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"Woooooo! Lunchtime!" Alex and Caitlin cheered when the bell went after Biology.

They were jumping up and down before Helen smashed their heads together,

"Cut it out you two! How do you expect we are going to pay for this?" she asked,

"Owwwwwwwww!" Caitlin and Alex whined.

Allana grinned slightly psychotically.

"Aha, and that is where my amazing pick pocketing skills come in." she smirked as she pulled out a black leather wallet.

"Whose is that Allana?" Lydia asked suspiciously, Kwai simply looked mildly interested.

"It might be Edward's that I stole while poking his face." Allana said innocently.

"YAY! You stole the gay glitter wearing vampire's wallet! Can I burn it?!" Kwai said excitedly.

"No, not until I clear it out of cash at least. Then you can do what you wish with it." was Allana's reply.

"YAY!" Kwai cheered.

"Give it here." sighed Helen, "Wow..."

"How much is there?" liddy asked sweetly, Helen grinned,

"$120 and 52 cents."

there were various shouts of triumph and joy, they were all grinning, even Kwai, as they walked to the cafeteria.

The six of them piled their trays with various forms of food, turned around and looked for people to torture.

"AHA! I see them!" announced Helen pointing across the room, the lot of them grinned and skipped across the room.

"HI!" Caitlin said brightly to the five, now very scared, people at the table.

"Uh, hi..." replied the wary pixie.

"Aren't you going to eat, Edward?" asked Kwai menacingly.

"No..." Replied the bronze haired vampire.

"Yes. You are." Kwai growled, shoving a piece if pizza in his open mouth. The whole table was silent for a moment...before...


Edward spat out the pizza and started dry retching.


"Guys it's not that funny!" Edward whined,

"!" the whole table including his adopted siblings continued to laugh their heads off.

The bell rang and the six girls stood up, linked arms and skipped off.

'Well that was weird.' thought the five people left at the table.


I parked in the Forks high student car park and my siblings and I got out of my Volvo, we had been standing for maybe 20 seconds before someone shouted;


My siblings looked very confused but shrugged it off, then we heard shouts of protest and saw a short brown haired girl charging towards us, another five girls chasing after her. The girl in front stopped suddenly and the rest of them crashed into the back of her, they all fell over, almost crushing the first girl.

One of the girls, the curly haired one, jumped up and shouted

"I KNEW IT!" while pointing at us.

The short girl had managed to escape from the pile and shouted

"PINK!" pointing at Alice's top.

Then a girl with shoulder length dark hair and dark eye make-up shouted


"I WANNA PLAY X BOX!" shouted a girl with long straight blonde hair and a side fringe of sorts who seemed to have no clue why her friends were shouting but joined in anyway.

"AH! THE PANSY BODY GLITTER WEARING VAMPIRES!" shouted (more like screamed) a tall girl with long blonde wavy hair.

"WHY ARE WE SHOUTING?!" shouted the the tallest brunette who looked a bit Gothic.

The short girl who started the whole thing ran up to Alice,

"Pinkpinkpinkpinkpink!" chanted the girl who was obviously on something.

"See! I'm not the only one on a sugar rush!" the curly haired one commented smugly.

"Hi, I'm Allana!" said X-box girl, then hugged me

ah! get it off me! I thought. It only got worse as she then started poking my face.

"Awwwwwww! No squishy-ness!" the Allana girl complained.

"What do you expect? Vampires like these have granite-like skin. Remember twin?" the curly haired one said.

My siblings and I were so shocked that they literally had no thoughts.

And that is when I noticed their thoughts.

It sounded as though 7683 people were screaming in my head and had invited 62 full symphony orchestras and their audience's to in them.

f vh ~You are my queen and I am your servant, destiny did divide we most pitiful of twins. But in order to protect you, indeed just for that, I am willing to become your most evil of servants.~ STEAL WALLET POKE POKE POKEZdk khvkd THE !!!

Having such a strange array of thoughts in my mind caused me to collapse to the floor, crying out in pain. It was the worst day I'd had in a very long time. Even going to London paled in comparison to this mad feat!

