Author's Note: There's just not enough detail into how Kevin went from being a freaking scary as hell little kid to being a bad boy with semi-good intentions teenager. So I'm writing this to explore it. I doubt heavily there will be any romance written into here, and Ben and Gwen won't be showing up for a while. I am preemptively warning people.

Years had begun to fade into one another. How much time exactly had passed, how many years he'd been here, Kevin didn't know. He sat up and cracked his neck before stretching out his stiff back. Sleeping in a cave was no picnic, but it was still his best option.

He knew he'd been there years. How many was uncertain, but as time had passed by his body had slowly returned to normalcy. Only it was no longer an awkward preteen body. Once he'd finally turned back all the way, he was greeted by a skinny yet somehow muscular and strangely teenaged human body. From that alone, he guessed he'd been in the Null Void for at least three years.

His stomach growled its protest – he'd not eaten for nearly a week by this time. Sometimes he'd help others hunt down a Null guardian, but he hadn't seen members of his typical hunting party in at least a month (which was not a good sign. Kevin figured all or most must have died by now), and a Null guardian was not the sort of thing one hunted on their own.

He sighed, picking up a rock and absorbing it. After his body had returned, he found himself wary of energy absorption. Materials, especially organic ones, seemed far safer. He hadn't had any issues changing himself back so far.

Kevin threw the rock to the side, staring out from his cave at the vastness of the Null void. He'd been exploring since he'd gotten there, and even after all this time, he was sure he hadn't seen everything there. Certainly not what he most hoped to find – an entrance back to Earth.

He bit his lip, nearly drawing blood. As soon as he got his hands on Ben Tennyson, he was going to rip him to shreds. It was all his fault that Kevin was stuck here. That he spent every day fighting for his life, that he was even more alone than he'd been in New York.

"How'd you get that?" Kevin cocked his head in the direction he heard a voice coming from. It was coming from a plateau jutting out from the cliff his cave was perched on top of. He crept forward, watching.

An alien was holding up items, showing them to another alien, presumably his friend. The first few items were of little interest to Kevin at this point (stealing gold from anyone who had it was a common pastime in the Null Void, but Kevin was smart enough to realize it would do them no good here. It was just another reason for some other criminal to kill you.), but the final two items, an apple and a loaf of bread, were much more valuable to Kevin. His stomach growled again.

Kevin sized up his opponents. They were both small, but he didn't know what their race was. As such, he didn't know what their abilities were. Deciding it was worth it, he threw himself off the cliff, bending his knees as he landed in between the aliens.

"Hello. I'll be taking that," Kevin gestured towards the food.

The alien thief clutched it closer to himself. "And just who do you think you are?"

Kevin smirked. "I'm Kevin Elevin. Now hand it over."

The thief took a step back. "You….but…" He gulped. "I didn't think they'd send Plumbers here. I didn't want to steal it, I….I'm sorry, Mr. Levin, here, take it, I…I don't want to know what they do to anyone who's already imprisoned in the Null void…what could be worse than this place?"

Kevin greedily snatched the food, and took a bite out of the apple. He paused. Had he not just heard the alien refer to him as "Mr. Levin"? How could the alien have known his last name? "You said something about the Plumbers," Kevin's eyes narrowed, "What do they have to do with me?"

The alien exchanged glances with his friend. "But…surely you're Devon Levin's son?"

Kevin choked, and smacked himself on the chest a few times. The apple dislodged from his throat and he weakly croaked out "Yeah…but how did you know him?" Kevin had never met his father. He only knew the name because he'd found his birth certificate. His mother had rarely talked about him, and refused to say anything else after she'd remarried.

"He was the one who imprisoned Jak-Jak," the alien explained. He smiled, a plan clearly coming to mind. "So I guess you'll be returning my food, before I tell him where to find his greatest enemy's son. I'm sure he'd love to use you to get to your father."

Kevin rolled his eyes and took a bite out of the bread merely to spite the alien. "Ain't gonna do you any good. He's dead. And now you're going to tell me how you got this stuff. There has to be an entrance back to Earth…"

"I'm not telling you," the alien hissed, glaring pointedly at the bread. "But I think I'll still tell ole Jak-Jak. With your old man being dead, maybe he'll take his anger out on you."

"Oh I'm so worried," Kevin said sarcastically, with a careless wave of his hand. "You tell Jackie that I can take him any day of the week," Kevin took another chunk of bread and wolfed it down, throwing the end at the alien he'd been conversing with. It hit him in the head. "There. You can finish the apple, too, I'm done with it." Kevin cracked his knuckles and began climbing down the cliff, trying to trick the aliens into thinking that that's where his home was.

But the other alien, the one who'd quietly watched rather than get involved remembered very clearly that Kevin had descended upon their meal, and that his home lurked above where they were now.

"This information will be valuable to Jak-Jak," He told his friend. "He may even help us find the location of the portal out of this hell hole."

"My thoughts exactly."