Kiss When People Are Looking

Hikaru and Haruhi were officially a couple.

So, naturally, Kaoru (who hadn't been pushed away at all) was having the time of his life.

"Ah, Hikaru, aren't you dressed yet? Haruhi's here already."


"Hey, Haruhi, ever fancy a threesome?"

"Shut up, Kaoru."

"Why are you blushing, Hikaru? Having perverted thoughts about Haru-"

"N-No! Shut it!"

Kaoru sniggered as he dodged Hikaru's half-hearted tackle; he couldn't remember the last time he had got to tease his brother this much. Well, he mused as he smirked at the giant red blush Hikaru had morphed into (which begs the question; what had he been thinking about?), it was Hikaru's fault. He shouldn't react so much and make it so fun.

Haruhi was harder to drag a reaction out of, but that made the occasional blush or flustered comments all the sweeter.

He wasn't one of the 'little devils' for nothing.

"Where is my little sister anyway?" Kaoru wondered aloud, looking around as he made his way over to the sofa Hikaru was sulking on (he had gotten into the habit of refusing to call Haruhi anything but 'Little Sister', much to her annoyance).

"Getting a book out of the library. Again." Hikaru mumbled in response, frowning as though this was somehow out of character. "Dunno where everyone else is though..."

Kaoru snorted as he flopped down next to him. "That, my dear brother, is because you have a one-track mind. Chika and Satoshi are always late on Fridays because of training and Kyouya and Tono said yesterday that their class have a mock exam today so they'll probably be late."



The younger twin suddenly blinked, as though a thought had randomly occurred to him, and he turned to grin at his brother who was frowning to himself, trying to remember when Kyouya and Tamaki had actually said that.

"Hey... Hikaru?"


"Can I ask you something?"

In reply, Hikaru just turned and stared blankly (and slightly suspiciously) at him through his orange bangs.

Kaoru leaned closer, causing Hikaru to narrow his eyes at him.

"Ne, Hikaru, despite being on a few dates... and I use that term extremely loosely..." (More like study dates to help Haruhi with her preparation for the maths test... but that was out of the way now, and, thanks to Hikaru, Haruhi had done very well so he was hoping they'd manage something a bit more romantic next time.) "You and Haruhi haven't actually kissed, have you?"

Hikaru's ears instantly flushed and he glared back at him. "You know, Kaoru," He suddenly spoke up, almost conversationally. "You've become quite evil. I think you've been spending too much time with the dark lord."

"Too much time with you more like. Anyway, answer!"

"Jeeze, like I wouldn't tell you!"

Kaoru's grin widened.

"Well then, I've got a present for you." He told him teasingly, chuckling when he instantly captured the whole of Hikaru's attention (a present to do with the fact he hadn't kissed Haruhi? More than enough to pipe his interest). Kaoru brought the 'present' out from behind his back with a mighty flourish, letting it hang in front of Hikaru's face.

"Ta-dah!" He exclaimed for effect.

For a second, Hikaru just blinked at it.

Then a much more familiar devilish smirk spread over his face.

"Mistletoe?" He snorted. "How corny, Kaoru."

"It is the last week before Christmas."

"I mean," The oldest twin purred, feeling on much more comfortable ground (flirting suggestively with his little brother?). "If you wanted a kiss, you could've just asked."

"Oh, yeah." Kaoru rolled his eyes, moving the plant back slightly as though he was threatening to take it away (Hikaru quickly grabbed it). He smirked. "Like I'm the one you want to kiss."

Despite the flustered blush warming his cheeks, Hikaru grinned and glanced over at where Haruhi usually sat to entertain her costumers.

"I do love my little brother."

"So you should."

His grin widened as Tamaki and Kyouya noisily made their entrance, making him look remarkably like a Cheshire cat.

I'm going to kiss Haruhi! For real!

He hadn't got to kiss Haruhi.

Even though he had spent the whole twenty minutes before their costumers arrived ordering his legs to move over to her and boldly hold out the mistletoe, he... hadn't quite managed it. Even when she had smiled at him, all he did was smile back (at that point, Kaoru had an urge to hit him over the head).

And now it was suddenly after club and Kyouya was going through what the meeting days were going to be next week, which was always a cue that they could go home.

And he still hadn't done anything.

Kissing. Couples do it all the time. And I am due a first kiss.


Though if she doesn't want to… I'll look a bit of a pervert.

But I could bluff my way out of it.

But she'll think I'm a pervert. And maybe she'll break up with me!

Don't be stupid!

She will!

If I can't even do this, Kaoru'll never let me hear the end of it!

Good... wait. I'm getting serious déjà-vu. Have I been through this before?

And then Hikaru got totally side-tracked, trying to remember where the déjà-vu was coming from.


Haruhi paused and looked over at the oldest Hitachiin through worried eyes; he was hovering rather aimlessly in the middle of the room, frowning to himself as though he was deep in thought. He had been acting kind of strange since she had come back from the library, awkward and unusually pensive.

Before, Haruhi wouldn't really care.

Unfortunately, now she did.

"Hey, Hikaru?"

