Just a little Christmas Callian-ness… tis the season after all ;-)

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All I want for Christmas

"Good morning," Gillian greeted Cal, smiling at the grumpy look on his face. "You can smile, you know. Tis the season to be jolly."

"Fa la la la la, la la la laaaaa," he trilled, his face deadpan, and Gillian let out a burst of laughter that was almost enough to make him concede a smile.

"I will have you feeling Christmassy soon, Cal. It's my personal mission this year."

"Isn't that your personal mission every year?"

"Yep." She grinned at him. "I promise you, by the end of the party tonight, you will definitely be feeling festive."

"The party." Cal groaned. "I'd forgotten about the damn party. Do I really have to go?"

"Yes you do," she said, retracing her footsteps back to the door of his office. "It's a chance to show your employees how much you value them."

He made a face at her.

"It's a chance to get drunk on Christmas punch?" She tried again.

"'Spose I can make an appearance," he said, his lips twitching slightly.

"Good. Because who else is going to dance with me to 'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree?"

"Wait… I didn't say I'd dance."

"Tough." She grinned, reaching for the door handle. "Don't work too hard today… I need you in full energy mode for tonight."

"Foster," he said, as she swung the door open. "Oi! I'm not dancing to bloody Christmas music! I signed up for punch, alright? Punch, and maybe a bit of mistletoe. No dancing."

"There's more to a party than just punch and mistletoe, Cal," she said mischievously, and he narrowed his eyes at the expression on her face.

"What have you done?"

"Nothing, nothing," she said sweetly.

"I don't believe you."

She laughed. "Come along to the party later, and you'll find out then, won't you?" She raised her eyebrows at him then disappeared out the door.

Cal sat back in his chair, allowing a slow smile to creep across his face. True, he was usually more of a Scrooge than a Santa when it came to Christmas, but he couldn't deny a slightly happy fizz of anticipation at the thought of tonight's party. Whether that was because he was in a more festive mood this year or because he could dance and flirt with Foster without Alec constantly at her side wasn't the issue. She had something planned, that was obvious from her expression, and although part of him dreaded what surprise she had in store, another part of him couldn't help but delight in her childlike adoration of Christmas and her endless generosity and abundance of spirit. Just the rest of the working day to get through, and tonight… well, tonight could be a lot of things. And with the way Foster kept smiling at him every time he passed her throughout the day, Cal found he was actually quite looking forward to the party. Not that he'd ever admit that to her, of course. Much more fun to be grumpy and have her try and work her magic on him. He smiled as he shut down his computer at half past six, wondering briefly what time Foster had clocked off and whether she'd got changed yet. His thoughts then locked firmly on what her outfit might be – could it top last year's sexy little purple number? – he left his office. Party time.

A/N So, I was going to write the whole thing as a one-shot, but I haven't got time to finish it now, so I thought I'd give you the first instalment since it's done… you'll just have to wait til I update to find out what Gillian's surprise is ;-)