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Here's the premise: Angel's Embrace starts at the end of where Broken Angel ended. The Cullens are starting their senior at Dartmouth…well, four of them are. We are diving back into our favorite couples' lives. Edward and Bella have been married for three years, they are closer than ever. Some new things are happening in their lives.

I still urge you to read Broken Angel first. There will be characters, events, and happenings that will come back into play in this story. You need to know the events that happened to Bella when Edward was away for two years. You need to know the circumstances that led up to Edward changing Bella. You also need to know all about Bella's shield, considering I went totally OOC on that.

Speaking of OOC…prepare yourself. There will be a few things that are a little different to the SM story, but along the lines of mine.

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"I can't believe I have to take an art class," I huffed, folding my arms across my chest and staring out the car window. "Writing is an art…I can barely draw stick figures," I pouted. We were just leaving the Dartmouth campus after signing up for our senior year of classes.

"You'll do fine, love," Edward said, fighting a smile.

"Yeah, Bells," Jasper snickered. "You do a fantastic job with all of those spirals and hearts at the top of your notes in class while you aren't paying attention."

"Shut it, Jasper!" I laughed, shaking my head. "Maybe if you didn't zone out into Lusty-ville during Statistics under my shield…" Edward chuckled from the driver's seat.

"I won't apologize for my imagination…" Jasper smiled, shrugging. "You'll need it in art class!"

"Jackass," I snorted. "Oh, don't forget, Emmett wants that new game while we're out." I looked up at Edward and he nodded.

"Hey Bells…" Alice beamed from the backseat.

"Don't do it, Alice," Edward laughed. "She'll take you up on it…"

"Hush, Edward," she waved her hand at him. "Write my Sociology papers and I'll do your art homework."

"Tempting," I mused. Edward shot me a look of disappointment, his eyebrow rising. "Damn it. No thanks, Alice," I frowned. Alice growled, sticking her tongue out at Edward in the rearview mirror.

"At least go through one college career without cheating, Bells," Jasper snickered. "After that…it's on!"

I turned around to look at him in the backseat, smiling. "I thought high school was next. Portland…" I was actually looking forward to being Bella Swan again, going through high school with Edward by my side. There were a million scenarios that I wanted to relive. As if I had my shield open to him, Edward's head turned to me with a smirk firmly planted on his face.

"That's what Carlisle said," Alice shrugged. "So far it's firmly decided."

"Edward, cut it out!" Jasper growled. I bit back a laugh, turning back to the window, knowing my husband just lost himself in high school fantasies.

I won't be a cheerleader, love, I thought to him, fighting my smile. I heard his chuckle, but I didn't look at him. And if you suggest Catholic school…

"Not fair, Bella," he laughed, pulling into the parking lot of the mall. I looked over at him as he parked. My happy, sweet, shameless Edward. "Come on, let's get Emmett his game. Though why he couldn't get it himself is beyond me."

"Oh, that's because Rose was…" Alice paused, her face going blank. "Oh…never mind…" She made a gagging sound and we all knew what Rose and Emmett were up to.

"Thanks, Alice," Edward winced, "I'll never get that image out of my head." I laughed as he opened my door. As we walked away, I turned to look at the new Volvo Edward was driving. "I know, love. It's not the same," he whispered, wrapping his arm around me.

Edward's beautiful silver Volvo that he was driving when I met him had met its demise. We had been in Boston on a weekend just the two of us when he had parked it on a corner, taking me for a walk through Harvard. A truck lost control when another car pulled out in front of it and took out my favorite car ever. I had been completely heartbroken.

"I shouldn't care," I sighed. "But still…" He smiled sweetly at me, knowing material things weren't important me. It wasn't the loss of the car itself, but the amazing amount of memories that car held. The new Volvo was beautiful, sleek, a dark charcoal instead of silver. Edward kissed my head and opened the doors to the mall for me and Alice.

Alice saw a sale sign for Victoria's Secret and her body instantly pushed me towards it. "No, Alice," I laughed, turning her around. "You have an addiction…the first step is admitting it." She pouted as I pushed her into the game store the guys had entered.

"It's not an addiction, it's a need," Alice folded her arms across her chest.

"We just went!" I laughed. "Day before yesterday…remember?"