He instantly jumped and blinked furiously, as if he was just waking up from a dream. He turned to look at her sheepishly, slightly flustered at the x-ray look he was getting.

Oh my god, he thought wildly to himself, she can see into my mind. She thinks I'm a pervert! That's her 'I'm-about-to-break-up-with-you-because-you're-a-pervert' face! Omigod!

He braced himself.

"Uh... y-yeah, Haruhi?"

"Is something wrong, Hikaru? You've been acting weird."

Ahh... maybe not.

"Uh..." He tried to laugh it off, slightly failing at his attempt to be cool and nonchalant. "Have I?"

"Yes." She stated, as blunt as ever.



"Um... no, nothing's wrong, Haru- OW!"

And then Hikaru turned to glare viciously at his twin, who had apparently gotten tired of his dancing round the subject and had thought throwing a pencil at him would help in some way. Kaoru however, (acting oblivious to Hikaru's glare and rather sore-looking ear) simply struck up a conversation with Kyouya, with what looked suspiciously like a smirk on his face.

'Idiot brother...' both twins mused to themselves.

Haruhi looked over at Kaoru with a raised eyebrow, wondering silently whether she should even bother asking what that was all about. She then returned her glance to her boyfriend, to find him staring back at her intensely, a hand in his jacket pocket and his lips fluttering silently around words.

He looked like he had suddenly forgotten how to speak.

In reality, he was just trying to work himself up.

Right, right. Do I want to kiss her? Yes. Is it really that perverted? No, not really. I can think of plenty other things that would be way more... Oh-my-freaking-God-why-do-I-have-such-a-dirty-mind?!



In a burst of Hitachiin-style determination, Hikaru leant forward slightly and grinned, going for the 'if I look cool and collected on the outside, they won't know I'm completely freaking out on the inside' routine.

"Hey, Haruhi, you know we're going out and everything..."

"Well, obviously."

"And I really like you..."

"I know. I like you too. So, where are you going with this?"

"I want you to kiss me."

The club instantly seemed to freeze and tense, as everyone's attention suddenly swirled on the couple and Hikaru's 'sudden' request (which makes you wonder, had they all been eavesdropping the whole time? No privacy, I tell you. None at all). Haruhi's eyes widened slightly and she just looked at him, a subtle blush tinting her cheeks.

A few seconds past.

Hikaru realised what was going on and froze in complete horror.

Oh, crap... I forgot the freaking mistletoe! Now, instead of looking like a romantic pervert, I just look like a perverted pervert! Crap, crap, crap. I can't just shove it at her now! I blame you, Kaoru! Crap!

Tamaki, of course, was the first one to break the silence.

With a full-throttle scream.

"Mother, mother!" He yelled, practically shrivelling in dismay. "Did you hear that?! You- you promised not to corrupt her, Hikaru! You said you'll be good! She isn't old enough for that! You are corrupting my poor innocent daughter! You're splashing mud on her pure, unblemished mind! Desist! The perverted tendrils of your mind are-"

But they never found out what the 'perverted tendrils' of Hikaru's mind were doing (not that any of them were really paying attention anyway), because, at that second, something happened which caught everyone (especially the two involved) off guard.

Haruhi stretched up, and kissed Hikaru right on the lips.

With no mistletoe involved.

For a second, the oldest Hitachiin froze, his heart the only thing reacting to the fact Haruhi was right in front of him, clumsily pressing her soft lips against his. Then a tentative hand reached up and lost itself in her short brown hair, keeping them locked together for a few more stolen seconds.

He pressed his lips firmly against hers, kissing her gently until they moved apart slightly, breath misting together.

Suddenly they jerked apart, both looking surprised and slightly stunned at the not-very-long-but-felt-like-a-very-long kiss.

Hikaru (in the shocked phase before he jumped right to the top of the giddiness scale) wondered why Haruhi looked so surprised, as she had kissed him first.

Haruhi (in the shocked phase before she became uncharacteristically flustered) wondered why Hikaru looked so surprised, as he had just kept her locked there.

Kaoru resisted the urge to wolf whistle.

Kyouya made a note.

Satoshi gasped, starry-eyed.

Chika wondered what the hell he was doing there.

Tamaki froze, turned to dust, realised he had to stop his daughter from becoming corrupted and quickly regenerated.

"What are you doing?!" Tamaki exploded in a fit of horror (he of course, knew they were going out and was happy about it as Haruhi wasn't miserable anymore, but....). "Mother! Hikaru is forcing our daughter to do things she isn't old enough for! He's trying to corrupt her innocence! Police! Sexual harassment! Police!"

"I think I'm going deaf..." Chika grumbled to no-one in particular as he glared at the king, totally unaffected by the atmosphere. "Remind me why I joined this pointless- ow!"

And then Satoshi, still starry eyed (he had a secret love for drama), proceeded to hit him over the head, not even having to look round.

Tamaki, realising no-one was actually paying attention (not even his beloved... ahem... 'wife'), stuck out his lip in a dramatic, woe-is-me sulk and sidled over to his corner, muttering something about 'evil doppelgangers' and 'marriage counselling'.

