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Geth342: Last one. I had fun writing these in uni and actually typing them in my holidays and I hope you all enjoyed them too. Thanks to everyone who favourited this, put it on alert, gave me a review or simply read along! You're all amazing. I have been given another idea to do with the 24 tributes which I like but I doubt i'll have time to do any fanfics until summer. Still, it's been cool so, for the last time: here it is and i hope you enjoy!

This mentor is from CF.

24) Katniss Everdeen – District Twelve (Girl)

Question: The Games begin in just a few hours. What do you think of the tribute(s) you mentored this year?

She would be angry at me for saying it but out of everyone I've ever mentored, Katniss isn't the tribute who I would think most likely to win. Dan Root from the fifty-third Games has that 'honour'. Sure, Katniss is strong, smart and brave – talented enough to get that eleven – but she is also emotionally blind, cold and bitter. She's the sort of person who will go into that arena, lose her mind and die.

So I don't think the girl knows how damn lucky she is that Peeta has given up his life for her. Hopefully, the boy will have some skills which can save her. I'll certainly need the help. I don't think she deserves him or his life though; I respect Katniss for how she's lived and doing this well, even if she did need Peeta's help, but I don't have to like her. And I don't.

Maybe I'm being too harsh on her. Like I said, she's brave and resourceful. Look hard enough and me calling her 'sweetheart' might even have some truth in it. She'll always fight back and I think there may be morals somewhere. But you wanted to know what sort of person she is. Everyone knows I'm too drunk to tell you the right answer. So think about this and answer it yourself.

The Games haven't officially started yet.

Katniss Everdeen has already killed one tribute.