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Chapter 1

The day the Puffs stood still

The day the puffs stood still was a day that no one in the city of Townsville would ever forget. It was a black day, with rain and storms and if anyone had been really paying close attention it would have been like a day out of a cartoon. The sadness of the day brought the rain clouds and the chill that made people put in their heavy coats. What on Earth or in any galaxy could have made the three puffs stand still? Nothing but the sadest of sads.

The three girls stood in black in a small group of close personal family friends. Miss. Belum, The Mayor, the Pokey Oaks teacher Miss. ______ Some white coat professors from the neighboring cities universities and of course a very beautiful woman with long blonde hair and beautiful gray eyes. Everyone cried accept for the three girls who stood stone cold and silent. Not a soul stirred as the reverend spoke words of holy blessing that neither comforted nor calmed anyone.

No villain dare peek their heads out from their holes in the ground, for they knew that on this day if anyone so much as tried to rob an old lady they wouldn't wake up from the fowl beating they would get.

Who was this small crowd mourning? Well if you haven't guessed, I suppose I should say, "Rest In Peace Professor Utonium. And may the Lord have his angles guide you to him. Let us end in a silent prayer of reverence."

As the silence fell the three puffs floated over to the coffin and laid three things atop, a book, a weight for lifting, and a stuffed octopus with a top hat. Then with a harsh shove they pushed away from the Earth and the crowds and blasted off into the sky. Tears leaked freely from their eyes and one could swear their hearts were bleeding.

They flew till they came to their home and looked upon it like it was a stranger they had never seen before. The windows were dark, the lawn looked gray and dead. Bubbles silently cried but didn't let out a whimper or a sob. Blossom sat there with tired eyes, a blank expression on her face. Buttercup at first had had a look of soft remorse but then something inside snapped, be it from the silence or from the situation the three found themselves in she didn't know.

"Why didn't we get there in time!" She cried looking at her sister.

"Buttercup, don't start looking for someone to blame. We don't have time to sit around blaming each other. It was no ones fault." The red head said adamantly.

"That's bull and you know it! We should have been there! We have always been able to get there in time! We have never been late before; we have ALWAYS gotten there just in time. Why was this time so different?" She cried.

Blossom looked down at the ground and a tear rolled down her face, "I- I don't know."

Bubbles hugged the red head that turned around and hugged her back. Buttercup spit and wiped her nose, then she looked at her sisters a moment and her anger swelled. She shoved them and started to shriek, "We can't just sit here! We have to catch the guy who did this!"

The two girls looked at her with anger and frustration in their eyes, which was quite a trick for Bubbles.

"I don't CARE who did it Buttercup. The police can handle it this time. All I want to do is go into that house and mourn for my father! At this point that is all any of us should want to do!" Blossom said with a threatening voice, but she stayed down on the ground.

"I just want to go cuddle up with his pillow." Bubbles said mostly to her self.

"You two are willing to sit back and let his killer escape! That the biggest load of selfish bull shit I have ever heard! I can't… no… I WONT' just sit here and let our father's killer roam the streets."

"He is probably out of the country by now Buttercup. Let the police and FBI handle it. For once, just let someone else worry about it."

"NO! I won't! Because those shit heads will look for a week or two, a month tops and then they will give up and inform us, 'Sorry, we gave it our best shot but he has escaped into a different country and that is out of our jurisdiction.' And then they will never think about it again! And our father will never be avenged."

"This shouldn't be about avenging his death. It should be about finding a killer before he can hurt someone else." Blossom said helping up Bubbles. The two started walking towards the house and Buttercup in her rage shot up from the Earth and the wave of energy she released shoved her two sisters' into the front door. She flew through the sky so angry and full of emotions she didn't know what to do. She tore off her black gown to reveal her cargo camo pants, boots, and green tank top. She fucking hated dresses. She had worn clothes underneath so that she could take off the dress after the funeral.

She needed to cool off, and the only place she knew she could was about twenty minutes away. She turned around and headed South.

When she arrived she tried to ignore the smell, the city dump was not a very nice place. Then again it was a dump so at least it served its purpose. She had landed on the furthest southern side of the dump in hopes to avoid the motley green crew that hung around here. Especially their leader Ace, no matter how cute he was. She kicked herself for even thinking it but old habits die-hard and for some reason this habit hadn't died all together. She still admired every once and awhile when she flew over the dump.

As she walked trying to find a good place to vent her anger her foot dragged across an old nasty blanket and she saw something emerge from underneath. She turned to look and saw a cooler was stuck into the ground. It was in pretty good condition considering its location. She was curious so she knelt down and opened it.