Kyouya however, was the only one who noticed and merely commented on it with a sigh before he went back to more interesting matters; namely, his notebook.

Satoshi and Chika were showing off what great friends they were by having a whispered argument about the importance of drama and Kaoru's attention was totally taken up by his brother and Haruhi (the thought 'maybe I should give them some privacy' easily ignored), who were just getting over the 'shocked' phase (weirdly, at the same time).

An actually noticeable flush warmed the normally stoic girl's cheeks and she, painfully conscious of it, quickly turned on her heel to hide it and walked over to her school bag, ignoring Hikaru, whose face had been taken over by an equal measure of mad blush and delighted (and pretty goofy-looking) grin.

Not about to let her get away, Hikaru swaggered after her and let his head rest on her shoulder as she made sure she had everything in her bag.

"Embarrassed?" He breathed teasingly into her ear (like he could talk).

Haruhi paused and glanced round to smile slightly at him; Hikaru noticed with disappointment that her (much cuter) blush had already somewhat calmed, while his was still turning his ears into tomatoes.

"Not really." She said bluntly, her small smile widening slightly as she pushed his head off her shoulder so she could collect her stuff properly. "Was that your first kiss, Hikaru?" She added innocently.

Hikaru promptly choked and almost fell over at her observation, to which she smirked (slightly... Hitachiin like. They were a bad influence). Possible responses ran through the oldest twin's mind in a flustered blur.

Option one: Bluff and make out as though you've kissed loads of girls before and act like a total prat, but at least regain some manly pride.

Option two: Tell the truth and be mature, but throw that pride out the window and show off how inexperienced you are.

Hikaru decided to go for option three.

Blurt out the first comment that comes to your head and hope for the best.

"Tha... but... you... your first kiss was with another girl!"

"Yeah, but I don't really care."

"Sh-shut up."

Haruhi rolled her eyes and laughed slightly, causing Hikaru (like the goofball we all know he is) to pause then grin back, too infected by Haruhi's laugh (and the fact he had just kissed her) to stay sulking.

"But you know," He started, his giddy mood affecting his mouth-control. "I wasn't just going to tell you to like that. I was going to be a bit more... err... subtle." He paused before dramatically adding; "I had mistletoe."

She snorted, giving him a bemused look. "Mistletoe? How corny, Hikaru."

"Yeah." He stuck his tongue out, still grinning and apparently delighted that their initial response was exactly the same. Suddenly his smile turned sheepish and almost daring. "I guess I don't need mistletoe, huh?" He added in a low voice, to which she rolled her eyes and promptly ignored him.

Tamaki glanced miserably at them; he was now hovering around Kyouya like a lost puppy, having gotten bored sitting ignored in his corner.

He was happy for them. He was happy because they were happy, and that's all that mattered to the Host club's king.

He was sure the protectiveness and slight ache would fade eventually... it was... what was it.... ah, yes.

Empty nest syndrome.

Perfectly normal for a parent such as himself. He glanced sympathetically at Kyouya, their esteemed 'mother'. He was sure he was getting it too, if it affected him this much. Yes, yes! Kyouya was simply hiding his motherly love under that bored look.

Tamaki was almost making himself tear up at the thought.

Poor Kyouya...

He was about to launch himself at his best friend, for what he felt would be an extremely well-received hug, when Hikaru's words suddenly floated over and his fatherly instincts caused him to freeze and glance over at the pair suspiciously.

"Ah, uh...but!" Hikaru was spluttering, looking in a sudden panic (Haruhi had apparently missed something and was giving him a completely blank look). "I mean, I will... I mean.... I'm sure I'll... be, err... romantic somehow. I mean! I'm not gonna go round demanding for kisses like that and...err!" His face was now completely red in a monster blush, born of panic, fluster and the fact he could clearly hear Kaoru laughing uncontrollably.

Haruhi stared at him, thoroughly bemused, and finally interrupted his alarmed babble (he was just spluttering something about mistletoe) with a snort of laughter (which did nothing to help his slightly mortified blush).

"Don't worry about it, Hikaru." She snorted (in a very lady-like manner).

", but-" He frowned at her, looking genuinely worried, as though he thought she would run off if he got the slightest thing wrong (which he is prone to doing).

"I'm sure you can work up to being romantic." She scoffed, still smiling slightly.

The comment caused him to start, and he paused before a slow smirk hesitantly took over his face.

His ears still flushed, the Hitachiin bent down so their noses were only an inch apart. The fact that Tamaki couldn't hear what the oldest 'devil' twin whispered to her was the last straw.

He was losing his daughter. And she was being corrupted.

"You two are siblings!" He yelled with a dramatic point, drawing their attention and falling back on his 'family' structure in one last futile attempt to 'save' his daughter. "Brother and sister! Restrain yourselves!"

But in response, Hikaru just swapped a devilish smirk with his twin before daringly draping his arms around Haruhi's neck.

"I seem to have a thing for incest, don't I?" He purred.

Haruhi rolled her eyes in bemusement and smiled slightly as Hikaru happily began to nuzzle the side of her neck.

Tamaki fainted.

The End

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