Sooooooooooo....this story came to me when I was on a sugar rush...hence the retarded-ness...just bear with me until it properly gets started.

BTW, the characters are based on real people (my best friends)

Caitlin; 15 years old, curly dark blonde hair with lighter blond highlights to just past her shoulder-blades with a side fringe and black framed rectangular glasses. 5'5" ish, prone to hyper-ness but is also very protective of her friends.

Helen; the more sensible one of the lot, 15 years old, straight very dark brown hair usually in a pony tail fringe with blonde streaks, 5'5" ish

Lydia; the 'cute' and 'innocent' one, 15 years old, long straight chocolate brown hair with red, purple and black streaks and a fringe, about 5'2"

Allana; 15 years old, straight dark blonde hair and side fringe, 5'5" ish (again) uber mood swings (hyper to depressed emo in 1 second flat)

Alex; the 'emo' shoulder length black hair with side fringe, about 5'4", prone to bouts of depression and hyperactivity, 15 years old

Kwai; 15 years old, long light blonde wavy hair, about 5'9", rather odd and hates the Cullens

"Guess what I've got?" Caitlin teased the group, they didn't seem all that bothered.

"What have you got twin? We know you will just tell us anyway." sighed Allana

"The twilight movie on blu-ray!" Caitlin squealed, producing the box from behind her back.

"Ooooh! Cool! Put it on then Twin!" was Allana's response, Helen smiled from her spot on one of the blow up mattresses and Lydia also smiled, Alex looked indifferent but Kwai....

"NO! Edward is a total pansy! Since when did vampires wear body glitter!? WHEN!?And Bella is all like Ah Edward your a pansy it's so hot! Bite me!" Kwai ranted.

"Well tough, we're watching it, it's MY house." Caitlin replied smugly to Kwai's rant.

"Caitlin...are you by any chance on a sugar rush already?" Helen asked cautiously.

"Nooo...what ever gave you that impression?" Caitlin replied innocently while trying to discretely hide the fruit pastilles wrapper, Helen narrowed her eyes.

"Who gave her the fruit pastilles? You all know what happened on the theatre trip!" a slightly angry and very exasperated Helen announced to the group.

"Er...heh heh...I wasn't there remember? What happened?" Allana asked sheepishly. Helen smacked her forehead while Lydia and Alex laughed from he sofa, enjoying the entertainment, Kwai looked rather interested.

"Well you see how she has been very happy and bouncy?" Lydia started to explain, everybody turned to look at Caitlin who was trying to turn the air mattress into a trampoline by jumping on it repeatedly and glaring at it when all that happened was she lost her balance and fell over.

"Ye-es...?" Allana prompted.

"Well, imagine that, on a bus full of fifty teenagers, at 11:30pm...but fifty times worse." Alex finished explaining. Allana looked scared, and rightly so.

"Yeah...I can see where that might have been a problem..." was Allana's reply.

"It was all caused by fruit pastilles, which is why we banned her from them...she becomes a weapon of mass destruction." Helen informed the supposedly good twin.

"Yes! She could destroy those pansy body glitter wearing supposed vampires!" Kwai shouted.

"Can we watch the movie now? BEFORE she starts swinging from the chandelier?" Alex asked. Caitlin had a look of shock and hurt on her face.

"Alex! How could you say such a thing?! Impersonating monkeys is Jonathon's job!" Caitlin then whacked Alex's head, Alex hit her back but Lydia stopped them,

"Okay! Movie time!" she commanded in all her tiny pink and fluffy glory. There was some grumbling but everybody settled down to watch the movie.

The movie finished and everybody was tired after the sugar highs and so curled up on sofas and Air beds to sleep.

...ten minutes of silence later


"What the hell Allana?!"

"Well people should keep their feet to themselves, it's not my fault I'm sensitive" Allana grumbled.

"LOL." said Kwai in a monotone.

*another ten minutes of silence later.*

"Uh...guys? I'm kinda stuck..." said Caitlin from her stuck-ness between the two double blow-up mattresses.

"How the hell did you manage to get stuck between the mattresses twin? I thought we had them right next to each other!" Allana exclaimed.

"Yeah, I couldn't even get my hand in the gap!" Lydia piped up.

"Well I dunno! Alex keeps wriggling about! She's taking up just about the whole mattress! And she stole my quilt when she already has a sleeping bag!" Caitlin complained while trying to defend herself and wriggle out of the gap.

