The Slave Haunting

Summary: In old pre-revolutionary America, the South enjoyed a major deal of the wealth of the New World. With large plantations and prospering aristocratic families, Souther Plantation owners lived comfortable, wealthy lives...All but the Shield's family, one of the most prosperous of the Southern Plantation families in Virginia, Stationed in one of the oldest regions of the state the family manor begins to undergo a series of "odd" events centered around one of the families young black servants. And just as things seems to be getting better, the Lord's sons, from abroad in London come in at the end of the school year and the haunting take on a whole new turn.

NOTE: This might portray sauced up image of slavery, but Slavery was not a fanfic, not romantic or happy Gilmore in any way...I just prefer making it happy because there's too much sadness in the world already

Chapter 7: Journey to Discovery

She chanted some strange words, and murmured others. She took something out of the pouch of her dress and flung it over Serena, they sparkled and the fires around her flared.

The woman worked her charm, and when she was done…Serena was hovering above the ground, her eyes blank.

"Why do you hunt this child. What has she done to you?" The young priestess's voice echoed loud and clear throughout the room.

"She stole my body." The words came from Serena herself, but not in her voice.

The young priestess Raye continued to speak to the Spirit, I sat and watched, Mother not so far from me. We both stared, bewildered as the spirit through Serena spoke of its grievance. Of the pain and emptiness of awaking in a world without a body.

Knowing that your body was somewhere out there, living, without you.

"How did you loose your body?" The spirit shook Serena's head.

"I do not know. And I do not care. I just want what is mine."

" If this is your body, then what happened to her body." The spirit flared up to its feet, enraged now.

"How should I know. Let her tell you, I want my body." The girl's voice began to crackle, almost as if her spirit was vanishing.

"Do not fret, we will try to fix this, but you have to stop tormenting her. If you bring harm to her, you will bring harm to your own body, and you might never be able to return to it." The spirit glared at the young priestess.

"I cannot leave her be. I need to be in her presence, otherwise my spirit will wonder again, and I will not find her again." Her exclamation had the priestess feeling sympathetic. I could see it in her eyes, she would help the spirit, and as much as I wished that she would just set Serena free, I knew she wouldn't.

"Can you do something?" I asked. The young priestess looked on first at Serena, then at me for a moment before nodding her head.

"I can restore the spirit back into the body that she claims is hers." I bristled.

"But what about Serena. You cannot just jettison Serena out of that body." He shook his head, and she sighed in agreement.

"No, I cannot. But I can put them both in there together. But first I must get both their compliance." I nodded my compliance, the priestess returned to work on Serena and when she was done, the real Serena was back.

"Do you understand, that in doing this you will be sharing your body with that spirit, the spirit that has hunted you all this time. Whatever she feels, you feel, and vise versa. You will be in control of the body, but for the most part it will feel as if you are both driving the body…." She went on to list all the different symptoms Serena would experience if she agreed. some of it was rather, gruesome.

I was almost certain that Serena would refuse, but she did not, She accepted the offer.

"I do not want her to vanish. She suffers so much, I can feel what she felt when she realized her body was gone…what I do not understand is why she tormented me."

"She thought you stole her body from her. And she believed that she could drive you out through death." The priestess replied. Serena nodded; she looked relieved, almost as if a weight was being lifted off of her. Something in me crunched up at the thought that perhaps her hopes is being built up only to get crushed once she realizes that all of this will only return again.

The priestess returned back to her work and in an instant the spirit was back.

The young woman explained what would happen if the spell worked, Serena would be in control of her body and her mind, but she would see the spirit when it is in her presence.

The spirit would be able to travel a few distances away from Serena but not very far otherwise it would become lost.

Everything the young woman said seemed to be some way ward fantasy to me. How could such a thing be possible.

Spirits; ghosts, huntings. All of these things were not possible. I was a man of science, a man taught to believe in the physical, and here I was ensnared by the metaphysical world.

