Chapter Five: Cameron makes her Move.

"Is it my turn now?" Cameron asked tentatively, stroking her hand down the older woman's side lovingly as she stared down into the woman's eyes.

"I suppose that it is," Sarah replied as she lay on her back next to Cameron. The woman turned her head slightly so that she was able to press her lips against the column of Cameron's throat.

The Terminator purred, and then paused confused at what made her give out that sound but when she saw Sarah's smile at the words she smiled instead. "I love you," She whispered softly at the raven haired woman. "I don't fully understand what those words mean but I know that is the feeling I have for you."

"And I for you," Sarah replied softly trailing her hand up Cameron's arm and then cupping the girl's cheek with it. "You are beautiful, you know that don't you."

"The boys at school call me 'hot' all the time," Cameron offered as if it was an answer to Sarah's question.

"I bet they do." Sarah replied with a short laugh as she stared affectionately into Cameron's eyes. "You are a very beautiful woman Cameron; don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise."

"I'll try," The brunette replied turning onto her side fully so that she could look down into Sarah's eyes, "You are beautiful too."

The raven haired woman just laughed softly taking the brunette's bottom lip within her own and kissing the girl soundly. Cameron took this as a sign that Sarah agreed that it was her turn and rolled over so that she was straddling the older woman's hips. The girl broke the kiss to trail her lips down Sarah's throat tasting the older woman's skin beneath her tongue.

Sarah moaned as Cameron sucked on her pulse point, the Terminator's teeth scraped over her skin and bit down leaving impressions of the woman's neck from where her teeth were. The brunette's hands trailed up Sarah's sides until they were cupping the woman's bare breasts, the girl's thumbs caressing the hard buds softly as she worked the woman's breasts. Cameron's lips wasted no time on the older woman's throat as she kissed, licked and bit down to the woman's right breast, taking the nipple into her mouth and sucking on it lovingly.

Sarah's hands grasped Cameron's head to hold her where she was as she felt the sparks of pleasure working their way up and down her throat. "Cameron," The older woman moaned in a low tone as her head tilted to the side so that she could see what the brunette was doing.

Cameron smirked at the tone at which the woman moaned and she pulled away from Sarah's nipple to look up into the woman's eyes, Sarah's hands on her neck did nothing to hold the brunette down being that she was a Terminator. "I love you," Cameron murmured softly before pressing her lips down to the valley between Sarah's breasts and then across to her other nipple.

Cameron took the woman's nipple into her mouth and ran her tongue around it before she bit down on the woman's nipple and sucked it into her mouth flicking her tongue over the hard bud and purring at the reactions from Sarah's body.

The raven haired woman's hands pressed down on the top of Cameron's head as she futilely tried to get the girl to go lower, though with the difference in their strength meant that Cameron didn't move anywhere. The brunette's lips stayed attached to Sarah's breast on which she nibbled softly tasting the woman on her tongue.

"Please Cameron," Sarah begged as her back arched, and she pressed down on the top of Cameron's head again trying to get the girl to go lower.

"What do you want me to do?" Cameron asked as she pulled away from Sarah's breast and leaned up to press her lips against Sarah's.

"I want you between my legs," Sarah moaned softly, "I want you to make me come."

Cameron smiled at Sarah's words and proceeded to kiss and lick her way down so that she was between Sarah's legs. "You mean like this?" The girl teased as she placed a kiss on Sarah's folds.

"Just like that," Sarah moaned breathily as her hips bucked up into Cameron's face, "Please Cameron."

The girl in question parted Sarah's fold with her tongue and found the older woman's clit easily with her tongue as it throbbed hard as Sarah grew more and more aroused. "You taste so good." Cameron moaned softly.

"As do you," Sarah replied arching her back into Cameron's face.

Cameron didn't pay attention to the raven haired woman's words and instead moved to press her tongue deeper between Sarah's pussy lips, flicking her tongue along them and finding that sweet taste that she knew was purely Sarah and nothing else. The girl searched deeper within Sarah's cunt looking for her opening as well, so that she could fuck it like Sarah had done to her.

When she finally found it her tongue slipped inside the wide opening with no problem surprising both Cameron and Sarah. The brunette gave a moan as she felt her tongue slipping instead Sarah's passage, and then Sarah tightening around it at the intrusion before she relaxed again now used to Cameron being instead her.

"Please," The raven haired woman moaned softly, "Please Cameron fuck me."

The Terminator pulled away from Sarah slightly only to press her tongue back in deeper, flicking the tip of it around inside Sarah to stimulate the woman's cunt. Cameron's teeth scraped over Sarah's clit as she moved her tongue deep inside the older woman's cunt, feeling her walls tighten and relax.

"Please, Cameron, use your fingers." The raven haired woman begged incoherently as her hips bucked up into Cameron's face.

The Terminator pulled her tongue out of the woman and studied her face for a moment, finally agreeing with what the older woman asked her to do as she positioned two of her fingers at Sarah's entrance. Just as the Terminator thrust her fingers inside her also took Sarah's clit into her mouth once again and sucked on it hard flicking it with her tongue in time to the thrusts of her fingers.

Cameron timed her movements exactly so that Sarah felt the full extent of her movements. Twisting her fingers a little inside Sarah Cameron searched for the spot that would throw her over the edge, the spot which Sarah had found within her. She knew when she had found it by the loud moan that came from the back of Sarah's throat and the way that the woman's back arched completely off the bed.

"God Cameron," The woman moaned loudly bucking her hips into Cameron's fingers, her hands reaching down to grip the girl's long brown locks and keep the girl's head exactly where it was.

The brunette moved harder and faster inside the older woman, pressing her tongue hard against the woman's clit as her fingers pounded against Sarah's g-spot. "Come for me Sarah," She whispered softly as she stared up into Sarah's green eyes.

Almost as if she had been waiting for Cameron to say those words Sarah tightened around her fingers and bucked hard into the girl's face for a moment before her back arched and her body stilled. A loud moan was ripped from Sarah's throat in the form of Cameron's name.

A couple of minutes after her back had arched Sarah collapsed back onto the bed and Cameron's fingers stopped moving within the woman. "I love you," The Terminator whispered as she kissed up Sarah's stomach to her face before pressing her lips lovingly against Sarah's.

"I love you too," Sarah whispered tiredly wrapping her arms around Cameron's neck and kissing her lovingly.

"You should sleep," The Terminator replied softly, circling her arms around Sarah's waist and holding her to her chest.

"Stay?" Sarah asked tiredly.

"I will," Cameron promised, smiling down at her lover.