Sam sighed, and rubbed his forehead, the pounding of Dean's shower making his headache worse. The shower stopped and Sam could hear Dean's off-key rendition of Kiss's "Calling Dr. Love".

Sam heard the bathroom door open and tried to make himself look like he was actually getting something done.

"You find anything, Sammy?" Dean asked, pulling out a pair of worn-out jeans from his duffel.

"No, not really. The Cullens moved here about three years ago from Alaska. The kids are A students, don't get into trouble. The worst thing that's happened is about a year and a half ago, one of the sons, Edward, was in a car crash in the Forks High parking lot."

"So nothing that jumps out and screams 'vampire'?" Sam shook his head. "No drinking? No wild, out-of-hand parties?"

"Nothing. I'm telling you, Dean. These guys are clean."

Dean nodded. "Well, I say we go talk to the kids."


Edward looked up at the sound of an engine roaring outside. He stood and walked to the window, assuming it was Bella. Instead of red pick-up, though, he saw a black 1967 Chevrolet Impala. The driver's thoughts were jumbled, flitting between memories of what seemed to be Hell and time spent with what appeared to be an angel.

Edward head the car door shut and watched as two men walked up to the house. One was very tall-taller than Jasper, even-and the other looked to be about Emmett's height.

The shorter man-the one with memories of Hell and angels- rang the doorbell. Carlisle came down the stairs in time to beat Edward to the door.

"Agent McCartney? Well, this is a surprise. What brings you and your partner here?" Carlisle stepped aside to let the two men inside the house.

The shorter one-Agent McCartney, apparently-responded, "We were going to start our investigation by seeing what everyone remembers. You know, so we can get a feel for what we're dealing with here. And since you were on scene, we thought we'd start with your family, if that's alright."

"Of course. I can't promise you any worth-while results, thought. None of them were there with me. But by all means, go ahead." Carlisle backed Edward over. "Why don't you start with Edward here, and I'll see if I can round up the rest of them."


Dean shook his head and opened the car door. He and Sam got in and Dean started it and drove down the driveway.

"Man, I dunno about them being vampires, but dude, that blonde chick....whew...I'd hit that."

"Aw, Dean! C'mon! She's like, a freshman in college!"

"Really? 'Cause she sure doesn't look it."

Sam rolled his eyes and sighed. "Whatever. It doesn't matter. What matters is that none of them seem like they fit the description of 'vampire' at all."

"I know. They'll all more like that shape shifter back Canonsberg."

Sam rubbed his forehead. "Dean, I don't think there's a case here. I think that your 'Mystery Tipper' may just think that they're vampires."

Dean nodded slowly, thinking. "Well then, there's one way to find out." At Sam's questioning look, he explained. "We go talk to them."

"To who?"

"To the mystery tipper!" Dean shook his head in disbelief. "I swear, sometimes I wonder how you got into Stanford."


"Okay. Got it." Dean leaned over Sam's shoulder, reading off the laptop screen. "The number belong to Jacob Black of La Push, Washington."

Dean stood up. "La Push? Isn't that an Indian Reservation?"

"Yeah. Quileute. Why?"

"Well, don't some Indian cultures have lore on vampire."

"Yeah, actually, I think some do. I'll check it out before we leave."

"You do that, Geek Boy. I'm gonna try and grab a nap."

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