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Maria felt odd. She couldn't feel her missing friends aura energy. It was unnatural, it was scary, and she couldn't stand it. If worry didn't send her to the nuthouse, this odd feeling would. It had already made her freak out at her big purple teddy bear.

When her pda rang, she nearly jumped through the roof. She looked at the caller id and saw it was Lizzie.

"Lizzie! Are you all right? Where are you? Is the others with you?" she asked.

Instead of Lizzie's voice, she heard a deep, rumbling chuckle on the other end of the line. Her heart skipped a beat. "Wh-who is this?" she asked, her body starting to shake like crazy.

"I'm your doom," the voice replied.

She dropped her PDA and stood there, frozen in pure horror. She took a deep, shaky, breath and she felt her eyes well up with tears. Next thing she knew she was lying on her bed, crying.


Trinity's PDA rang, breaking the silence that surrounded her and Jim as they walked back to their dorms. She looked at the caller id, than answered.

"Chloe? Where are you?"

Jim watched as Trinity listened. Her face went from slightly frowning, to a look of pure terror. "Shelia? What's wrong?" he asked, a hint of worry in his voice. He watched as she pressed the speakerphone button. A deep, chuckling erupted from the PDA.

"I will get you. And the other two. I promise. And you will give me your powers." Then the dial tone was heard.

Jim's good eye widened in realization. Someone was after Trinity and her friends. Even in this poor lighting, he could see her go paler and start to shake. He moved over to her and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry," he soothed, "These blokes won't lay a finger on ya." He meant every word he said.


It had been over three weeks since Brianna, Lizzie, and Chloe had gone missing, and in that time the school had gone to a different dimension, and he had went after Jaden, who had went after Jesse, after he hadn't returned to their dimension.

Poor Syrus couldn't take much more of this. He missed Chloe.

The sweet little, teenage, boy had been preparing to ask her out for all the time he had known her. But it was now that he had the courage.

"Chloe…please be safe," whispered Syrus under his breath.

"Why are you missing that freak? It's poor Lizzie who everyone should be missing." Said the black haired slifer, Chazz.

He would never admit it out loud, but he really missed her. She had been one of the few people to cheer him on after his fall from Obelisk to Slifer. The Chazz really did miss her. He wanted Lizzie back.


Kenzan growled as Jim escorted Trinity to her next class.

He had been her friend since they were five, and now Jim was coming between them. Just then, when he had been talking to her, Jim had come up and said, "It's best we got to our next class shelia." And then, he was shepherding her to her class.

A thousand ideas ran through his head, but they had the same roots, take Jim's place and be her escort. Since the school lacked military weapons, he would have to confront him, duel him, or do away with him. The third option was out of the question. He had already dueled him, and lost so he had to confront him.

"Alright solider, this is war! THIS IS WAR I TELL YA!" Everyone in the hall stopped and looked at him. He blushed. "Continue with your schedule." He said before marching off to his next class.


Trinity sat down at her desk and took out her books. Jim sat beside her, and looked around for danger. When he was satisfied that all was safe, he relaxed and started chatting with her, occasionally glancing around protectively.

"Ya don't have to look for danger. They wouldn't dare try to kidnap anyone in class."

Jim's good eye widened, and he looked at her blushing slightly. "Can't be too careful shelia. Ya never know."

Trinity rolled her eyes at him playfully. Jim smiled and pulled her hat over her eyes. She stuck her tongue out at him. He let out a low chuckle and brought his face closer to hers, planning to capture that tongue.

"Reportin' for duty serge!" said a voice behind them. Trinity pulled her tongue back into her mouth and brought her hat up so she could see again.

She looked behind her and saw Kenzan smiling at her.

"Hey Tyranno!" she said smiling back at him.

Jim looked at Kenzan. "Your name is Tyranno, Kenzan?"

"Yes. What did you think it was? Kenzan Kenzan?"

Jim leaned back into his chair. "No. I just thought ya would 'ave a different name there, mate."

To add to his embarrassment, Trinity moved from the desk next to him, to the empty desk next to Kenzan. Kenzan looked at Jim and smirked smugly. If a lady hadn't been present, he would have gladly wiped that smile off of his smug face.

After class, instead of waiting up for Jim, her and Kenzan went off without him. And Kenzan had flashed Jim another smug smirk. Being the gentleman he was, he decided not to let Shirley take a chunk out of him.


Chloe wearily opened her eyes. Her head felt woozy. What had happened?

Blinking slowly, she looked around, trying to make out where she was. Footsteps in the dark came towards her.

"Welcome, Aura Princess." A deep, harsh voice said. She looked towards it and felt a cold blade up against her throat. "I suggest you stay quite, Princess."


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