"Yeah, but…"

"No buts," I snorted, walking away from her to grab Emmett's game. While the boys played a demo game, I went up and paid for it, ignoring the clerk's ogling. I heard a low growl behind me and I turned to shake my head at Edward.

Relax, my love, I thought to him. He smells like corn chips and dirty socks. I raised my eyebrows up and wrinkled my nose. He huffed a laugh, shook his head and turned back to the game. I found Alice outside the store, sitting on a bench staring wistfully at the lingerie store. Edward and Jasper followed me out.

Edward chuckled, shaking his head. "If you have to, Alice," he snorted.

She hopped up from the bench, grabbing my hand and tugging me towards the store again. "Jesus, Ali," I laughed. "Fine, fine…I'm not fighting you on this." We left the laughing boys behind us. It's not that I hadn't developed the same addiction to lingerie that she had, but I just didn't feel the need to go every day. "Alice, wait," I sighed, pulling her arm. "I want to go in the book store," I pointed across the way. "Can you be trusted in here by yourself?" I laughed.

"Yes," she frowned. "I'll meet you there in a few minutes."

"Ok," I nodded, walking away from her. As usual, I lost myself surrounded by so many stories. Bookstores are quiet and smell phenomenal. They are comforting and intriguing. I was looking at the shelf of classics when someone called my name.


I looked up to see Joe smiling at me. I groaned internally. His crush on me had only increased since our first year at Dartmouth. He was terrified of Edward, yet he couldn't help but stare at me all the time.

"Hi, Joe," I smiled, turning back to a beautiful copy of The Count of Monte Cristo.

"Did you sign up for classes today?" He asked and I closed my eyes in frustration before looking up at him.

"Yes, as I'm sure you did too," I quipped.

"You're alone," he pointed out. It was then that I noticed the changes in Joe. His skin had cleared up, his hair was longer and slightly messy. I forced myself not to roll my eyes at his influence. He was wearing dark jeans and a black t-shirt. He had filled out slightly over the last summer, but it was his eyes that held no emotion that bothered me. I just stared at him, waiting for his point.

"No, she's not," Edward sneered, stepping into the aisle from behind me. I took his hand and set the book back on its shelf. Joe's face paled.

"Come on, love," I sighed. "We have to get Emmett his game." I tugged his hand to make him look at me and he nodded. We walked out of the store, leaving Joe nervously shifting on his feet.

Alice and Jasper were waiting on us and watched as Joe walked by. "Whoa," Jasper frowned. "He's changed. Obsess much?" He asked, looking over at Edward.

Edward's jaw was tight, his breathing was heavy. "I was wrong," he sneered, "it's not a crush anymore." His eyes were black and his fists were clenched when he glanced around at all of us.

"Easy, Eddie," Jasper said, patting Edward's back. "Bells is fine."

"Did he want to hurt me, Edward?" I asked, making him look at me.

"He…" Edward growled low. He could barely contain his hatred. "He wanted to get you alone…where no one could hear you." He would never say the word rape, but I could tell that's what he was insinuating.

Jasper growled. "Ok, everyone calm down…do you really think I would let that happen?" I asked as I looked between the two of them. "Do you think wrestling with Emmett is all for nothing?" I snorted. "I can defend myself and I can make it look human…"

Alice was by my side nodding, but looking between them like I was. "She can, you know."

Edward pulled me close, breathing in the scent of my hair. "You're right, love," he sighed. "It just took me by surprise. I used to hunt minds like that." He looked at me, knowing I would remember the stories of the time he was away from Carlisle. He had hunted bad people, listening in their minds for the violent acts they were committing. I nodded, kissing his cheek.

I held up the game I still had in my hand. "Come on, I want to kick Emmett's ass on this," I smiled. Edward chuckled, kissing my head and squeezing my waist.

"Oh yeah," Jasper smirked and nodded.

"Let's go before something else weird happens in this mall…like losing Alice in Victoria's Secret…" I grabbed Edward's hand and tugged him towards the exit.

"Losing Alice in a store isn't that weird, baby," Edward laughed.

"True," I nodded.

We all walked into the house and Emmett's booming voice echoed from the game room. "Did you get it?" He asked, popping his head around the corner.

"Yes," we all sighed.

