they can"

She unlocks mute then says:

"Yes, Angela, come on...okay, bye"

She hangs up and goes back to her family then Jasper asks:

"Don't you think that's a little dangerous Carlisle? We all haven't been hunting since this happened and for humans to come around... "Then let's go hunting now"

They all get their mates hand...except for Emmett so Bella gets her big brother and says:

"Emmett, you won't do any good if you're weak"

He looks at her and shakes his head then they all go at vampire speed into the woods.

After a couple of hours, they all came back from a successful hunting trip. A few of the Cullen's went all the way to Canada. Emmett was still gone...the hurt he was feeling was overwhelming.

Esme was happily cooking breakfast for the two hybrids in the house, Nessie and Brittany who were both eating at a hearty rate. Esme wondered when Brittany ate last.

Brittany blushed when she realized how she was eating and everybody looking at her then she said:

"I'm sorry but witches don't eat often and when we's with...gusto"

Carlisle leans back and says:

"It's the same way with Nessie. We're just not used to watching humans eat"

Alice giggles out then says:

"Except for Jacob" "Jacob? Who's that?" "A nearby shape shifter who takes the form of a wolf"

Brittany just shrugs her shoulders and goes back to eating then they hear the computer camera/ phone going off again.

Carlisle goes to answer it and when he clicks on, he sees the face of Aro with Jane standing in the background. Carlisle gives a small smile and a nod then says:

"Aro" "Carlisle! I just thought I would 'pop ' in as it were , and see how things are progressing"

Carlisle smiles and leans back then says:

"Things are better" "Ah, I take it there is no more problems with the…being?"

Edward then steps in and coldly says:

"He was taken care of"

Aro smiles and asks:

"What of his victim? Your Rosalie?"

Carlisle glances upstairs for a minute then says:

"Nothing's change on the area"

Aro thinks then says:

"Give it time my old friend….and I see you are looking better, I trust you have fed?"

Carlisle then says:

"In my way"

Aro shifts his weight in the ancient chair then asks:

"And how is your family?" "Everyone is fine. Emmett is still hunting….I suspect some trees are being destroyed"

Alice says:

"And some valleys" "Yes, it is somewhat hard on vampires to see their mates in distress. Let me know of the outcome, please" "We will and thank you Aro"

They click off and everyone breathes a sigh of relief when Aro's voice is gone.

Edward then notices his mother, Elisabeth walking off to sit on the wrought iron bench they have by a small reflecting pool, Edward goes out to sit by her and asks:

"Mother…what's wrong?"

She sighs then says:

"It's just the past few days…I did love him Edward. He was a great man in the beginning but he…changed and I won't ever know why"

They both fall silent then she tells him:

"I have to go"

His eyes widen in shock then he asks:

"Where will you go?"

She shrugs her shoulders then says:

"I don't know but you don't need me" "Yes, I do"

She smiles at the love her son gives her then says:

"I love you but you have a family now. Your own family to take care of and Esme takes care of you in ways I can't anymore. …" "When will you leave?" "Let me say goodbye to everybody"

All the Cullen's come outside, Nessie holding her Aunt Alice's hand and Elisabeth whispers I love you to each and every one of them. Then bends down and says to Nessie:

"I love you little one"

She turns to leave but then she stops.

They all see a ghostly appearance of a man in a Civil War era outfit and the males of the family raise in defense then the ghost puts his hands up and says in a southern voice:

"I would like to introduce myself, I am Lieutenant Adam Greenly"

Jasper goes over to over to him and asks in a voice that goes back to his southern roots:

"What division are you from Lieutenant?"

The man salutes him then says:

"41st" "I am Major Jasper Whitlock…."

He looks back at Alice then says:

"Now Cullen, may I ask what you are doing here sir?" "I heard about the departed ghost here…."

Bella leans over and asks her husband in a whisper just for him to hear :

"How did he know all ready?" " I think I know, when a ghost goes down….or wherever that is, they all automatically know like bees know at once where honey is"

They all smile and the Lieutenant turns to Elisabeth and says:

"I have know of Elizabeth Masen all of my ghostly days and I have come to ask her a very important question"

Just then Edward steps up to the ghost and Jasper says:

"Oh, may I introduce mister Edward Cullen, Elisabeth's son"

The ghost bows down and then he says:

"I guess I should ask you…I have known your mother and she's as beautiful as the roses bloom and I respectfully ask permission to court her"

Everybody looks at Elisabeth and if she could, she would be as red as the beets in the ground and Edward smiles then says:

"Well, you have my permission but I would think you would have to get her permission also" "Well, Miss Masen, do I?"

