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Finally, I thought with a sigh as I placed my last suitcase near the door with the others. I was all packed and ready to go tomorrow. Thankfully I only had two suitcases and one duffle bag that I would have to deal with on the plane. The rest of my things had already been shipped to my new apartment.

Ahh, my new apartment I thought falling on my back to the bed. The one I would be sharing with my best friend and then two doors down from my other two best friends.

This time tomorrow I would also be in Athens, Georgia and ready to start my senior year of college at the University of Georgia. I couldn't wait.

I'd spent my first three years at the University of Washington, majoring in secondary education. I worked my ass off getting almost all my courses done that I would need to teach English Literature. I still had to take an American and British Lit class, but I would, for fun, be taking a Shakespearian, Photography, and Art History class as well.

As much as I loved UW it wasn't where my friends were. They had all been at UGA while I was in Seattle having the time of their lives and I had missed out on a lot. You're probably wondering why I wasn't with them. If I didn't get accepted into UGA like they had, but that's not the case. I actually received my acceptance letter first, but a personal issue forced me to stay behind and because of him my dad decided it was in my best interest to stay where he could get to me quickly if need be.

Shaking my head I shoved the memory of him out of my head before it got started and turned my thoughts to my three best friends:

Angela Weber, I met the summer before freshman year of high school, when I'd moved from Phoenix to Forks to live with my dad. I thought for sure I would hate living in the small town, but not five minutes after arriving at my dad's house, Angela came knocking and I never had a chance to hate it. She was always the quiet type and I think I balanced that with my sarcastic sense of humor and exuberance. She has seen me at my best and was always ready to knock me down a notch if my head got too big, but she's seen me at my worst as well and was always my shoulder to cry on and give advice, with nothing but unconditional love and support.

Ben Cheney was another of my best friends. He was also Angela's boyfriend; they had been together since the beginning of 7th grade. Where Angela and I had completely opposite personalities. Ben and I did not; he had the same sense of humor I did and was just a happy person. He was always smiling and ready to tell some funny story. I met him the day after Angela and from that moment on he talked only of going to the University of Georgia where his older brother was just starting. During lunches and nights out he had talked about Sanford Stadium--where all the home football games were played, or Uga--the team mascot, or the big rivalry between them and the Florida Gators. From his first words I was mesmerized and within a week of starting high school I knew that's where I wanted to go as well.

For all of freshman year and half of sophomore year it was just us the three amigos or whatever else you wanted to call us, but then Seth Clearwater moved to town. We ended up sharing the same first period and after I saved him from the school skank he became the fourth part of our little group. Seth was just an all around good guy. He loved life, sports, girls, you name it, and he loved it. We did try to date once but after that disaster we became best friends. We still did everything together though, dances and nights out, even if Angela and Ben weren't with us, but it was never anything more than friends.

All three were my rocks and I loved them more than anything else in this world. How could I not though, they had all tried to talk me into letting them go to UW when they found out I was, but UGA was their dream as much as it was mine and I wasn't about to let them sacrifice that; not after all the shit they'd gotten me through the last couple of months of high school and that following summer.

I missed all three of them so much. I haven't seen anybody since Christmas break and I was starting to go through withdrawals. They usually came home over the summer, but had decided to stay in Athens this time to hunt for apartments. I hated not being with them for the first years, experiencing everything they did, but I was going to make up for it this year.

My dad opened the door to my room and pulled me from my thoughts.

"You all set, Bells?"

"Yep." I said grinning, but when he didn't return it I felt mine slip off my face. I knew that he hated me going. It had taken everything I had just to talk him into it.

"Okay," he said with a sigh.

"Dad I know you aren't happy, but I need this. I need my friends."

"I know. I'm just worried. You were just down the road. and now you'll be thousands of miles away and I won't be able to get to you as quickly."

"Yes, but Seth will be there. He's not going to let anything happen to me and neither will Angela or Ben."

I know that too, but Bells just promise you'll be careful and you'll call all the time."

"I promise dad." I said getting up to give him a hug.

He returned it and tightened his hold before letting me go and going out of the room.

Sitting down on the bed I felt the tears start to come. I knew he was worried about me, but he couldn't keep me close all the time.