"You ready, sniper boy?" I asked, laughing and throwing the game at him.

"Bring it, Bells," he smirked, opening the package.


"You know…I think the whole damn island is a time machine," I frowned, looking up at Esme. We were indulging in our favorite show "Lost".

"No," she laughed, shaking her head. "I think it uses the earth's magnetic field."

We were snuggled together on the couch, my head in her lap. She was running her fingers through my hair. "And…I don't care what you say," I giggled. "Kate belongs with Sawyer!"

"Jack!" She argued, snorting. "You just like the bad boy…"

"And you like the doctor…" I sat up, looking at her and smiling.

"Fine," she smiled. "So, I'm biased." She pulled me back down on her lap.

"Besides, Sawyer is a bad boy with a heart of gold underneath," I said wistfully and she just scoffed at me.

"Is that show still on?" Alice plopped down in front of me on the floor.

"Shh!" Esme and I hushed her.

"Holy hell," Alice groaned. "Who's the hottie with the scruffy face and long hair?"

"Sawyer," I laughed, getting pinched by Esme. "See? I'm not the only one."

"Damn," Alice smirked, looking back at us. "No wonder you watch this show."

"Your both wrong," Edward sighed, lifting my feet and sitting down. "The island sits on a worm hole." Esme and I stared down at him, our mouths hanging open.

"What?" He asked, looking between us. "You Tivo it…I got curious," he smirked, shrugging. I poked his stomach with my toe and turned back to the show. He chuckled at us and traced lazy lines on my leg under the blanket I was wrapped in.

Rose walked in sitting in the loveseat. "Oh yeah, Sawyer…" She smirked, nodding her head.

"Yeah, but Sayid is kick ass," Emmett smiled, sitting down with her. "He's like a modern day McGuyver."

"Definitely," Jasper sighed, plopping down next to Alice.

"The military guy?" Esme snorted. "He's scary. I'm telling you, Jack is the man."

"Doctor," I sang, rolling my eyes. Esme laughed, smacking at me playfully. "Kate needs to choose…and soon."

"Yeah, Sawyer," Rose laughed. "She'd be stupid not to."

I was just about to agree with her when Carlisle walked in with Demitri. He was exactly the same, long dark hair framed his handsome Italian face and now golden eyes. His features were sharp until he smiled.

"Demitri!" Alice, Rose and I chimed. The boys sighed, Emmett clearing his throat. We only did that because two things happened: Edward, Jasper and Emmett got jealous and Demitri looked like he would blush if he could. It was way too tempting.

"Ladies," he bowed, fighting a smile.

I sat up and leaned against Edward, feeling his possessive kiss to my head. "Where is she?" I frowned, looking past Carlisle and Demitri. I folded my arms across my chest. Edward wrapped his arms around me, pulling me on his lap.

"Tanya…" Demitri smiled sadly. "Beautiful Bella, don't worry, she's…how do you say? Mated."

"What?" We all gasped.

"She found her singer," he sighed. "A human."

"Singer?" Alice asked.

"In Italy we call it la tua cantante," he smiled. "One who's blood sings for you. Anyway, she found a human in Canada that she can't kill and can't walk away from."

"Sounds familiar," Carlisle smirked, looking over at Edward and me. I laughed, looking back at him. He chuckled, kissing my lips quickly. His face changed instantly as he looked over at Demitri.

"I'm not here about Tanya," he frowned. "I think our trip to Italy has started something." Edward held me closer as he read Demitri's thoughts. "I have a friend in Volterra that I trust and he tells me that Aro has become obsessed with your family. Three in particular."

"Alice, Bella and Edward," Carlisle sighed, frowning.

"Yes, exactly. He wants them. He sees them as a threat against him and power if on his side."

"He hasn't decided to do anything about it," Alice frowned, getting off the floor and sitting next to me and Edward. "I would have seen it."

"And he may not, tiny one," Demitri shook his head.

"Well, if he does," Emmett stood. "He can't have them," he growled.

"Relax, Em," Carlisle smiled. "No one's going anywhere. Besides, the three he wants would be the three that would see him coming and stop him."

"Fight?" Jasper gasped.

"Hell yeah," Emmett smirked, flexing.

"Sit down, fool," Rose snapped. "No one is fighting…yet."

