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(Quil POV)

God, I felt like hell. My head hurt like someone is sticking needles in it. I couldn't stop coughing, and my throat was on fire. So yeah, I definitly felt like hell. I just wanted to roll over and die. Dammit, I even threw up all the food I ate. So yeah,
Depression + Illness = Dead but still Alive. Now doesn't that suck? I wish Embry was here. I remember when he was sick. I held him on my lap, he cuddled into my chest. Dammit, I loved it when he did that. He's so damn adorable. No matter what he did to me, I just can't hate him for it. Cute fucker.

I needed him. I need to see his smile again. His beautiful light brown eyes. I need to hold him again. And I really need to kiss him again. Like I said, I can't everbe mad at Embry, the sexy, innocent, adorable... Yeah, I could go on all night. So I will just blame the stupid cult that took him away from me. I hated them with such a fucking passion, it put the devil to shame. God, when the hell am I gonna get better? If I wasn't so sick and tired, I would of punched something.

About 4 Days Later...

Mmmm, finally! I can move without my whole body aching! I really needed to get out of this house. Since Jake got sucked in that fucking cult, I am alone. I'll just go to the First beach I guess. I grabbed a sweatshirt and headed outside. I walked, it wasn't that far of a walk. When I got there, I sat on large piece of driftwood. I heard footsteps. I looked up, and I saw Sam, his cult and... him.And he looked dead and depressed. Was he ven happy with that fucking cult. I hated them. I hated the cult. All of a sudden I started shaking and I couldn't stop. When I stood up I fell to the sand. I heard footsteps come closer to me. I felt pain spread through my whole body. I felt my bones move inside me.

After a minute or two, I felt myself on four legs. I looked up and saw 5 other wolves. One had a white tip on its tail. He seemed familiar.

Welcome to pack, Quil. Was- Was that Sam? In my head?

Yes, Your one of us now...

And he explained everything. And my response was...


And when I found about imprinting, and me, and Embry showed me what happened to him when I yelled at him, my response was...

Double shit.

They left me and Embry alone after Sam explained everything. We phased back and threw on some pants.

"Embry?" I started.

He looked up. Damn, there were those amazing puppy eyes.

"God Embry, I am so, so, so sorry. Sorry doesn't even cover it, I just-"

"It's okay Quil. I understand. I wish I could've told you, I just couldn't. I'm sorry." he said, looking down. I walked towards him and pulled him in a tight embrace. I was taller than him, so I had to lean down to whisper in his ear,

"Baby, you have nothing to be sorry about. I shouldn't have told you those horrible things. I didn't mean them." I finnished. He looked up, and all of his pent up pain, came out as tears. I squeezed him tighter. I sat down on the sand and pulled him in my lap. I held him like I would never let him go. And I wasn't. I kissed away his tears. Then I kissed his soft lips. It's been way to long. I slid my tong in his mouth, and explored every inch. We kept it up, until he pulled away gasping for air. I gently kissed his neck, occasionally sucking and leaving faint marks. He would have to get used to it. He was mine now. And I was his.

"I love you Quil." he said while looking in my eyes.

"I love you, Embry, I always have, and always will. " I pulled him impossibly closer. "Your my little softy, you know that?" I said. He blushed and snuggled closer to my chest. He was adorable and sexy at the same time. I laughed at his blush, which only made him blush harder. I decided to stop before the poor guy turned more red than a tomato. Even if he did look cute. I ran my hand through his silky black hair. I kissed his temple. I was never ever going to let my baby go. He buried his face in my neck. We were quiet. I listened to his heart beat.

I traced his body with my finger. I started at his neck, and slowly moved to his chest. I traced his perfectly sculpted abs. I moved sideways and drew circles on his hips. Then I moved to his abdomen. Then moved my finger even lower to his pant line. I smirked when I heard his heart beat faster. I traced his pant line. I was wondering what he would do if I went further. I knew he was shy, and I didn't wanna make him uncomfortable. I went extremely slow and moved further down. I saw a blush rise from his neck, and felt his face heat up. He tensed and squirmed slightly, and I knew he was getting uncomfortable. I mentally slapped myself.

Way to go, Quil! You haven't even been with him for an hour, and you've already made him uncomfortable!!! I mentally yelled at myself. I moved my hand upwards until he started to relax his muscles. I kissed his cheek, hoping he would understand the apology. He snuggled further into me, and I knew I was forgiven. I squeezed him tighter, and inhaled his scent. He smelled like honey. It was amazing. I memorized the scent and kissed his neck. I then moved to his lips. This time, I let him explore my mouth. I moved my hand around his body. I squeezed the small of his back. As much as I wanted to squeeze his amazing , perfect ass I knew it might make him uncomfortable. He was such a shy guy. I loved it. My hands itched to squeeze his ass, so I squeezed his midsection even tighter. He started kissing my neck.

