My heart's desires

(Hi, this is just a poem I wrote and I thought that it fit Sasuke and Sakura very well, so I decided to post it, this is from Sasuke to Sakura.

I do not own Naruto, but I do own the poem!)

Time passes over my empty world

There is no more light in these dark hours

Over years of decision making

I've realized that all of the decisions I've made were for you

My heart can not possible take anymore heartbreak

I've made decisions that I'm not proud of

And the decisions that I did for the best ended up hurting you

And now I cannot return

For a thousand years could never rid myself of the wrongs

I have committed against you

A million kind deeds would never amount to the mountain of sins I have committed against you

And I could never fill the gaping hole of sadness I have created in your heart and your soul.

I wish that you could forgive me,

But how could you,

Because I can't forgiven myself

For I have lost the only chance I have to say

My cherry blossom I love you.

(Well I hope you like it, please leave comments and the other chapter of Dragon and Shinobi and Naruto Idol should be out soon)