"No!" Edward growled low. "He can't have her!" His lip was peeled back in a snarl as he glared at Demitri.

"Bella is the one he really can't get out of his head," Demitri frowned. "He has shields, but they are nowhere near as powerful as her." I sighed, looking up at Edward's face. At first glance he looked angry, but I knew better. He was terrified something would get to me. A tremor ran through his arms.

I'm not going anywhere, I thought to him. His eyes snapped to mine. I'll shield the whole house if I have to, baby, but they can't touch me or you…or Alice. Got it? He nodded, closing his eyes to relax. He was in better control once he opened them.

"Well, I feel sorry for whoever tries her," Jasper snorted. "Nothing will get past Bells." Emmett gave him a fist bump and nodded.

"Aro must have seen them in our thoughts," Carlisle sighed. "He would have seen everything…every training session with her…" He was quiet for the moment and looked at the three of us. "Alice will let us know if a decision is made." She nodded, looking at the two of us with worry.


I took down the large moose, draining it quickly. My thoughts were on the news that Demitri had shared a few days ago. Edward and Carlisle had spoken often about the Volturi, both good things and bad. My family reacted strongly at the mention of anyone from Italy. Demitri and Eleazar had both worked for Aro, the leader of the vampire royal family, telling stories both heroic and scary.

Carlisle said that Aro liked to collect vampires with special talents. He had always had his eyes set on Alice and Edward, now me. I sighed and frowned at that thought. I wasn't being brave for Edward when I told him how I would shield the whole house if I had to. I would and not think twice about it. I hoped it didn't come down to that. Demitri seemed to think that Aro would get distracted soon and move on to something else. I prayed that was true.

I looked up and found myself in our clearing. "The Creek" we called it. We didn't have the heart to call it "Meadow." Edward had found it, claiming it for just us, a place where, like our original meadow, we could come and get away from everyone, talk and be honest.

I smiled when I saw Edward sitting with his back against a boulder. He was about thirty feet from the water, but was tossing small pebbles into the creek. They made soft plunking sounds. His face was thoughtful and beautiful. As he tossed another small rock, I ran forward and caught before it could hit the water. He looked up and chuckled at me. "That stops my record…I was eighty-five for eighty-five," he smirked, tilting his head up to me.

"Fine," I giggled, turning around and tossing the pebble into the water. "There."

"Thanks!" He laughed, opening his arms for me. I stood over him, straddling his legs and sitting down on his lap. We were both in jeans. He was wearing a long sleeve t-shirt and I was in a sweater. His long fingers glided up and down my legs as he looked at me.

After three years of marriage and almost a year of living together before that, we still couldn't stop looking at each other like we'd never seen anything so beautiful. I smiled softly at him, leaning in to kiss his forehead. "Weird few days, huh?" I asked, glad that we were alone and in the place where we could talk about things without interruption.

He nodded, leaning his head back against the rock. "First thing," he sighed. "At school, avoid that Joe kid at all costs." He frowned, his head shaking back and forth.

"Ok," I nodded, running my fingers through his hair. "He's turned crazy, then?" I asked.

"Yeah," Edward sighed. "I wasn't…it was…unexpected."

"Could someone else get hurt in my place, baby?" I asked. Edward smiled, but it was in sadness, not meeting his eyes.

"Yes," he answered firmly. "I want to…stop him…but…"

"No," I shook my head. "Only if you can do it like the man in Port Angeles. He gets justice, Edward, not vengeance." His brow furrowed at my mention of Port Angeles.

"We'll see," he frowned. "But for now, just avoid him." I nodded in agreement. It wasn't that Joe could hurt me, it was the thought of having to defend myself that had Edward worried. If I went too far, used too much strength, Joe could die and we could be exposed. I understood that avoidance was necessary.

"I believe that I have one of you in every class, yes?"

"Yes, love," he smiled. Edward loved going to school with me. He absolutely ate it up. He had been alone for so long and now that he wasn't, he had found a new outlook on education. It wasn't the same thing over and over. I loved that being with me made him happy.

"Then…there you go," I smiled, leaning down to rub his nose with mine. "If he's in my class, I won't be alone." I pulled back, really wanting to kiss him, but his tension under me wasn't going unnoticed. "You have more to talk about?" I asked, tracing my finger from his eyebrow down along his sharp jaw line.