Damn he wasn't making this easy. I squeezed even tighter. He started sucking my neck. I let out a moan. I squeezed impossibly tighter.

"Ow, Q-Quil, your hurting me." he whimpered quietly. Shit! I immediately loosened my hold on his midsection and saw bruises that were already healing.

"Baby, I'm so sorry." I quickly amended. I felt an overwhelming amount of guilt. What kind of imprint am I?

"It's ok. I know you didn't mean it." he said, giving me a small smile. I gave a weak smile, and looked down at the bruises. Even though they will heal, I hurt my own imprint. Wow, that puts me at the top of 'I'm An Ass' list. My baby was way to forgiving. He was sweet and innocent. But he was still amazingly hot. I loved him. And I will never hurt him again. Mentally or physically.

"It's alright, really. Don't worry. Forgive and forget." he said. Damn, he was an angel. I gave a small smile and kissed him. He rested his head on my chest. I played with a strand of his short cropped hair. I looked down. His eyes were drooping, and I knew he was tired. Now that I realize it so am I.

"Baby?" I asked

"Hmmm" he hummed tiredly.

"Why don't we go to my house. I'm tired." I said.


I stood up, pulling him with me. We started to walk. I wrapped my arm around his waist, not too tight though. He just leaned his head against me. I hope we make it to my house before he passes out. Then I would have to carry him. Not that I would mind, but we would get alot of stares. Hey, in small towns, just holding hands would probably get us a whole crowd. After a while I basically supported all of his weight. Damn, when's the last time he slept.

When we were inside my house, I just decided to carry him. I picked him up bridal style and went up to my room. When I got there he was already fast asleep in my arms. I stood there for a few minutes, and stared at the sleeping angel. He looked so peacful. I set him down gently on my bed, under the covers and I slid in with him. He snuggled close to my chest as if I was going to leave. I gave him a reassuring squeeze and kissed his forehead.

As if I would ever leave him. Never again.

I stayed up for a while. I listened to the rain, and his calm heart beat. His heart beat was music to my ears. I was completely at peace right now. I traced a random pattern on his arm. I saw a slight smile appear in his lips. He turned on his other side so his back was to me. I scooted closer, and wrapped my arm around his waist and squeezed, never letting go. I buried my face in his hair and drifted off to sleep.

(Embry POV)

I woke up. I tried to stretch, but I couldn't. Two big strong arms had my in an iron grip. Seriously, how does Quil fall asleep like that? I really didn't mind. I did manage to turn around and face him, then he squeezed me again. I burried my face in his neck. He woke up and kissed me on the lips. He didn't stop. He started to kiss me roughly. It was amazing. Then all of a sudden he was on top of me. His hands explored my body, but the they reached my pant line. Then they moved lower and I realized they weren't gonna stop. I squirmed under him, hoping he would get the message that I wasn't ready that. Hey, I was shy, don't judge me!

He moved off of me.

"Sorry baby. Didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." he murmured. I kissed him, to let him know all was forgiven, he returned the kiss and pulled me closer. We pulled apart, gasping for air. He pulled me onto his lap. I inhaled his scent. It was minty mixed with the smell of the forest. It was mesmerizing. I relaxed in his arms and let my head rest on his chest like always. I listened to the beating of his heart. His heart and my heart now beat in sync. He leaned back, bringing me with him. I traced circles on his chest. I felt him play with my hair.

After about a half an hour we heard a howl. Oh Yeah! He and I had patrol. We got out of bed and headed outside. We tied our shorts to our ankles and phased. We took off separate ways to do separate perimeters.

Baby? I heard him think.


Can I ask you a question?

Sure. I replied.

Um, don't laugh, ok?

Uh, sure.

How do make puppy eyes eyes so well?

I barked a laugh.

Well, It comes naturally to me, I guess.

Hm. That's it?

Um, Yes?

Hm, you have beautiful eyes baby.

I blushed through my fur.

And your adorable when you blush. I love you, my little softy.

T-Thank you. Most people would find it embarrassing, but I liked it when he called me his litle softy. I am a softy I guess. I can't help it. After we finished our shift, we met up on some cliff on the edge of the forest, away from the beach. When we met up, he nuzzled me with his snout. I returned the favor. He laid down on his side and called me over. I curled my wolf form into his wolf form with my back to him. He draped a large paw over my torso. He rested his head on top of mine so mine was tucked under his furry neck. I sighed happily. There were waves crashing below us. Both of our minds were silent, just enjoying being with each other. And I was certain he wasn't going to leave ever.

Baby? he asked


I will never leave you. You know that, right?

Yes, I do now. I'm you little softy, right? I asked almost shyly.

Of course. I love you baby. Nothing's ever gonna change that. Even if we didn't imprint. Your always gonna be my little softy, Embry. Always. Where the last words I heard before we drifted off, perfectly content.

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