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I ran, I didn't know what else to do. They had killed them. My unit was dead. What was I supposed to do? As my feet pounded the ground I contemplated it all hoping I could find someone like me. But where? I was close to Seattle, maybe there, yes there. I would look in Seattle. Suddenly there was a click and before I knew what I heard, a gunshot fired from behind me. It hit me, too far below my heart to do much damage but I fell to the ground. I realized, of course the normals wouldn't hit me in the heart, they wanted me to bleed out. To suffer. In the distance there was the sound of an engine but I had already begun to slip into unconsciousness, so I didn't care.

I was first aware of the pain. You don't feel pain when you're dead right? My stomach dropped, I wasn't dead so they were going to torture me. The nausea that suddenly swept over me was powerful, but it also caused me to listen to the voices around me, they were arguing but in light, almost joking voices.

"You're an idiot, she's X5." said a female voice.

"Nope too young, she's X6." argued a male voice. Why did they care what generation I was? How did they know?

"She doesn't look any younger than me, stupid." said the female again.

My head spun again and the nausea overcame me. As I opened my eyes I heard "She's gonna blow!" Before a bucket was placed underneath me and I was sick. When it was over I noticed there was four people around me, two males and two females. One of the females was looking at a male in concern while the other was in the arms of the other male. The concerned female, a long haired brunette with dark oval eyes and olive skin, was the first to address me.

"Hi," she said cautiously "I'm Max. This is Dr. Carr, who's taking care of you." she said pointing to the older male who I could tell wasn't from Manticore, but was the one she had looked to in concern. She also wasn't the one arguing with the male about what generation I was, that was the other one, also a brunette but her hair had subtle waves that Max's didn't and her eyes were a strange gray gold and green. The female noticed my eyes on her and she gave a small smile.

"I'm Sarah, this is Alec." she said pointing to the attractive male with light brunette color to his hair and green eyes who had his arm around her. These two were the ones who had argued over what generation I was. I realized, with a jolt of shock that Sarah was right when she had said I wasn't any younger than she was. They stared at me as I put all this together in my head as if waiting for a response.

"X5-423." I mumbled.

"You don't have a normal name?" Alec blurted and Max shot him an angry look. "Well, we've been out of Manticore for what? A year now?"

"We'll just have to give you one." Max said. I was watching the conversation hoping to figure out who was in charge, I finally settled with Max. The pain in my ribs was becoming more annoying by the second so I looked at Max.

"Where am I?" was the most important question I needed to ask before I passed out from pain.

"Terminal City, in the X generation part. Don't wonder too far east or you'll end up in with the Treshumans and they don't really like visitors... well, other than Max and Alec that is." said Sarah, rather cheerfully.

"Well, I don't think 423 will be wandering much, she's lucky to be alive." Dr. Carr interrupted. Max snorted in protest at the use of my designation.

"But I like to wander." I said. Suddenly there was a voice at the door that gave a low rumbling suggestion.

"Call her Farren, it means wanderer." it was too dark to match the voice with a face but Alec rolled his eyes and mumbled something like "Know-it-all" under his breath. The room was lighted with a circular ceiling light hanging on a chain. In the minimal light it gave off I could see the barrel of a gun point at Alec. My breath froze in my chest but Alec just snorted.

"Mole knock it off, you're scaring her." Max said impatiently. For some reason I took offense to that. So what? I was younger than her but I was from Manticore too.

"I'm not scared." I said defensively. "And I like that name, Farren. That can be my name."

Max looked at me, as if to size me up. "All right Farren, welcome to Freak Nation."

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