"You're getting good at that," he smiled, taking my hand and kissing it. I shrugged, snickering at him. "The Volturi," he sighed and I nodded. "They can't touch us…not with Alice watching. If they get close enough, you're right…you'll shield us. It's a strange feeling…knowing you could protect us…" He chuckled, his eyes sparkling.

"Yeah, yeah," I laughed, "I'm not the fragile human anymore."

"Definitely not," he smirked, bringing his legs up behind me. "I hope it doesn't come to that," he mused, his face getting serious.

"Me too," I sighed. "I was thinking about that when I walked up. Maybe he'll forget about us, hmm?"

"I doubt it," he frowned. "He never has…he's always wanted Alice and me. But it cracks me open to think he could get you…" He looked up at me with a pained expression. "I would have to follow…I can't…"

"Stop, love," I frowned, placing my fingers over his mouth. "Of course you would follow…but you won't have to." I raised my eyebrow. Edward and I shared a physical connection and this is what he was hedging towards. When we were apart, the pain in our chests, our hearts was too much to bear. The longest we had ever gone was three days and our reunions were always desperate and needy.

If Aro took me, if he took Edward, one would have to follow the other. It wasn't negotiable. We couldn't be separated.

"I don't want to talk about the Volturi anymore," I sighed, leaning down to kiss Edward's neck. I trailed my lips up to the soft spot behind his ear, placing a long, slow kiss there.

"What do you want to talk about, love?" He asked and I heard the smile in his voice.

"Why you want me to be a cheerleader next year," I giggled, pulling his earlobe in my mouth. Edward chuckled, gripping my hips and pulling me closer.

"Hmm, the skirt, love," he growled, nuzzling my neck. "Your legs, that skirt…" I snorted against his shoulder. Edward had developed a new side of his personality. He was ever so verbal about fantasies that popped into his head. "Not to mention a tight sweater…" I laughed, pulling back to look at him. His eyes danced with happiness. He fought his smile, but lost.

"And Catholic school?"

"Same thing," he smiled.

"Catholic school I get…but cheerleader I don't…I would have to dance in front of people in that skirt," I said, my eyebrow rising.

"Hmm, perhaps you're right," he frowned, his eyes darkening.

"What if…" I smirked, placing my hands on each side of his face. I kissed his lips quickly. "What if I promised to just wear short skirts more next year…not that I don't now…Catholic school is so…strict."

"Deal," he nodded.

"You're so easy, Edward," I laughed. I found myself pressed into the tall grass. I giggled as he tickled me relentlessly. He buried his face in my neck, his chuckle causing shivers up and down my spine.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, bringing him flush to me. He planted his elbows on each side of my head, his face inches from mine. "I'm easy, huh?" He smirked and I nodded, feeling my eyes turn black. I wanted him. He was too much to resist this close to me. "I love you," he smiled, his face nothing but love and lust.

"I know," I smiled, biting my bottom lip. "Kiss me, Edward, I can't take it anymore."

He leaned down, pressing his lips chastely to mine. Slowly he took my bottom lip, then my top. He pulled back, knowing that wasn't what I meant. "More?" He asked and I nodded, frowning in frustration. I slipped my fingers through his hair, pulling his face back to mine. I turned my head the second that his lips touched mine again. When our tongues touched, electricity bolted through us, causing his hips to buck into me. A moan escaped us both.

"Edward," I breathed, pulling his shirt over his head and tossing it into the grass next to us. He slipped his hands under my sweater, bunching it up until I lifted up to let him tug it over my head. A low growl vibrated from him as he removed my bra and kissed the scar over my heart.

He ground into my center over and over, creating delicious friction. He palmed my breasts, leaning in to suck a nipple roughly into his mouth. One of my hands left their place in his hair, slipping smoothly down his back under the waist of his jeans. Lightly I scratched my nails back up and back into his jeans. I gripped his ass, causing another buck into me.

Without words, without saying anything we removed the remainder of our clothes, falling back into the grass and wrapping ourselves around each other. With smiles and gasps, we took advantage of being alone. We were able to cry out, growl and call out each other's names.

