The Succession

Summary: Jareth has no interest in becoming the goblin King, which is more than fine with the goblins as they have no intentions of letting him!

A hint of a Harry Potter crossover, but mainly Labyrinth orientated


A very long time ago

A King stood on a battle field, bloodied but triumphant. His Weapons Master stood stoically at his side as he gazed around the field at the dead and dying. His army stood at his back and he waited as any goblin who could still stand upright struggled to rejoin them. No one made a move to help; any who fell behind would be left behind, as was goblin tradition.

A dying soldier using the last of his strength swung at the King's back with his sword. The Weapons Master took him down, but an instant later, but it was too late.

The goblins howled en masse, feeling the bonds between King and subjects wither away. The Weapons Master stared dispassionately at the dying King, annoyed at his own carelessness.

Time passed.

A King snarled as he tasted bitter defeat at the hands of his enemies. His people had failed him and now lay dead around him. He could expect no mercy from the enemy, would have expected none in any case. Regardless, he would not die unforgotten. He was Gree the merciless, his appetites for both blood and death would surely remain unsurpassed.

Far away, in distant lands, the goblins howled.

Time passed.

A King watched as his enemies were defeated and the castle set alight. His prisoners knelt before him and he leered at the young girl, "take that one to my quarters."

The guard bowed.

The Weapons Master shifted subtly behind him. The man was uneasy, disapproved of the King's various appetites, but was relieved that at least this time he hadn't chosen a mindless beast. The King was mad he knew, everyone knew, they could feel the madness in every part of the bonds. It made them a little mad too, for as the people affected the King, so the King affected the people. Regardless, he would be obeyed and they would remain loyal.

Time passed.