A day in the life.

Trinity fell backwards onto her dorm bed. The sunlight shone down on her face making her golden hair shine.

She looked over at the clothes she had picked out for today. There was no difference in today's outfit and yesterday's. Her outfit was a light beige blouse with a brown vest over top. The pants were loose fitting blue jeans. Her shoes were a pair of shined, black, cowgirl boots. To finish the look, she tied a sea green bandanna around her neck and placed a black cowgirl hat on the top of her head. Her duel disk was slightly different then the schools.

It had a compass built into it and was an aqua blue, the color of her eyes.

Satisfied with how she looked, she left her dorm in search of her twin cousins.

She found them. They were waiting outside her door.

They were not identical twins; in fact, the only thing that they both had was their personality. James was the oldest by two minutes. He had light brown hair and dark green eyes. He was very athletic and made most ladies' swoon.

Jack on the other hand, had white hair and startling light grey eyes. His body type was thin and pale. But he made up with it by his personality.

Together, they were the dynamic duo of Duel Academy. They had even made their own theme song.

"Good mornin' little Komodo." They chorused cheerfully together.

"Morning Jim, and Jack. Not causing trouble for the teachers, are you?" asked Trinity smiling at her cousins.

They shook their heads with a mischievous glint in their eyes. Trinity would dread asking but she felt had to ask.

"What did you do?" she asked glancing at each of them in turn. Their smiles grew wider.

A scream from the Ra yellow's dorm rang through out the island.

"Kenzan is going to kill you," sighed Trinity, as she walked off to go calm down her now in a rage, friend.

She didn't have to walk that far outside of the girls blue dorm. Kenzan ran right into her knocking both of them over. He looked down at her taking a moment to realize the awkward position they are in. Once it sets into his mind, he quickly got off of her.

"Sorry about that-don." He said helping her up.

"It's ok. Just don't do it again." She said dusting her self off. "And if you're looking for Jim and Jack, they're in the hallway."

"Thanks. Gotta go-don." With that he ran off into the girls dorm, seeking his revenge. Shrill screams from James and Jack, soon rang out all over the island. Trinity shook her head, and headed off to school, where her other friends were waiting for her.

Maria had short black hair with hazelnut colored eyes. She was tall and slender. She had a beauty mark under her left eye.

Chloe had mid-back, bubblegum pink hair, with blue-brown eyes. She was about five foot seven, with triple pierced ears.

Brianna had dark skin and pitch-black hair, with blue-brown eyes. She had a nose piercing in her left5 nostril.

Sydney was the gang's tomboy. She had spiky, short, platinum, blonde hair and light green eyes. It was often said she was Trinity's twin, because of their personalities and features.

Lizzie had dirty blonde hair with green-blue eyes. She had a snobbish, "I'm better than you" look stuck on her face.

"Hola senorita, Trinity!" said the Spanish girl Maria.

"Hola, Maria. How's it going?" she replied, sitting beside her friends.

"I have completed the last level in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time." Announced Chloe smiling then she frowned.

"You girls hear about the assembly today?" asked Chloe playing with her piercing.

"Si! New students are supposedly coming from around the world!" exclaimed Maria, excitement running through her voice.

"Really! I must look my best for when they come!" yelled Lizzie jumping up from her seat.

Everybody sweat dropped.

"Perhaps our dear friend has a good point. We do want to look our best. We must make a good first impression." Noted Brianna, looking at her friends, for their thoughts.

"I agree." Said Trinity. "We represent this, and we want to make good first impressions." She paused, as she waited to see if anyone agreed.

After a couple minutes of muttering, everyone nodded in agreement.

"Makeovers!" sang Chloe.

Within a couple seconds, all six girls were heading towards Lizzie's dorm room to give each other makeovers.

After their excessive makeovers and gossiping, they headed off to the auditorium. As the new exchange students were introduced, the girls picked out their favorite one. Brianna voted Axel, Lizzie and Maria voted Jesse, Chloe picked Adrian, and Sydney and Trinity voted Jim. This surprised no one.

"I don't like that Viper guy," said Sydney crossing her arms over her chest.

"Si. He has a evil look to him," agreed Maria pushing a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

"His aura is black and dense," noted Trinity.

The five girls looked at Trinity. It was not often that she commented about anyone's aura.

Trinity could see clearly the color and density of any living things aura. It was a rare gift, and allowed her to sort out trustworthy people.

"So. What does that mean?" asked Lizzie, pretending not to care. She could not see auras as clearly as Trinity, but now she noted a very wispy black cloud-surrounding Viper. This was the opposite of what Trinity saw. Trinity saw a dark black cloud in her minds eye, which she turned off after using it. Lizzie did the same.

"It means watch your back," answered Trinity looking at Lizzie. She then, turned her attention back to the exchange students. Thy seemed trustworthy, but that Adrian fellow was on the borderline.


"Trinity! There you are!" shouted Jaden, running up to her, followed by a blue haired boy.

"What is Jaden?" she asked looking at him, then his blue haired twin, Jesse, if she remembered correctly.

"Kenzan! He fainted and Jim did too!" panted Jaden, grabbing her wrist as he ran back to the infirmary dragging her along, with Jesse beside him.

Luckily, she was Miss Fontain's assistant. As soon as they got there, Trinity gave them orders on what to do. Jaden had done exactly as she said, no hesitation. But Jesse just stood there looking at her.

"Are ya sure? I mean, you're not really a nurse." Stammered Jesse.

Trinity realized she probably looked intimidating. Her hat was hiding her eyes from everyone. She removed her hat and looked Jesse in the eye. "I am not a nurse. That is right, but I am the nurse's assistant."

The warm, gentle, sparkle in her eye seemed to reassure him. He nodded, and set off to help Jaden remove a reluctant Shirley off of Jim, while she got Kenzan hooked up to the proper machinery.

"Who carried Kenzan and Jim here?" she asked.

"We did," replied Jesse. "Took us half an hour to get Kenzan all the way here."

"Then you carried Jim AND Shirley back here?" she asked in slight admiration.

"Yea. Not sure how we did that exactly." confessed Jesse, as he tried to lift the fainted Jim into the bed. With a grunt, he finally managed to get him up.

"How we suppose ta get his shirt off?" asked Jesse, looking thoroughly perplexed.

"You unbutton it, than pull his arms out one at a time-"


"Jaden…If Jim is one of those 'I'll beat up anyone who destroys my shirt' people… Don't expect any help." sighed Trinity, looking at a very scared looking Jaden, holding the knocked out Aussie's now destroyed shirt.

"Jim seems like a good fellow, but I highly doubt he'll let anyone destroy his shirt and get away with it," added Jesse.

Jaden gulped, eyes widening. "Then… I must… go write my will…" he whispered. He then left the room, face void of any emotion.

As the door shut, Jesse and Trinity looked at each other and broke into peels of laughter.

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