"LOL." said Kwai in a monotone.

Allana and Lydia sighed and pulled Caitlin out of the gap, they helped move Alex's unconscious spread eagled form so Caitlin could have somewhere to sleep.

*about half an hour later*

Caitlin sat up and saw that everyone else was asleep, or at least pretending to, she shrugged and lay back down, thinking how cool it would be to be in the twilight world...

* * * *

Caitlin blinked, trying to make her surroundings clearer, she rubbed her eyes and suddenly she could see everything. She was sitting on a pavement somewhere, the sky was grey and overcast and there were many trees. Something moved behind her and she stood up and turned around, only to find Allana(twin), Helen, Lydia and Alex. All of whom were just waking up.

"Where the hell are we? And what the hell are you doing in my dream twin?" Allana asked as she spotted Caitlin. Always the practical one.

"How the hell do you expect me to know...and the question is, what the hell are you doing in my dream twin?" Caitlin replied as though it were obvious.

"Okay, Caitlin Allana, stop fighting, why don't we try going this way?" Lydia intervened. Everybody walked down the pavement for a while before they came across a sign that said

'Forks High School.'

"No. Fricken. Way." Caitlin and Allana said together, they looked at each other and grinned. Before running into the school car park.

"HEY! GET BACK HERE YOU TWO!" shouted Helen. Lydia, Alex and Helen then ran after the non-related twins...who knew what trouble they could get into if left unsupervised for the shortest amount of time? The three really didn't want to think about that.

They caught up with the twins as they stood near one of the buildings watching the people arrive in their cars.

"Uh guys? Where's Kwai?" Caitlin asked. Just then the tall blonde walked into the car park. "Oh, there she is."

"HEY KWAI! OVER HERE!" shouted Allana, the tall blonde joined them as they looked around.

"Where were you?" Alex asked,

"For some strange reason, I was up a tree about 50 metres away from the school, I heard you guys before I saw you and tried to catch up."

"Okay..." said Allana

"Hey Caitlin? Is it just me or does that guy look like Kieran?" Alex asked looking scared. Caitlin looked to where Alex was pointing and her eyes widened.

"Aw man! Not only does he follow us at school, try to get in our photos and annoy the hell out of me at home, but now he is in my dreams too?! Where is the mercy?!" cried Caitlin falling to her knees and sobbing into her hands. Allana hugged her and Lydia patted her head.

"LOL. Wait...NO! He is here! Get it away!" shouted Kwai

"There there, he looks older than he is now though, maybe he grew out of it? Come on, let's go see if we can torment him so he disappears?" suggested Helen attempting to comfort the weeping Caitlin.

"Oh! Good idea!" Caitlin replied, immediately perking up and leading the way towards the Kieran look alike.

"I think she is still on a sugar rush, don't let her have any more sweets!" Alex whisper yelled at the rest of the group before they followed Caitlin.

"Oi! Kieran! What are you doing in my dream? Don't you annoy me enough when I'm concious?" Caitlin remarked to the blonde boy.

"Uh...who are you?" Asked the Kieran look alike. Caitlin narrowed her eyes.

"Who do you think I am?" she asked cautiously. The blonde dude shrugged.

"Some crazy little Freshman who called me Kieran." Caitlin snorted,

"What IS your name then?" Allana piped up, the guy looked startled having only just noticed the rest of the group.

"I am Mike, Mike Newton." the five of them gaped.

"No. Fricken. Way." said the twins (Allana&Caitlin). In sync. Again.

"He's Mike Newton." Alex stated.

"That's what I said." Mike agreed.

"It is SCARY how much he looks like Kieran!" Allana proclaimed. Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Wait a minute...if he's Mike Newton, and this is Forks high school..." Caitlin pondered.

"OMG! PINK!" squealed Lydia pointing across the car park, she promptly took off in the direction she glimpsed pink and the rest followed. Leaving a very confused Mike Newton to wonder why he had been confronted by six fifteen year old (ish) girls who were wearing pyjamas.

There were various shouts of protest as the six teenage girls hurtled across the car park following Lydia's pink senses. When the pink came into view however, they all stopped dead in their tracks...causing a human pile up and all of them to fall to the ground almost crushing Lydia.

"I KNEW IT!" shouted Caitlin once she got up off the ground.

