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I awoke with the barrel of Mole's shotgun in my face. "Good morning Sleepin' Beauty." he said through his thick cigar. I was back in the room I had been sharing with Sarah.

"Morning Mole." I said with a weak smile, "Is this how you wake up everyone who passes out?"

"Not usually." he mumbled was a short pause where a look passed between us. Something was wrong. "Mole what's going on?"

"You tell us." It was Alec's voice that said this.

"Is it a crime to get drunk?" I asked sarcastically. I kept one eye on the gun as I looked over at him, his face was hard, stressed even. He was also alone. "Where'r Sarah and Max?"

"Bringing Logan." he stated shortly. I slowly sat up, Mole's gun following my every move."Why? What's wrong?" I asked, a little frightened now. Was I badly sick? I looked Alec in the eye. "Please Alec. What's going on?" I repeated the question anxiously.

"You honestly don't know?" he said, seeming a little surprised. This startled me. It was definitely something I should know."I don't, really."

As I said this Logan walked in followed closely by Max, Sarah, and bless his soul, stopped the moment he saw me and said a "Whoa" that was quickly repeated by Joshua. Then he was quickly at my side, pushing through Mole and inspecting my neck. I saw Max cock a hip to one side impatiently. I was quiet, thinking this was some kind of medical exam. After five minutes or so Logan straightened up and Max sighed. "Well?"

"Well, they're definitely the same language as yours but I'll need to look at the translations to know what they mean." he said.

"Excuse me?" I said, thoroughly confused. "What the Hell are you talking about?"

"You have the Runes." he stated matter-of-fact-ly.

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