A/n: The reason I haven't been updating this story is because I am not sure where I want it to go. I had a grand scheme of how I wanted the plot to go but found that I wasn't sure I could tie it all together. So I haven't been ignoring this story so much as trying to figure out how I want it to go and how long it will be. So for those readers who are still interested I will eventually finish this story I just don't know when.

Chapter 7

Ace stared at the girl before him who looked up at him with big green eyes. He couldn't believe what she had just asked him. Was she serious? Was she really wanted him to teach her something so animalistic. He wasn't going to turn her down, in fact he felt the evil smirk slide across his face.

"Kid I will teach you how to hot wire a car if that is what makes you happy." He said in a humorous tone.

Buttercup smirked but as suddenly as it was there it was gone again, "Do you hear that?" She asked quickly reaching for her under things.

Ace looked at her and then moved so he could see across the lake. There was a small group of men rummaging through their stuff.

"How'd you hear that?" Ace asked looking back at her.

Buttercup blushed and said apologetically, "One of my powers is overly sensitive hearing, one of the few things I can't… turn off." She said knowing she had unintentionally broken one of his rules.

He shrugged it off and quickly got dressed, "Come on, he will go around, grab my clothes and cut them off before they can get away with anything."

She nodded and followed him up and around the rocky outcropping that surrounded them. She really wished she could use her powers, she could just fly them across the lake and punch those guys till their faces fell in.

They had a little trouble getting up the rocks at first but once they got used to the terrain they moved quickly and silently. They reached Ace's clothes and he slid into them fast, "Stay in the woods until I tell you other wise okay?" He said not even bothering to look at Buttercup.

She nodded anyway and followed him around the lake the rest of the way. Once they reached the sandy shore of their camp Buttercup ducked behind a large tree and waited peeking around watching as Ace strode towards the men that were going through their stuff.

"Well well well if it isn't a heard of nosy little peeping Tom's." Ace said keeping his hands in his pockets. He strode up to them calmly and smoothly with his usual walk. The tone in his voice seemed to make a statement, I don't want trouble but I can cause it if you make me.

They looked at him with a sense of shock dancing across the space between them, "Where'd you come from?" The tall thin one asked.

"I was just taking a stroll around the lake, this is my camp site… how about you's guys move along… there are plenty more campsites up that trail." He said pointing with his thumb over his shoulder.

"Hmm… that's an interesting idea… but you see… we like this camp site. Lake side, nice sandy beach… plus it comes with all the amenities… blankets, fire pit… clothes and food and what ever money you got in your wallet." This statement came from a shorter man who had dark hair and an ugly smirk.

"Gee, wish I had money to spare but man I am just plum broke. Move along little boy or I will make you."

"Tough words from one man… there's five of us and one of you… good luck making us do anything. In fact why don't we make you move on? Leave your stuff and get out of here."

"Sorry I ain't running no charity."

"Hey Buddy, looks like there is another camper here…. He's got two blankets… and look over there clothes…ladies clothes." The fat one said.

"Oh you got a lady friend? Why don't you let us meet her?"

Buttercup pulled back behind the tree, she felt scared, and not in a way she ever had before. The way that guy talked about meeting her sent shivers down her spine. She wouldn't use her powers unless Ace said otherwise which meant that if they got a hold of her she was in a lot of trouble. She waited to see what Ace would say.

"She don't like strangers, especially ugly strangers… now move along because I won't ask again." Ace said.

"You know, I don't like your attitude, Tommy make this guy take a walk."

Buttercup waited, there was a sound of a scuffle and then soft thump, someone cursed and then another scuffle ensued and another soft thump. Buttercup risked peering around the tree and froze like a deer in headlights.

Ace had pulled a knife and had already stabbed two of the five men. The other men circled around him and then they all charged at once. Buttercup didn't wait to see what would happen. She raced down the beach away from the tree and the fight. She grabbed her clothes and quickly threw them on.

"LOOK! THERE SHE IS! GRAB HER!" Someone yelled.

Buttercup turned to see an ugly fat guy running at her, he had greasy blonde hair and an acne-ridden face. She made a small noise and took off up the trail towards the road.

She didn't look back.


Ace watched Buttercup sprint up the trail as tubby reluctantly raced after her, even if Buttercup didn't use her powers she would out run him easily. And once Ace took care of the other two he could catch up to him easily.

Ace spun out of the reach of one of the men and then lunged, he had to hurry nonetheless. He needed to get to Buttercup before she forgot the rules, before she flew off and he wouldn't be able to get her back.


Buttercup hadn't ran this far or this fast in a long time, not since she was running from the Townsville people when they wanted her to take a bath. She wished she could smile at that memory but her terror was to great. She couldn't use her powers and despite how quickly she was running the fat lard of a man was gaining.

She felt it was physically impossible for some of that girth to run this fast but he was managing just fine between his heaves and gasps for air.

She rounded a sharp corner and tripped on a rock, she started to get up when she felt a hand wrap around her ankle. The now sweaty and bad smelling man pulled her under him and gave a toothy smile that made her want to vomit, his breath was like horse piss and mud.

"Get off! Let me go!" She screamed.

"Your pretty." He said as he leaned in towards her mouth.

"EW! GET OFF!" She didn't know why, maybe it was just a reflex, she shoved as hard as she could with her feet and the portly man went flying into a tree, she thought she had just stunned him by the look on his face but when he fell forward she gasped in fear and shock when she saw a large branch sticking out of his back.

Buttercup, in her fear, had kicked him away using her super strength. Which meant when the broken tree branch collided with his giant back it impaled him.

Buttercup had just accidently killed someone.


Ace raced up the trail on his bike, he thought he would catch up to them by now, he was shocked to see how far they had gone. He rounded a sharp corner and almost lost control of his bike. In the middle of the trail was a man, a large man, with a tree branch sticking out of his back. He could read the aggravated dirt and could just see the struggle in his mind.

Buttercup must have gotten so scared when the guy grabbed her she accidently used her strength, she sent him flying into the tree… "Damn!" Ace hissed, he started his bike with a kick of his foot that was harder then it needed to be and he raced off after the now missing girl.

A/N: So what do you think? It's been a long time but I didn't plan on giving up on this story. I just needed time to figure out how I wanted it to go.