The girls had started bickering and my siblings helped me to stand as they backed away to the school buildings.

It was only later that I realised someone had in fact stolen my wallet while I had been distracted.


That day I noticed several strange girls, who were they? I had heard many rumours about them already, and seen it with my own eyes at lunch when they sat with the Cullens. Though anyone had to admit, that WAS pretty funny, then they had simply got up and pranced off without a care in the world. It was as I was on my way to my truck at the end of school that I heard the shout;

"OMG! IT'S BELLA!" shouted somebody with a Scottish accent. I turned around and saw the group of girls running towards me, I tried to stay calm and not run away...or at least show my fear, but I was failing miserably.

They stopped abruptly in front of me and were silent for a moment.

"So...what is it that you find attractive about a body glitter-wearing gay vampire pansy?" asked the tall blonde.

"Uh...excuse me?" was my oh so brilliant reply.

"Never mind!" said the curly haired one, dragging her friends away and unless I misheard, hissed 'It's not that part of the story yet!' at them as they walked.

'Odd people' I thought as I climbed into my truck.


"Sooooo...what are we going to do abut sleeping arrangements?" Caitlin asked no-one in particular. The whole group stopped suddenly to think.

"Aren't we already sleeping, I mean, we are just in a weirdly realistic dream aren't we?" asked Helen. Everybody shrugged and they started walking down the road, about five minutes later a very large Jeep and a Volvo pulled up beside us, Emmett and Edward got out.

"Our father, Carlisle wishes to meet you, please get in the cars." explained Edward. The six of them looked at each other and packed into he two cars. A short drive later in which Edward's eye twitched to many to count they had arrived in front of a huge Victorian looking building.

"I Can't wait to see the huge window! It's probably gonna be the biggest bit of glass I've seen!" gushed Caitlin grinning hugely.

"Yeah! It'll be so pretty!" agreed Lydia, Edward looked shocked,

"How did yo- never mind. This way." he sighed. We were led through the door and into a large living room,

"Please wait here our parents will be arriving shortly.


I left the crazy people in the living room and went up to Carlisle's study where the rest of the family now was.

"Just listen, wait and listen." I instructed. We were all perfectly still and then they started to talk;

"Well this is boring."

"Yeah...what do we do now?"

"What keeps poking me? Hold on a sec." we heard the jostling of paper being pulled out of a pocket.

"What's that you've got Kwai?"

"I knew this would come in handy one day!" you could hear the evil in her voice.

"C'mon Kwai tell us!"

"100 ways to annoy the Cullens!" was it possible for her to sound even more evil? I gulped, soon it was gonna be hell. The rest of my family could barely contain their laughter.

"Oh! And another one for the Volturi...I wonder if there are any for the wolves..."

"Do those girls have a death wish?" was the general shocked thought between the Cullens after that last comment of the girls.

"Number 1; hum, sing or think annoying songs constantly to annoy Edward." Kwai read out. Edward gulped.

"OH! I know! How about the badger song?!" Suggested Caitlin.

The Cullens exchanged confused looks from where they were eaves dropping...then they heard the chanting.

"Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger MUSHROOM! MUSHROOM! Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger MUSHROOM! MUSHROOM! Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger MUSHROOM! MUSHROOM!"

"And now the Harry Potter version!" announced Helen

"Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter WEASLEY! WEASLEY! Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter WEASLEY! WEASLEY! Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter WEASLEY! WEASLEY! Snape, Snape ohhhh it's Snape! Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter WEASLEY! WEASLEY! Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter WEASLEY! WEASLEY!"

As the girls were chanting the Cullens, except Edward, sneaked a peak into the living room. All of the girls were dancing round the furniture in a line like some ritual dance to the beat of the 'song'. They quickly decided to go back up stairs...only to find Edward curled up and rocking backwards and forwards, chanting along with the madness downstairs and occasionally muttering/whining

"It won't stop, it won't stop!"

"I think Edward has finally cracked..." Emmett said to the others, they nodded gravely.

"It would seem so brother." agreed Alice.

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