"PINK!" shouted Lydia


"I WANT TO PLAY X-BOX!" shouted Allana.


"WHY ARE WE SHOUTING?!" shouted Helen.

Lydia ran up to a shocked looking pixie girl who was wearing a pink top.

"Pinkpinkpinkpinkpink!" chanted Lydia.

"See! I'm not the only one on a sugar rush!" Caitlin said smugly.

"Hi, I'm Allana!" Allana introduced herself to the guy with bronze hair, then he was startled as he was hugged by Allana. She let go and started prodding his cheek,

"Awwwwwww! No squishy-ness!" Allana complained.

"What do you expect? Vampires like these have granite-like skin. Remember twin?" Caitlin reminded Allana looking concerned for her supposed twin's sanity.

The five people in front of the bickering group of teenage girls in pyjamas' eyes bugged out, the one with bronze hair cried out in pain clutching his head and fell to his knees, a bell rang and they backed away to the school building, helping bronze along the way, before turning and running suspiciously fast to the school buildings.

The car park cleared quickly and the six girls were left alone.

Caitlin and Alex started whispering and grinning like idiots.

"What are you two planing?" asked a very wary Helen.

"We want to see what American school is like, and maybe torment and/or freak out some people while we're at it." announced an evilly smirking Caitlin. The others exchanged glances before shrugging.

"Okay." said Lydia,

"What a great Idea twin!" Allana congratulated, Alex frowned,

"Hey! It was my idea too!" Alex Exclaimed, Helen sensed the start of WWIII if something wasn't done so she intervened;

"And a fine one it was too, now, I think the office is this way, if we're going to do this, we might as well do it properly."

"If we must." sighed Kwai.

It took half an hour to convince the office lady (Ms. Cope) that they were new exchange students who had just arrived from Scotland, in the end it took Kwai to intimidate her...she was also probably scared by Caitlin's permanent sugar rush... but soon enough they were enrolled and had timetables and maps, they said goodbye the office lady and bounded to their class, trigonometry to be exact.

"EW! Why did we take this class?! I'm rubbish at maths!" whined Caitlin. They all looked at her.

"And you think we're not?" asked an incredulous Helen. Caitlin shuffled her feet but they kept on walking,

"It was the only one open, don't worry, we won't actually do any work, it IS only a freakishly realistic dream after all." Allana consoled her distraught twin.

They crashed into the classroom laughing and grinning madly, they had just concocted a plan for lunch, but the lesson was more than halfway through and everyone looked at them.

"Who are you?" asked the very confused teacher dude person.

"Hi, we're the new students from Scotland!" announced Allana.

"I'm Helen, apparently the only sane one of the group, this is Allana the mad witchy one, Alex the emo-ish one who is prone to bouts of total and utter insanity, Caitlin the one who is on an almost constant sugar rush, Kwai the tall and very random one, and Lydia the pink, cheese, cake and pie obsessed one." Helen introduced. There was a stunned silence, Alex was staring into space, Caitlin was bouncing where she stood, Allana was surveying the class, Kwai was just standing there and Lydia perked up at the mention her four favourite things.

"Pink? Cheese? Cake? Pie?" Lydia asked, looking around, Allana sighed,

"No liddy, Helen was only introducing us." she explained quietly.

"Awww." Lydia pouted and looked sad. The teacher cleared his throat,

"Okay girls, there are six seats at the back there." he pointed and went to get on with the lesson, ten minutes later the bell rang.

"They have very short lessons here." Lydia commented as they left the classroom. They walked down the hall and three tall blonde girls in micro mini-skirts and stilettos stood in front of them.

"Well well, look what we have here, six new little freshmen midgets who don't know when to get out of somebody's way." said the middle girl. Caitlin and Allana snorted and stepped forward.

"Well well twin what do we have here?" Asked Caitlin, suddenly calm and serious.

"I'm not sure twin, maybe a few sluts with badly bleached hair?" Allana asked her twin, also calm and serious.

"Just what I was thinking twin...although...they might just be bitches, do you think we should get them a chew toy?"

"Are you sure they aren't tangerines?" Alex asked, pointing out the fake tan. Lydia giggled and Helen smiled.

"And they also clearly share a brain cell as I am anything but a midget." added Kwai icily.

The six younger girls brushed passed the three blondes and made their way to their next class.