AN: In the middle of the angst of my new story, this popped in my head. Decided that if any story could use a kinky little epilogue, "Fine" was it! Warning: this is very, very graphic. MUCH more than chapter 5. Proceed with caution... As always, I don't own a thing.

Everything was set. It was all glorious. She wanted it to be perfect for him; he was her perfect love, after all.

She knew the minute he walked in the door that plans needed to change, that all bets were off. He had tension absolutely radiating off of him. The stress of the last case caused his beautiful brow to knit, and his eyes had very little sparkle left. Plus, he had a meeting with the brass that she knew he hated. He never wanted to spend any more time with Strauss and her cronies than he had to. She watched him shrug off his coat, toss it on the bench in the entryway, and flip off his shoes.

Nope. This simply won't do, she thought. Tonight was very special: his mood needed to change, and quickly.

He walked over to where she was standing in the living room. He dropped a quick kiss on her lips, then yanked his soft Henley shirt over his head. "I'm going to take a shower." But before he could take a step away, she held onto him by a few of the belt loops on his Levi's.

He turned to look at her, smiling for the first time today, a questioning look on his face. "Baby, what is going on in that clever mind of yours?"

They made love.

"Happy birthday, hot stuff," she said, winking saucily at him before standing up. "Now get showered before everyone gets here." She went to turn away, but he halted her this time.

"Uh-uh, sweetheart," he said, dragging her against his chest, kissing her hard. Now she was the one shivering. "Not unless you get in there with me. And remember: paybacks are a bitch."

His wicked smile as he lead her into the shower let her know, she was in for a very wild ride. And indeed, everything was going to be just fine.

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