Living in the house with everyone else was fantastic. I wouldn't change a thing, but Edward and I were entering what everyone called the intense phase of our relationship and we couldn't stop ourselves. Emmett and Rose bragged about the amount of destruction and damage they caused the first fifteen years they were together. We didn't care about destruction, but we had broken two beds and the shower tiles last year. Edward replaced it all quickly with a smile on his face.

We escaped the family as often as we could just to be able to give them a break and give us privacy. Edward at one point didn't care. "Eighty years, Bella," he snorted. "I heard it all, saw it all in their heads!" I had laughed at his pained expression. "It's my turn," he growled.

"So be the better person," I laughed. "Let's not force it on them," I had told him. Some moments couldn't be helped, but we tried to keep it quiet. We failed more often than not.

"Classes tomorrow," he smiled, wrapping his arm around my shoulders as we walked back home. I smiled up at him, nodding. "Wear a skirt," he laughed.

"Yes, dear," I giggled, leaning into him.


I sat in the cafeteria, flipping through my new Advanced Economics book and ignoring the inane chatter of the large room. First days back to school were always filled with over excited and nervous minds.

A table full of girls chatted with a table full of freshmen boys, both sides flirting aimlessly. When the girls' minds roared with jealousy and the boys' table went silent, I looked up from my book.

Three years of marriage to the most beautiful woman was still something I was not used to. She was breathtaking as she walked across the room, her focus directed to the cell phone in her hand.

The boys' minds exploded and I couldn't help but chuckle.

Fuck! She's hot…

Jesus Christ…

God, her fucking legs…

Lucky fucking bastard…

The last statement was entirely true. I was extremely lucky. She smiled at me, stowing her phone in her bag and leaning down to give me a quick kiss. "Hi, baby," she smiled, "what's the smile for?" She sat beside me, crossing her flawless long legs so that her knees brushed against mine.

"You, love, always you." I tilted my head at her. I couldn't resist taunting the boys by running my hand softly up her thigh just under her skirt that she had worn just for me. The whole table moaned in jealousy.

Bella wasn't fooled. She had heard their groan and she smirked at me. "Marking your territory, Edward?" She raised a dangerous eyebrow at me.

"More like…teasing them with what they'll never have," I chuckled.

"The girls are worse, baby," she smiled sweetly, reaching up to trace my bottom lip with her thumb. "Listen to them," she giggled adorably. Leaning forward, she ran her fingers through my hair, bringing me in for another kiss.

"Mmm, you're right," I laughed, hearing the girls scoff at Bella, their minds flooding with jealousy. "Where's Jasper, love?"

"We ran into Alice just outside and they both needed the library. They won't be long," she smiled. She slid my Economics book over and thumbed through it. "Yeah, you can have this," she laughed, shaking her head.

"How was art class?" I teased back.

"Oh," she groaned, "we'll see…life was simpler when I used finger paint."

I laughed, kissing her temple. "Maybe you'll start a new rage in the art world, love."

"Shut it, Edward," she giggled.

Jasper and Alice strolled up to the table, Alice sitting next to Bella. "Hey, Eddie, did Bells tell you they are gonna let her use macaroni in art class?" He laughed as she threw a wadded up piece of paper at him. I fought my laugh and lost.

"Screw you, Jazz," she snorted. "Keep it up…vengeance is best served cold. I'll get you back…"

Alice gasped, looking over at Bella, but before I could see what she had decided, my love had dropped her shield around my sister, who was in hysterics. "There's fifty bucks in it if you do!" Alice laughed, shaking her head.

Bella bit back her laugh. "It's not about the money, but you're on…"

"What?" Jasper asked, looking over at me. His eyes were wide. "What's she planning?"

"No idea, but I would watch your step if I were you," I chuckled.

"Um, Bells…" Jasper smiled sweetly. "I love you, baby sis…have I told you lately?" Alice and I rolled our eyes at him.

"It won't work," she sang, opening her bag and pulling out the text book for our next class. We were all in Physics together, saving it for the last year, because none of us really wanted to take it. She flipped through it, ignoring Jasper.

"You are so screwed," I laughed, shaking my head. She had really learned to handle my brothers well in the years she had been under the same roof with them. Knowing she couldn't resist me, I bent to her ear. "Macaroni or finger paints, love…I'll think it's beautiful." She looked up at me, fighting her smile. Without saying anything, she reached over and slipped her hand in mine, turning my ring and continuing to flip through the book.