Inside was a very large amount of ice and drinks. And not the kind of beverages someone of 18 was allowed to drink. She gave a small smile; perhaps this was Ace's secret stash. She grabbed a beer and popped off the top, she smelled it and felt her insides flip. She took a sip and at first hated the taste, but after a few more reluctant sips it wasn't as bad. She sat there for a long time and sipped on the bottle. After about twenty minutes she managed to down it and she felt herself getting dizzy.

Was she really this big of a lightweight? One beer and she was dizzy? Perhaps that was just because it was her first time. She could drink another and see if she felt batter or worse after then. But first she wanted to see what else was in the cooler. She moved some of the beers aside and came across a bottle of Purple goose. Ace drank Vodka? Buttercup had never had beer before, and she most certainly had never had vodka, she had never had the slightest urge to try it either. She took a bold gulp of air and grabbed the largest bottle of them all and untwisted the cap. She smelled it before she even got it close to her face. She hesitated and thought of

The professor. He would disapprove so much right now.

He would be disappointed and let down and scold her about her egregious actions. Buttercup let the bottle slide slightly from her hands. Then she thought about her sister's, bubbles gasping in dismay and Blossom scolding her like she was her mother. That did it, the professor's memories floated away and Buttercup took a chug of the clear liquid. It burned her tongue, her throat her stomach and left a trail of stingy heat rotting in her throat. She almost threw it back up but her dignity and pride wouldn't let her. She recapped that and looked at the other bottles. In the end she tried a chug from a bottle of Southern Comfort and a bottle of Jack Daniels. She tried a chug of some Captain Morgan Rum and some Mexican bottle she couldn't read. By the end of all this she was feeling pretty good, and she felt like she could take on the world. She grabbed the bottle of Mexican booze and closed the lid to the cooler.

She covered it back up with the blanket and wondered off sipping from it occasionally when she felt like she might sober up. Which in all reality was not likely in the next few minutes. She was pretty far-gone and she was enjoying the feeling of not feeling anything.

She walked for a little bit and then she saw before her on the ground a broken bent up picture frame. It sparked a memory, a bitter memory of the professor's certificate hanging on the wall. Her and Blossom had been fighting and the red head had thrown her into the wall. The framed certificate had been destroyed and the professor had been distraught. Buttercup and Blossom had apologized and the professor even in his anger looked upon them kindly, took them into his arms and hugged them to ease their guilt. Buttercup closed her eyes and breathed in, she could almost smell his familiar comforting scent. His washed and pressed jacket, his gelled hair perfectly combed, his toothpaste breath and after-shave. She leaned into his warm fatherly hug and suddenly fell on her face. The bottle rolled away from her and she lay there for a second dead silent and then she grabbed the bottle and erupted up from the grown. She screamed and shrieked in frustration and fired her fury onto the garbage that surrounded her.

Ace sat in his shack, the gang had gone out for the night, but he had elected to stay in. He hadn't wanted to take the chance of the gang wanting to do something stupid on a day like today. With the Puff's father figure dead who knew what would happen if someone slipped up today, it was a sure suicide to try and rob a place, or hold some place up. The Puff's would rip into you not just with the idea of justice in mind but also the idea of releasing some anger and sadness. He was glad he had stayed behind. The last thing he needed was pissing off the Puff's after they lost someone so meaningful to them.

Suddenly a large rumble came from the South end of the dump. Ace looked out the window but only saw a small cloud of dust rising into the air. He was tempted to ignore it, but the dump was his turf, if someone else was destroying his shit then he wanted to know. He grabbed his belt to keep his pants in place, and slid into his boots. He didn't bother with a shirt or coat, he was hot thanks to the space heater they had lifted a month or two ago.

He walked out into the cool night air and breathed a sigh of relief. The rain had finally stopped but he was could still feel the bite from the front that had moved through. He hunched as soon as another eruption from the south end exploded into the night. He crouched and crawled and eventually got to the trenches that the gang had created. They used it for paint balling and trash fights and war games that they did when they were bored and not in the mood to rob someone.

He peeked over the top and to his shock the site of the green Powerpuff greeted him. Buttercup, his personal favorite, looked angry and appeared to be crying. She fired a shot of green light from her hand and it smashed into a pile of garbage.

"Why couldn't you save him Buttercup! Your sisters may be pathetic but you most certainly are not! You could have stopped it from happening if you had just been in the city!" With each statement she fired the green light from her hand, sometimes she would fire and follow threw and plow into it with her fists. She kicked and screamed and tore through the garbage like it was nothing.