She shyly smiles and says:

"Well, Lieutenant Greenly, first of all, you may call me Elisabeth. But also I have been through a lot in these past few days so if you would be so kind as to give me time" "Of coarse, it's not as though we don't have all the time the world offers" "But I don't see why we can't get to know each other"

Adam smiles as proudly as a person winning a blue ribbon in a fair then says:

"May I ask that you call me Adam?"

She shakes her head yes and he asks:

"May I take you for a walk?"

She gently takes his hand then she says:

"Don't wait for me Edward, we may be gone a while" "A walk for us young man is a walk out to the greater galaxies some times"

Edward smiles and watches his mother and her gentleman caller go off into the bright sunlight and Alice says:

"I don't have to 'see', that everything will be all right"

They all go back inside.

A few hours later, they are all sitting around the living room and Brittany has her fingers loosely intertwined with her brother's and they talk then Brittany says:

"I better get back to the hotel" "Do you have to?" "I've been away too long"

Just then Edward's head snaps up and he smiles then Alice comes running down the stairs and she screams in a joyous voice:

"Rosalie is waking up!" "I know, I felt her mind awakening"

Carlisle and Esme hug each other and he asks:

"I wonder where Emmett is?"

Edward smiles again and looks at the front door and says:

"Running up the steps, as we speak"

Jasper smiles and says:

"I think those two have a connection that even we don't understand about"

The door flies open and there stands Emmett with a large grin across his face and he asks:

"She's awake isn't she?"

Alice almost jumps up and down and her little spikes go higher and she squeals:


He turns and bounds up the steps and goes to their room. He opens the door and sees his beautiful angel moving around then he goes over to her beside and takes her small hand in his and she opens her eyes and smiles then asks:

"What's going on?" "You've been out for about two days" "What? That's impossible!"

Just then Carlisle and Esme appear and he says:

"The ghost hit you with some cement and beat you until you fell into unconsciousness"

She just continues looking at off of them like they are speaking a strange language then Carlisle tells her:

"I called the Voultri on this and it has happened. Demetri has been in this

situation before but he said he was only in it for a week"

Jasper smiles and says:

"You broke the mold"

They all laugh then Carlisle picks up a folder and writes Rosalie on it then asks:

"Let me ask you some questions now"

Esme rolls her eyes then says:

"Oh, Carlisle! Leave them alone! You have eternity for your questions"

She pulls him out of the room and Emmett laughs and sits down on the bed and kisses her hand and asks:

"How do you feel?" "Like I just took a nap, just a long nap; it really feels great!"

He laughs and kisses her forehead then his face gets serious and he slowly begins to question her:

"Rosalie?" "Hmm?" "Um, what did Royce look like?"

She gets up on her elbows and asks:

"Why do you ask?" "I want to know, you have never really said what he looks like"

"Well, he had dark brown eyes, brown hair and ….."

He shakes his head then says:

"No, no, did he have any like marks on his body that you could point him out with?"

Her curiosity only abounds more and more then says:

"Well, he had a scar here on his face and over the bridge of his nose and his nose was sharp and pointed"

She traces with her finger from the middle of her cheekbone to over her nose and she asks:


Emmett smiles and says:

"Where Eddie boy and his mom and I went….to get the ghost thing, um, other ghosts were there being tortured I guess. And I saw somebody I thought I recognized and you just confirmed it"

She smiles then sits fully up and asks:

"How did you know it was him?" "He was wearing clothing like you said he had on from the 1930's"

They just join hands and lean against each other.

Downstairs, they are all in the living room ( Except Rosalie and Emmett for obvious reasons ) and Brittany says:

"Well, I better leave now" "Please, keep in touch with us" "I will now that I got a family again"

Bella asks:

"Brittany?" "Yes ?" "Will all of this happening, um, I can't help but wonder….how, what happens to witches when they die?" "Bella…." "No, it's okay Edward…I know a lot of people don't believe in reincarnation but for witches, it's at least true. My mother is out there; just in another body. She may not remember me"

Everybody nods there head then Edward says:

"We have another visitor"

Every body groans then Esme asks:

"Who?" "It's just Angela, her brother ran out of gas going through our woods, she's just here to see if we have some"

Carlisle says:

"I'll go down to the garage, I think we have some in the corner somewhere"

They wait a few minutes then Angela knocks on the door and Bella goes to answer and she says:

"Angela! I'm so happy to see you!"

They hug ( Angela pretends not to notice the new body coldness her friend now has ) and Angela says:

"We ran out of gas and I came to see if you have any" "Well, I think Carlisle is in the garage….Jasper, why don't you go see?"

He smiles at Angela and Angela and Bella have small talk with each other then Brittany sees her. She looks at her then walks up to her and asks her one word:


The End

I give this whole story to XxLeslieXx