A girl runs away from her abusive vampire master only to find herself in the hands of two other vampires Alshu and Kuroboshi, with a human girl, Kiyo. After everything that happened to her Saika is having trouble trusting vampires, yet Alshu is wanting her as his bride (I don't mean wife way, I mean Bloody Kiss way for those that don't know)

OK this is my fan fiction that isn't vampire Knight YAY. Though there will be a character in here that is in VK. Though that character will be a little OCC so this wont be a Cross over.

(Short of; doesn't really feel like a chapter 1 to me)

A eighteen year old girl, Saika Momoko, ran as fast as she could, branches from the forest trees cutting her arms. She had finally escaped that His house, wishing to leave the memories of it with it. Yet, the memories kept playing in her mind as if just to mock her.

The girl was crying as she ran, knowing that vampire would come looking for his slave soon; coming to bring her back to that house. Saika cried harder at that thought; the thought of being caught and dragged back to the house that had brought nothing but pain and terror for five years of her life.

Saika cried out when she ran past a sharp tree branch. It cut deeply down her arm which made fresh blood spill from her. Yet Saika kept running, not wanting to stop in fear she was being looked for right this moment. She knew that someone must have figured out she had escaped by now so someone would be looking for her.

The howl of a wolf near by made the girl jump and scream in surprise fear. Saika began to run even faster though her legs were becoming sore fast and she knew that she'd have to stop to rest sooner or later.

'No, run, Saika. Remember what he did to you; remember what he will do to you in punishment.' A voice in the back of Saika's mind told her, trying to give her motivation to keep running away even though she was getting tired.

'I can't keep running forever.' Saika responded to that voice, though she knew it was right. The girl suddenly starting to huff from a dry throat. It was clear that she was getting thirsty and would need to stop to drink really soon. Though there was nowhere to stop and drink and even if there was Saika was too scared to stop.

'Just a little farter, Saika. The forest will end soon and you'll be in town. Someone will help you there.' The voice came again, erging (SP?) her to keep going even though she was tired, thirsty and bleeding. Saika groaned at her own thoughts.

'Yeah, if it isn't vampire filled.' She thought to the voice bitterly. The inner voice sighed and said no more. Although, Saika kept running even though the voice no longer came. She knew it had been right and she needed to get into town, despite the chance that it was vampire filled and she would be taken back to Him.

To quickly explain who Him is, Him was a very powerful vampire and Saika's master. She had been taken to him five years ago by her parents in need for a favor. He did the favor and in return he killed Saika's parents and kept the girl as his slave. Saika was now running way because she was sick of the treatment she got. Plus she was scared that the vampire would kill her one day.

Only after a couple more minutes, Saika finally came out of the forest and into a clear path. She saw a fence in front of her with the scent of roses from the other side. Even though she knew it would be trespassing, Saika climbed the fence and fell onto the ground on the other side.

Saika now laid on the ground in a garden of roses, huffing from her sore throat and wincing of the stinging pain of the cuts on her arms. They were still bleeding lightly though nothing too bad.

Saika's vision started to blur as she stared to fall unconscious. The last this she saw was a dark blob standing over her, just looking at her.