"Thank you so much. If there is there anything at all I can do to repay you, let me know." I extended my hand for the priestess and she took it shaking her head.

"I am happy to be of service." She walked out of the door, the Father in her heel. I stared back at Serena, she was sleeping on the sofa mother seated besides her, gently singing a lullaby to her.

She would not be up for some time. I grabbed my coat on the stand and went out after the young priestess and the Father.

I met them just as they were about to enter the carriage.

"Let me accompany you." I went in after them, hoping to gain some information on how I could be of service from her.

"I never did get your name."

She stared at me for a moment then sighed as if it was a bother speaking to me.

"Rei. I am called Rei. Are you a man of science Mr. Shield." I nodded, it was not hard to see that I preferred to rely on modern science than the mystical workings of the universe, though the events that I had laid witness to these past weeks might have changed that.

"I find it difficult to deal with you men of little imagination. You rely so heavily on your science, without considering the fact that science itself is a magic. Though different from other magic. It is alchemy without the natural inhibitions." I would have argued with her assessment had everything I believed in not been brought to question recently.

I was experience a haunting for god's sake. I might have been compelled to believe that Serena was suffering from some form of dementia or a brain injury had I not seen first hand what she had been going through.

"I am forced to believe that there is more out there than I am capable of accepting. But for now, I would just like to know what I can do to help Serena. What if the thing acts up again." Rei stared outside the window at the dark scenery as the horse rushed by the trees.

"If I were you Mr. Shields I cannot honestly say. It would be better to try and resolve this problem. And perhaps try and get that young girl back on her feet. Just because the spirit has ceased to hunt her does not mean she will go back to her old self. She will need help." Help I intend to offer her. I would do all I can to help her. Why, I was not certain as of yet, but I knew I would.

The carriage came to a stop and the Father got out first, then I left the carriage and held my hand out for the young lady. She accepted, stepping out of the carriage with my assistance.

She kept her hand in mines for a good minute before rapidly pulling away, and in just the niche of time because a young man stepped out of the church doors a cane at hand and a frown on his face.

He walked up to her, and I immediately recognized him. Jedite Ivanov a childhood friend, and the only son of Lord Ivanov one of the wealthiest entrepreneur in the area. His family owns all of the shipping yards and merchant ships in the area. We shipped most of our plantation goods through them.

I made a move to greet him, but the stern look he sent my way made me think twice. His cold gave traveled to the young lady and it seemed to soften incredibly. Far too much for it to be a coincidence.

"Rei. I didn't know you left." He stated walking towards her. She averted his hold by walking around him.

"I didn't know I had to inform you of my whereabouts as well." Obviously I was laying witness to a lover's quarrel. One I had no intention of being a part of.

I was about to walk away when he sighed and turned to stare at me.

"Its good to see you again Darien. Last I heard from you, you were in Paris." I took the hand he offered.

"And last I heard from you, you were in Serbia with your grandmother." He smiled, returning to that little innocent young boy I knew as a child. Jedite wasn't one to frown, it was unsettling to see such a cloudy look about him. He was always the happiest of us growing up.

"Yes well, I took a trip to the Orient with her and I just returned a few months ago, she is still there. Grandmother seems to enjoy the Orient more than she does here." I nodded, it made sense the Priestess Rei did look as if she was from the Orient and the way they acted just now. There was definitely something afoot here and I did not want to get in their way.

"Rei was just helping us out with a situation at the manor." Jedite nodded his smile fading away.

"No, I'm sorry I got brash with you. I…Rei is currently staying at our manor, she just relocated to the church a day ago and I…" I nodded understanding, Rei had left and he was here to retrieve her. Definitely a lover's quarrel.

"I'll let you get back to it then. I am returning now." I turned away and got in the carriage.

Back home, I found that mother had already had Serena sent to her room.

I kissed mother goodnight and went to my own room. I knew I would need to be of service to her.

Sorry I've never done a ghost story before so i'm kinda pulling my own leg here. Hope it comes out okay….