Alright. This….is…the…ULTIMATE Twilight fanfic ever. Why, you ask? Because it's a Twilight/Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And I've had this idea in my head for a while. And I love it already. (that would be the time it takes to walk from math class to info processing)

Thanks to Joss and Kripke, for creating Buffy, Sam, and Dean. SMILES! (Now, Kripke, if you're ready this, I would much appreciate it if you played Sam, Interrupted on Thursday. January 24 is too far away.)

'Ello chap…. Mighty fine day this is… Actually u.b. is in a skirt and its snowing in New York… that wuld be here….Psttt…… we're not really in New York….. we is hiding in pennselvania…. Just kidding… I f I dotld you where we are I'd have to come to your house and get the nives and chopp of your ankles…….twice…. yeah….. and then your fingers and your nose and ears and writsts.—lets just say it'd be painful.... and beautiful…… Yeah… Enjoy the fic… pst pst EDWARD DIES! – I.T.C

Sorry for the spoilers….or maybe….they're foilers….-waggles eyebrows suspensefully)

I don't own Twilight. (If I did, they would all be dead). I don't own Buffy (Joss does). I don't own Supernatural (Kripke does, as well as my soul).


Dean rolled over and slapped the bedside table next to his bed, trying to find his damn phone. His fingers found the desired phone, and he flipped it open. He squinted in the harsh light, reading the text on the screen.

There are Vampires in Forks. Please come.

Dean's face scrunched up, and he shook his head, trying to clear his mind. He glanced over at Sam, snoring slightly in the other bed. "Sammy….hey, Sam! Wake up!" he called gruffly.

Sam snorted awake. "Huh…wha??" He asked, his voice thick with sleep. "Whaddya want, Dean?"

"Got a job. Get up, we're leaving." Dean swung his legs off the bed and headed for the shower.


Jacob Black shut the phone, hoping that the number that Pamela, the psychic he met, was real. He was just sick of the stupid Cullens, and so he was taking drastic measures. Pamela said that this number was a vampire hunter's number, and to call or text it to get rid of the Cullens.

Alright. So basically, I'm stealing chapter titles from Supernatural episodes. And Buffy will pop up pretty soon.

Until then, TTFN! Ta ta for now!