"It's time," Alice smiled, standing up. "Come on…"

Bella stowed her book and I took her bag. Jasper took his last opportunity to schmooze her. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "You're my favorite sister…just don't tell Rose, 'kay?"

I shook my head, looking at Alice. "Spill, what's she planning?" I asked, letting them walk ahead. Alice opened her mind for me with a stifled giggle and I couldn't help but laugh. "Oh, baby," I begged. "I'll double Alice's wager…"

"Shit," Jasper growled. "I'm so fucked…"

Bella turned in his arm to look at me with a smile. "Next class, then?" She asked, raising an eyebrow at me.

"Please," I nodded and Alice joined me.

We walked into the classroom, taking two tables in the back. Jasper tried to sit as far away from Bella as possible, but Alice reminded him it wouldn't matter where he sat. Class began and Jasper relaxed as Bella took notes. Jasper had a fantastic habit of leaning back in his chair on two legs. As soon as he was focused into the lecture, Bella looked up at me with a wink and over to him. Biting her lip to keep from laughing, she shot her shield out at the legs of Jasper's chair.

He fell with a loud clatter and a curse escaping his lips. Alice covered her face to hide her laugh and Bella turned into my shoulder, trying to muffle hers. The whole class turned around to watch him right his chair and sit back down. He was smiling as he thought she got him good, but he was already thinking of ways to get her back.

"Brace yourself," I whispered in Bella's ear. "You may have started a war." She shrugged, still laughing quietly. I smiled, kissing her head and getting back into the lecture.

Trig was next, all of us taking that together as well. All the tables were pushed together, making long rows. As usual, we took tables in the back. Bella sat between me and Alice, snatching the fifty dollar bills we were holding for her with a laugh. "Thank you," she smiled.

"Ha ha," Jasper smirked, folding his arms across his chest. "My turn, little sis," he sneered, jerking a thumb towards himself.

Alice laughed, looking at him. "Um, I love you…but she's a shield, baby," she smiled. In her mind, everything Jasper decided was deflected. I chuckled, shaking my head.

"Whatever," Jasper smiled. He was purposefully not settling on a decision.

Should I shield myself? Bella thought to me, giggling. I nodded, picking up her hand. I frowned when the professor walked in. His mind was full of blackness and sorrow.

Damn, the depression! Jasper frowned looking over the girls to me. What the hell?

I shrugged, shaking my head. Alice and Bella were oblivious to mine and Jasper's silent conversation. They were still laughing at Jasper's crash in the last class. I looked around and saw that the professor's eyes had fallen on my angel. We were early, the only students in the room so far.

His mind reeled with memories. I saw flashes of a young girl in her mid-teens, laughing in the passenger side of a car. She had a brilliant smile, dark hair and soulful brown eyes. The weather was terrible, snow and sleet pounded the windows. Lights flashed and I saw the twisted remains of a car. "Jesus," I whispered, looking back at Jasper.

"Baby," Bella's head snapped to me. "What is it?"

"You remind him of someone, love," I sighed, pressing my lips to her head. I closed my eyes, breathing her in. His pain was devastating. "Jasper, do something…"

"Ok, bro…" A feeling of calm and contentment filled the room. I sighed, pulling back and looking up at the front of the room. The teacher shook his head, taking a deep breath. He turned towards the black board and wrote his name. Professor Banks.

Jasper sent happiness his way, hoping to help him. A shiver ghosted through the instructor's body. That should help. Jasper smiled over at me. It did help. The man's mind relaxed, thinking more pleasant memories of the same girl.

He looked up at us, smiling. "You guys are kind of early." He pulled out papers from his briefcase.

"Yes, sir," I smiled. "Professor Sylvan's class let out early."

"Oh?" He laughed. "Don't get used to it. He'll work you to death." We all snickered, Professor Banks' gaze landed back on my Bella. Her smile filled his mind. He smiled with her in spite of himself. "Where are you guys from?" He asked, thinking that he just wanted to hear her voice.

"The Seattle area, sir," Jasper answered.

"All of you?"

"Yes, sir," Bella answered. His heart fluttered at the sound of her voice. It wasn't close to what he was expecting, it was better.