I had given him three years after everything happened, but it was time for me to start going after what I wanted now and move on from all of it.

Angela sent me a text just before I slipped into bed that night letting me know that they would meet me at baggage claim.

The next morning we got up really early to drive to Seattle. Why we didn't just drive up last night I'll never know, but I didn't complain since I think dad needed that time.

After getting to the airport and a long hug where I didn't think he was ever going to let me go I finally made my way through security. Looking back over my shoulder I waved before turning and making my way to my gate.

An hour later I was watching out the window as the plane took off and I was on my way to what I could only hope would be a great year.



"Can I get you anything, sir?" The flight attendant asked again for the fifth time in an hour.

"No." I replied.

She had serious annoyed me from the beginning. Every time I moved or shifted in my damn seat she thought I needed something.

Shaking my head I stared out the small window and let my mind wander to the five people and the reason why I was here in the first place.

Four of those people are my best friends who I've known for forever it seems like.

Edward Cullen and I were the first ones to form a friendship. It wasn't really hard since our parents were best friends and threw us together all the time. When we started kindergarten Alice Brandon came along. She was a short little shit, and still is for that matter, but then she was fucking tiny and some other kids were picking on her. Being the five year old gentlemen Edward and I were we came to her rescue and we became a triangle. Second grade our triangle turned into a square when Emmett McCarty moved to town.

Emmett was already bigger than most sixth graders and he became somewhat of our bodyguard since with the three of us combined we probably weight 50 pounds. Seriously. We were a square up until sixth grade when Rosalie Hale came along and we became whatever the fuck a five sided shape is called. She was viper tongued even then, took shit from no one and we loved her to death.

We all remained just friends until eighth grade when Rose and Emmett became boyfriend and girlfriend and then in 10th grade Alice and Edward started dating. I didn't mind that they were all paired up now since I had met my girlfriend the year before on the first day of high school.

Jessica and I dated all four years. She was never really accepted by Rose or Alice and maybe I should have seen that as a sign, but at the time I was a high school kid and she was hot. By the time we graduated I loved her and I was happy.

When college started Jessica and I went to the University of Texas, it was where my entire family had gone and had always been expected that I would go as well and since Jessica was going to be there it wasn't really a choice. However, Edward and the rest of the gang had always planned to go to UGA, since it had some of the best programs in the country.

I had a full class load all through my freshman year, but I made sure that there was plenty of time to spend with Jessica and if we didn't have class we were together.

Valentine's Day of sophomore year I proposed and was thrilled when she said yes. We decided that we would wait until we graduated before getting married and I couldn't have been happier, but the happiness only last for two more months.

Spring break of that year she went on a trip with her sorority sisters. Two days after she came back to school she called, couldn't even have the decency to do it face to face, and told me that it was over. She said she wanted to see what else was out there and she was too young to be tied down. Two days later I saw her walking across campus hand in hand with some guy.

When I confronted her she finally admitted that she'd met him while on her trip and they had slept together. I was pissed off and heartbroken.

The rest of that year I threw myself into school work. When summer came I decided to take summer classes and combined with the class load I had my junior year I would have been able to graduate early and had even made the decision to do that, but all that changed when my mom became worried and stepped in, calling my friends for help. They came home in mass and forced me to see that I wasn't getting the college experience I should be.

After a lot of discussion I finally gave in to their pleas to come to UGA my senior year instead of going ahead and graduating. I sent in my request of transfer and heard back before the end of the year.

I spent the summer hanging out with my mom and dad. Between all the classes I'd taken and Jessica I hadn't been doing my son duties as well as I should have and since I was their only child I felt it was a good thing. We did make one trip to Athens to get my apartment and for me to get signed up for my classes.

I had a pretty light schedule. Since I had majored in education with an emphasis on history and needed nothing else for that degree I decided to just expand my education with Civil War, Medieval, and Art History classes.

Hearing the pilot announce our immanent arrival I pulled myself back to where I was and made sure I had everything ready for when we got to the gate. Thirty minutes later I was grabbing my carryon and making my way off the plane. As I walked toward baggage claim and my friends I came to a decision. This year I was going to let everything with Jessica go, just have fun and enjoy the rest of my college career.


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