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Geth342: OK, i promised to put this up around 2 months ago. And i intended to do it too! Then i realised i had work and ... yeah. But here it is: the side piece to Sponsors and Game Over. Sadly this and one other story may be my last pieces ever.

Anyhow, there will be one update a day, hopefully. Each mentor has been asked, in some form, the same question and these are the first things they thought. Credit goes to Be Nice To Nerds for the idea. Please, feel free to criticise or give me advice about law, and please, enjoy!


1) Marvel Hoffman – District One (Boy)

Question: The Games begin in just a few hours. What do you think of the tribute(s) you mentored this year?

I have mentored many of the tributes from District 1 and I have to say: this boy is nothing special. Just like every male tribute from here – probably like I was – he craves power and glory.

Marvel is a strong boy; skilled and smart. He's talented. He can use a weapon. He has a reason to return home – parents, two sisters, friends. He's high in the ranks of possible winners. He's got a lot of sponsors.

So give me a different story!

I won't deny that I like him. After all, he's quite funny, determined and not a completely spoilt brat. He could win. But there is nothing, nothing at all, which distinguishes him from Glimmer or Zita or Kornel in terms of the Hunger Games. Nothing which really marks him out from the Careers. Not like District 2.

Because, at the end of the day, he is nothing more than one more determined volunteer from District 1.