Pairings: Hikaru/Haruhi, Hikaru/Kaoru/Haruhi friendship

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How do you let someone know you love them?

"Sempai… he really is respectable. I wonder… if he wants to go back to France one day."

How do you make them love you back?

"Tamaki would never do that. He knows how hard it is to be separated from family. He just wanted to see it for yourself."

How do you make them look at you and actually see you?

"Oh, Tamaki… he's the most awesome person ever…"

Okay maybe Haruhi hadn't ever actually said that,Hikaru relented, glaring abuse at the nearest wall. But she might as well.

The oldest Hitachiin twin was sitting sulkily in his and Kaoru's study while his twin took a bath; he kicked the desk moodily which made his leather office chair spin as he brooded over the day at the club.

The Host club had been as busy as ever as it now also consisted of both Chika and Satoshi since Huni and Mori had left for university.

Satoshi had eagerly took up Tamaki's impulsive offer and tried to fulfil his brother's footsteps with such enthusiasm he could often match their own hyper king. Chika had accepted less readily but eventually agreed to take up his brother's place (to beat Huni in designations or to stop Satoshi kicking him? We may never know.). His stoic appearance and secret love for all things cute gave him an obvious and moe-inducing appeal and the pair were an instant hit.

Hikaru himself was mostly indifferent to the pair, though Satoshi was cool. On occasion. And Chika was amazingly fun to tease.

In fact the twins had been doing just that ("Chika! Look behind you! It's Piyo!" "What? Where?!") when it had happened.

What is it, you ask?

It was the feeling Hikaru got when he looked behind him to find Tamaki enveloping Haruhi in a hug and the young brunette not resisting.

It was the horrifying realisation that Tamaki was far more shojo-manga-hero-ish than himself, and therefore, much more likely to get the girl.

It was the urge to punch his dear lord in the face.

Kaoru had tried his best to calm his twin down with observations such as 'We're always hugging Haruhi, it doesn't mean anything' and '…Since when are we in a shojo manga…?' but that weird feeling prodding his heart wouldn't listen.

He was jealous.


All this unrequited love stuff was getting kind of boring.

And since when did Hikaru Hitachiin settle for something if it bored him?

In a burst of determination, Hikaru span the chair again and jolted to a stop in front of his glowing computer, quickly switching on Google. He clicked the search bar with a flourish and let his hands hover millimetres over the keyboard.

He was going to search… for… uh… something that… girls liked... like… uh… chocolate! Yeah!

Feeling momentarily pleased with himself, he typed it in and banged a thumb down on the 'return' key. But before the results had even popped up (and the twins had a really fast computer) Hikaru had changed his mind irritably.

Haruhi doesn't like chocolate… or sweet stuff… duh.

Suddenly stumped, Hikaru froze and racked his brains again. What else did girls like? (On reflection, Hikaru realized he should have thought about what Haruhi would like instead of clumping her with the rest of the girls at their school. It would've been way easier if he had taken into account Haruhi's un-girly-ness.)



Hikaru didn't even to search that one before he deleted it in annoyance. Haruhi and toys. No.

Getting amazingly annoyed and stubborn (perhaps just determined to find something cute Haruhi would like), Hikaru stabbed 'Flowers' into the keyboard, misspelling it twice in his impatience. But, once again, he gave up on it before the results even came up.

Sighing, Hikaru slumped against a fist.

Maybe he should just… give up on cute.

Maybe she'd like a giant mushroom or something… He mused, remembering how happy she became whenever she found something that could make a nice side dish; suddenly something caught his eye.

Curious, he looked properly at the 'related searches' section.

101 ways to show you love somebody.

Hikaru blinked. Huh. That could work.

Glancing around to make sure Kaoru wasn't spying on him (he'd never hear the end of it), he clicked it and watched as a list appeared. He scanned a few quickly, making sure he hadn't stumbled on a list of complete rubbish.

Give or get a hug.

Make sure the other person feels important and respected.

Have your picture taken together.

None of them seemed to require that much money, which threw Hikaru off for a second. It took a few moments before a brilliant realization came to him;

This must be for commoners! He stared in amazement. The secret ways to make a commoner fall in love with you! Jackpot!

Hikaru suddenly grinned like a maniac.

Take that Tono!

Elated, he crowned the list his new bible; he would complete as many as he could and then, at the end of the term, he'd tell Haruhi how he felt.

And she'd totally love him.

Hikaru smiled smugly and he copied the list into his documents.

He was a total genius.