Ace felt for her, he knew the feeling of loosing a parent and blaming yourself. But she needed to learn how to let go, even if it hurt her more then anything. Perhaps he should help her? No way, if he stepped out from his hiding place she would pound him into the ground before she even asked who he was.

Ace watched in awe, the bolts of energy from the hands were new weren't they? Or perhaps she had just never used them in a battle. She was sure using them now and anything that was hit by them melted, or exploded, or turned into a pile of steaming rubble. Suddenly he noticed in her hand a bottle, a familiar looking bottle. His Mexican Rum! The little brat had found his stash and started to drink his shit! That stuff was expensive! Not that he paid for it, but still. It was a bitch to find in the US. And she had drunk almost the whole thing. She stopped for a second and floated there in air, she seemed to wobble a little and her floating wasn't as steady as normal. She took another swig and finished off the bottle. She threw it up in the air and shot it with her powers. Ace was impressed, topping off that bottle was a feet of strength for a first time drinker… then again Ace couldn't be sure it was her first time. Plus her powers gave her an extra boost no doubt. Buttercup stared at her hands a good few minutes and the tears fell from her eyes in torrents. Finally she let our another shrieked and started firing again.

After watching for a good hour Ace felt his legs starting to cramp and his back starting to hurt, Buttercup had finally stopped firing and was sitting on the ground, knees tucked under her panting like she had run a marathon. She was tired out, and just as Ace was about to turn and go to leave the puff in her thoughts and allowing her time to cool off. She shoved up from the ground and spun in a circle, as she did so she unleashed a power rain of green bolts from her hands that fell down onto the dump like acid rain, it melted away garbage like it was washing mud off of someone's hands. She screamed with the effort it took to use such energy and as Ace was forced to duck in cover do to the fact that the shots had no aim to them he noticed he had never been more attracted to the green puff as he was now.

Suddenly all was quiet and Ace stood and looked over the trench. He saw in the center of the dust and clouds and melted destroyed garbage that the green puff had passed out. She lay there in an awkward position like she had simply fallen from her elevated spot in the air. Ace weighed the options; he could go down there and see if she was okay. Or he could leave her and let her wake up with the feeling of a hang over.

Ace was not normally a gentleman where women were concerned, but for some reason he really wanted to help. He could relate to her feelings of inner turmoil. He wanted to make her better for some reason. So he slowly made his way down to her location.

When he arrived he saw she had landed in a nasty pile of garbage water, she was going to smell great. He also noticed how big she was. She had changed so much in the years that she had been in and out of the city. The girls, once they had turned sixteen had taken it upon themselves to go to neighboring cities and offer help if needed or wanted. Some cities took it, some didn't. Most of the time the only glimpse of Buttercup he got was a green blur across the sky as she rushed to a different city.

Ace tried to do the years in his head and managed to figure she was about eighteen to his twenty-five. Had he really been doing this most of his life? He had moved to the dump when he was twelve to avoid the Family service people. He had been about sixteen when the girls had been created. Nine years apart. They had never really actually been born. They had come into the world older then toddlers, Ace remembered because he had run into them a few days after they had been created. In the alley, they had been so scared. Until that stupid monkey had helped them.

Ace bent down and picked her up wedding style, she was so developed, and it shocked him how long he had been doing this stupid gang shit. He had promised himself that when he had tuned twenty-one he was going to get the fuck out of this city. But somehow the gang had always made him feel obligated to stay. He had to take care of them. They were the closest things to a family he had. It had never been a good time to just up and leave. As Ace walked back to his shack he wondered how he would explain this to the guys, if they happened to come home tonight, they may end up crashing at the playground again.

Suddenly Buttercup moaned and Ace looked down at her, her eyes opened a crack and she looked up at him, "Pro-professor?"

"Sorry kid, just me."

"Ace? Shit." She murmured and then let her head tilt back into unconsciousness.

Ace carried her all the way back to his shack and was relieved but surprised to see his gang had not returned from their nightly escapades. He kicked the door open and after he stepped across the thresh hold he kicked the door shut behind him. He could smell the alcohol oozing off of her and the smell from the garbage water was awful. Ace was used to the stink of the dump, but he sure as hell hadn't smelled that smell before. He had no choice; he would have to bath her. But to make sure he didn't get arrested for rape, even though she was obviously 18, he decided he would make sure she would sleep through the night.

