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Chapter 1: Rise of the Chimera…

The situation was bleak. The DA six was captured in the 'acting headmistress's' office, Umbridge was about to Crucio him, the Inquisitorial Squad had all of his possible help in various submission holds, that bastard Snape just left them hanging, and Sirius was getting tortured in the Department of Mysteries.

Hermione was about to speak but Harry interrupted when a sudden idea popped in his head.

"But Harry, let me take care of…"

A rage has built up in Harry Potter that has filled him to the core. This stupid muggle-born was interfering for the last time. "For once in your life Hermione, SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

Hermione was startled by the outrage and began to sob quietly.

"Since you really want to know, I might as well do what need to be done. I will tell you why we are in here." At the distrustful look in Umbridge's eyes he decided she needed convincing.

"I, Harry James Potter swear on my magic everything that I am about to tell you is the truth." The gasps and horrified looks on faces of the DA six helped his plan unknowingly. "I am trying to contact a member of the order of the phoenix to warn them of a Death Eater attack in the Department of Mysteries. I also have reason to believe that Sirius Black is on the scene as well along with several escaped Deatheaters. They are in the Department Of Mysteries trying to find some weapon. Of which I assume must be information because they are in the Prophecy Hall."

"Do you take me for a fool, Potter? Trying to disturb the Ministry again with your lies, Potter? I almost wish those Dementors I sent over the summer actually did finish you." Umbridge sneered.

Pushing the Dementors comment aside, He decided to put her in her place. "I made a magical oath. Now the ball is in your hands. Option A: you send Aurors to the DOM and avoid a Death eater act and possibly capture Sirius Black, and be held a hero and if by some small chance I am wrong about the death eater attack them you have sufficient evidence to put me in the loony bin for the rest of my life, finishing what Fudge started over the Summer. Or option B: You can not send Aurors and wait to tomorrow and see that the DOM has been ransacked, dishonoring you because I told you of the attack, discrediting the ministry even further due to the apparent lack of security, which I don't think you nor Fudge will remain in office for long if this theft goes down without a hitch."

The air almost froze as Harry was speaking, and with each word Delores Umbridge's face went from gleeful to pale in an almost comical 2 seconds.

Forgetting to punish the DA member's, She quickly shooed everyone outside so she can floo call the Minister about a certain Death Eater attack in the DOM.

In the Hall with the DA Six

Hermione looked thru her red eyes at Harry. His gambit silenced everyone present. Reflecting on it, it was genius. He just effectively sent aurors after the Voldemort and a band of death eaters under the guise of it being Sirius Black without actually saying Sirius hand anything to do with it. Tomorrow, the wizarding world would be in shock at the actions caused by his gambit…

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