" Master Skywalker, I'm scared..." The young lad -- he looked no older than five or six, stood alone in the centre of the chamber, but Anakin could sense several more hiding behind the chairs and at the sides. he didn't give them an answer, but went straight on to what had to be done.

There was snap/hiss of his lightabre activating, the brilliant light filled the room and cast his face into an almost demon-like appearance. The youngling backed away now, fear on his face, the knowledge slowly dawning on him that Anakin wasn't here to help.

Truly it would be for the best, thought the Jedi-turned Sith as he stalked forwards, blade raising to attack position. The jedi had betrayed the Republic and these youths had been tainted by their lies. Truly then, a straight death would be better than anything else on offer. He was doing them a favour, really, and his Master had been very exact -- every single Jedi, Knights, Masters and Apprentices, had to be killed.

The boy stumbled back, falling, full blown terror in his eyes as Anakin slashed downwards, the hissing of the blade almost alike a beast crying for blood. Thus was the hold of the Jedi broken, thus, were the Sith victorious --

Suddenly, an intense pressure in the Force filled the room and Anakin winced, his strike missed and the boy scrambled back behind the chairs. Fool, it wouldn't save him-- except, now someone was walking out of the shadows of the far wall and it wasn't a child. How he could have got there, Anakin had no clue but it was clearly an adult -- no Jedi he had ever seen had been clothed like this -- his torso was bare, a red cloak fell from his shoulders, his hair was blue and he sported a pair of sunglasses. He carried a scabbard in one hand.

Judging by his Force presence, this man was no Jedi. Anakin moved to the guard position, frowning, " Who are you and what are you doing here?"

The man scowled, " How dare you try to attack helpless kids! Guess you didn't expect me to arrive then! The strong-backed demon of Jehha Village, founder of the Dai-Gurren Brigade! A man who's burning fist must always exceed his grasp! Many call me --"

As the man went on , it dawned on Anakin that now was his chance, with rapid movements, his draw his blade and slashed downwards, intending to cut the man in two as he spoke, but the man saw it coming and his eyes glinted. Anakin expected him to dodge backwards away from the attack and was already preparing a second strike that would kill him if he did, so it was something of a shock when the man leapt forwards into the attack! Barely avoiding the lightsabre, the man's hand flew to the scabbard and he drew a sword -- not a lightsabre, vibroblade or anything of that nature, but an honest to goodness blade! An it was massive, it was impossible that it could have fitted into the scabbard but it had, and with a single leap, the man struck at the Sith.

Anakin moved to the right and avoided the attack -- barely -- but it was close, this man was fast. The two swords -- one glowing, a powerful weapon hissing with power, the other metal, but somehow larger than it should be, struck again, Anakin knew that he could slice the other's weapon apart but apparently the man did too, because he was always careful to avoid touching the blade of the lightsabre.

The two circled and then, Anakin darted towards him, the lightsabre blurred as he swung it with all his might, but the man had been ready, he ducked aside and countered, Anakin dodged again but this time, the man had sliced a light wound into his side, clamping down on the pain, Anakin used it to feed his connection to the Dark Side.

" Who are you?" He growled again.

The man smirked, his sunglasses glinted and he charged, " Who the hell do you think I am?!"

The battle began in earnest.