He looked down at his roster for the class. "Oh, Cullen," he smiled, looking back up at us. "Good students from what I hear…"

"Thank you, sir," Alice beamed. "We try."


"Sort of," Jasper snickered. "Foster kids…Bells and Eddie down there are married." Bella smiled down the table, shaking her head.

Too young to be married… The instructor's thoughts trailed off, imagining Bella in a white dress. He wasn't even close to how beautiful she was on our wedding day. I smiled, looking down. I caught his mind again. He couldn't stop looking at her.

Love, who is it that I remind him of? Bella thought to me, turning my ring slowly.

"His daughter," I whispered to her too quiet for him to hear. Students began piling in the room, noise and shuffling coming with them.

"What happened to her?" She asked, taking advantage of the interruption.

"Car accident."

"Oh," Bella and Alice both sighed, frowning. "Aw shit," Alice growled, looking towards the doorway. I growled low as Joe made his way in the room.

Eddie, if he touches her…it'll be the last thing he ever does… Jasper's gaze was fixated on the boy.

"Ok, I love you all…but you need to calm down," Bella whispered, looking down the table and back up to me. "Please? This isn't the way to handle him."

"What do you suggest?" I asked, my voice tight.

"I don't know, but you can't do anything…it would be harassment, considering that he hasn't done anything to warrant your behavior. You would be in the wrong. Understand?"

I stared at her for a moment, knowing she was right. I couldn't very well condemn the boy based on just his errant thoughts. Thoughts weren't actions. He may want Bella alone…he may think about hurting her, but that didn't mean he would actually follow through with it. "Ok…" I sighed, "Alright. We'll give it time."

Class started and Bella rolled her eyes. I hate math. I snickered quietly, squeezing her hand. She could do the work, but she just hated the whole process of it. "I know, love," I smiled over at her. She smirked, shaking her head.

I sat back, really watching her. My angel was everything to me and she meant something to everyone she came in contact with. Jasper's thoughts were still in protective "big brother" mode as he stared at his pencil. Alice was making a mental note to watch for decisions coming from "the jerk" -- as she was choosing to call Joe.

My family loved going back to school with Bella. It was a completely different experience. I couldn't get enough of it. She didn't trudge through the day like we used to. She embraced every experience, every book, every task. She laughed and played as if she didn't know we had to do it all over again in a few years. Every day was fun for her.

I couldn't wait to go back to high school with her. It was a joke between the two of us, but I really was looking forward to it. Oh, I really did want her to be a cheerleader. I knew it wasn't feasible, but that didn't stop me from wanting it. I smiled at myself. I had been through school more times than I could count, but never truly with someone. I envied my brothers and sisters for that. They had each other for dances and dates and parties. I was always on the outside. The seventeen year old still within me was craving all of those things with her. When Bella and I were in high school together when we first met, it wasn't long enough and the bloodlust was too much.

I regret every day that I left her our senior year. I only got one prom with her, one date -- if you could call the night in Port Angeles a date. Our lives were chaos after that, which led to my leaving.

As class droned on, I couldn't resist touching her. Under the table, I traced my fingers over her thigh. Bella's eyes flickered to me and she fought a smile. Behave, Edward, she thought to me. I chuckled softly, inching my hand higher, my fingers grazing the skin just under the hem of her short skirt. God, I loved that she wore those just for me.

Edward, I'm not kidding, she thought, gripping my hand. She was smiling as she fought my tickling fingers. Jasper…that rat bastard, she growled, looking down at the end of the table. I felt her shield slam around me and I inhaled sharply. Jasper was in silent hysterics at the other end of the table, trying to hide his face from her. I huffed a laugh and she turned back to me. "Sorry, love."

Professor Banks dismissed class and as the students stood, Bella reached over and slapped the back of Jasper's head. "We're even, ok?" He laughed, ducking her smacking hands.

"Fine," she snorted, shoving her books in her bag.

"Blame Eddie…he started it," Jasper stood, gesturing my way.

Bella whirled around with a smirk on her face. "Um…yeah…my fault," I shrugged, standing and taking her bag from the table. She just shook her head, taking my hand.

Cheerleader, Edward? Alice's laughing mind hit me.

"Shut it, Alice," I growled, knowing I will never hear the end of it.

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