He carried her over to his bed and sat down with her resting on his lap and then reached under his mattress. He dug around until he felt the neck of the bottle. He pulled it out, his home made shit, it was strong enough to knock you out for a good two days if you drank enough. He would give her just enough to keep her under. He tipped her head back and brought the bottle to her lips. She must have been somewhat conscious because she opened her own mouth and swallowed. His homemade booze mixed with all the other shit she must have drank would tank her for the rest of the night and maybe a little bit of tomorrow.

After a few more drinks she was out snoring. Ace lifted her up and walked her over to the tub. It was a rather large, nasty brown bucket that they almost never used. But every once and awhile someone would HAVE to wash their clothes. They really had no choice because the smell would make you want to puke. Ace made them after a month if they hadn't done it on their own accord. Ace tried to wash his at least every few weeks. And he, unlike the others, wore body spray to try and hide his stink. At least he brushed his teeth unlike Grubber.

He put her in the tub and turned on the rusty faucet. He had let her feet hang out so he could remove her boots. Once they were off he bent her legs and put her feet in the water.

The water came out clean, thanks to Snake. The kid had come from a drunken father who was a pretty decent plumber. Snake had tapped into the freshwater pipes that ran beneath the dump and had managed to get them clean water. Arturo was the genius that found a water heater and got that working. They had as much hot and cold water as they could ever use with no fee. He made sure the water wasn't to hot and let the tub fill. He then walked over to his mattress and pulled out a bar of soap and his small bottle of shampoo. His hair didn't get washed much, it was pretty greasy most of the time, but every once and awhile he found he had a urge to actually take care of it. After he washed it though he would put his styling cream in and in less then three hours it was a greasy mess again.

He carried the bar and the shampoo over to the tub and turned off the water. She was still wearing her clothes; this was going to be awkward.

He came to stand behind her and set the soap and shampoo down. He then rose up her hands and lifted up her green tank top. Ace was relieved to see a black bra underneath and breathed a sigh of relief. He wasn't sure he would have been able to be a gentleman otherwise. He then reached into the water and undid her pants; he awkwardly managed to get them off and was once again relieved to see a matching black pair of panties. He tossed her clothes onto the floor in a pile.

He then proceeded to wash her to the best of his ability with out being considered a peeping tom. He looked away when his hands strayed below the bra so he could soap up her breasts to wash the gunk that had gotten under there away. He had noticed he had started to sweat, how long had it been since he had been with a woman? God, last girl he screwed had been in high school, he had been twenty. Then again he had lost his virginity at age thirteen. It wasn't like he was a ladies man; they just seemed to like him, she they seemed to like to put out. Ace never pressured, if anything they pressured him. He wasn't exactly a gentleman, but he wasn't a player either.

He couldn't resist he let the bar of soap fall from his hand and cupped her soapy breast for a moment. He felt his insides stir at the feeling and suddenly wanted to let his hands explore.

"Shit." He said to himself pulling away, this was getting way to dangerous. He quickly finished washing her and then pulled her from the tub. He dried her with a somewhat clean towel and then laid her on his bed. He dug through his box of junk and found a t-shirt of his. It was a Mud Vayne shirt that he had gotten a few years ago. He brought it over to the bed and realized that if he put the t-shirt on over her bra her bra would get the shirt all wet and it would utterly defeat the purpose of trying to get her dry and warm.

He pulled her up to a sitting position and tugged the shirt down over her head, then he reached up under the shirt and spent the next five minutes trying to get it off. After that was achieved he found a pair of his torn up jean shorts that he never wore and with out looking masterfully pulled off her panties and replaced them with the shorts. When Buttercup was finally completely covered her put her in his bed and tugged the blanket in around her.

So much for being a sleaze ball, if the guys figure this one out they will tease me forever.

Ace shrugged it off, after all, if they were going to give him trouble for it he could just leave, he had been meaning to leave for awhile anyway… and Snake was doing a fine job of leading now that he had grown a little bit bigger back bone.

Perhaps things would get better if Ace left for a bit, the only reason this gang had started was because they had all needed a place to stay and they all wanted a family. Even if the family was imperfect and reckless, and mean to others… it was still a family and company when you are alone in the world. Maybe the gang would accept her now that she had obviously broken a few morals…. Who knew she had it in her?

Ace sat in the wooden rocker by the door, and let the air escape his lungs. Maybe today wouldn't be that bad. Maybe things would work out. Maybe they wouldn't. Ace could be screwed. He looked over at the sleeping puff in his bed. Yeah, he was definitely screwed.

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