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Lost and Found!

"Naruto Uzumaki, the Council has decided for you to be banished,' said Danzo with a truly wicked smile.

Naruto looked at the council with disbelief, he couldn't believe it. He just took down Pein and brought back Sasuke and not mention the other shit he done to save their sorry asses. Naruto looked over at Tsunade she was crying, her favorite ninja was being banished and she couldn't do a thing. Almost everyone in village was angry for him going eight tails in his fight with Pein and then there was the people who still thought of Sasuke as greatness and didn't like way he brought him back.

He knew the reason why they wanted him to leave the village but he wanted to hear it from them so he rubbed his temples and asked, "May I know the reason why I being kicked out on my ass?"

Danzo smiled another wicked smile, "Well I guess you deserve that. Naruto you're being banished for using the nine tail's fox power and going into eight tails, also for bring back an important prisoner, Saskue Uchiha, back hurt the way you did."

Naruto now furious decided tell the council what was on his mind, "You're banishing me for saving you asses and bringing back Sasuke back hurt. Ha-ha. I think I'm going mad. I can't believe this shit he betrayed you guys and was about to go to Akatsuki."

The council started shouting insults at Naruto. Then Danzo stood, "No matter what you think we have spoken. The Council gives you three days and then you have to leave here and if we catch you back here we will not hesitate to kill you."

Naruto got up from his seat and left the council room in shock.


"Daimyo, we have found the boy you wanted and we thought you like to know when we were spying on him we found out he was banished and given three days before he has to leave," said a unknown ninja.

A woman stood up and slammed her hands down on the wooded desk that she was now leaning over, "How dare they banish him."

She then calmed down, "Oh well we found are next Uzukage, tell me how long it takes to get there."

The unknown masked ninja said, "With the 'eyes and ears' speed one day."

The woman sat back in her chair, a smiled played across her face, "Well looks like we will go get him, get everyone ready we leave in two days."

"Yes, Daimyo."

~Three days later with Naruto~

Naruto looked at all his friends, all of rookie 9 and their sensei's, Team Gai, Tsunade, Shizune, Anko, Iruka, Ibiki and few villagers stood at Konoha gates to say goodbye to him. Naruto looked around again and sighed well not everyone was there, Sakura and Sasuke, wasn't there. Sasuke still was in the Hospital and Sakura told he was an 'irresponsible bastard' for using the eight tails of the fox's power. He walked up to everyone and begins to say goodbyes to each one personally.

Tsunade was the last, "Obaa-chan, I will always love you like a mother but since there is no way I can be the Hokage, I will give you this necklace back."

He handed her the green Hokage's necklace which made her cry even more than she already had been. She pulled him into a hug almost choking him to death.

"Obaa-chan… you're killing me," he mumbled implanted between her large mounds.

She pulled him out of her embrace and through her tears managed to say, "I told you not to call me that you brat."

Then she broke down crying falling to her knees. Shizune ran to her side tears also in her eyes hugging Tsunade.

"Oi, Naruto hurry up we don't have all day and I'm a busy woman you know," someone shouted.

Everyone looked around and right there outside the Konoha gates stood a woman with long dark red hair in a ponytail and two long bangs hanging down either side of her face. She wore short black spandex shorts and a blue mini skirt and a matching blue shirt that was so short that you could she her well tone stomach and it was a mystery just how she mange to keep her shirt from busting because her breast was as big as Tsunade if not a bit bigger.

Her blue eyes look similar to Naruto's own. She had tattoo on her right arm of a dragon standing in a whirlpool. This woman also carried a sword resembling a wakizashi but a little longer. It was kept sheathed horizontally behind her lower back. (Like soifon on bleach.) Naruto looked at the woman who was waving franticly at him with a cheesy smile.

"Hey Naruto you know this troublesome woman," whispered Shikamaru.

Naruto thought for second and then shook his head no. Everyone then looked at the woman. Kakashi yelled, "Who the hell you are and what do you want with our ninja."

She stopped waving and smiled before saying, "You banished him so he is longer your ninja." Tsunade got up from the ground now pissed off and growled, "If you step over here your dead."

The woman took this as a challenge and so did ninja with her hiding in the shadows so they jumped down from trees. In a quick second the woman was behind Naruto and hit him knocking him unconscious then before they could react she was back to where she stood at before.

"Give back Naruto," they all said preparing for battle.

She smiled shook her head no and said, "I want to thank you guys for a least treating him nicer than most but I will take care of Naurto-kun now, Ja ne."

Kiba came charging at her but she disappeared in a swirl of water resembling a whirlpool. And so did the ten ninjas with her. Tsunade now angry and sadden like a mother who lost her first born, fainted.

~The Next day With Naruto~

The young blond shinobi felt like his head was on fire as he sat up. He looked around, he was in a room five times as big as the one he had back in Konoha. He also noticed he was in a big bed and it was so soft that he could melt but it was not his. He laid back down and tried to remember what happen and where he was. He laid in bed concentrating hard. Then it hit him. That's right he got banished and then a weird lady knock him out and must have brought him here. Just then the same lady walked in with ten ninja like people following her. But this time she had on Daimyo robes over the outfit she wore yesterday.

He immediately got angry, "Why hell did bring me here you old hag, what do you want with me?"

"How dare you yell at the Daimyo like that," yelled an orange hair guy who just entered the room.

The lady put her hand up and said, "its okay, Naruto I will tell you everything if you calm down," she said in a very sweet voice, the she yelled, "But if you every call me an old hag again I will kill you gaki."

Naruto scared nodded his head, yes, that he understood.

The Daimyo came over and sat on the bed next to Naruto ruffling his hair, "Hmm… were should I start. Well I need someone to become Uzukage of my village hidden in the whirlpool. I would like you to become the next Uzukage of my village."

Naruto eyes popped out his head, "Why, Why would you want that?"

She smiled, "Well I am Daimyo of The Land of Whirlpool but acting as the hidden village's Kage for a while now. Plus you are the only Uzumaki besides me left for the position. All the other Uzumaki's are not even close to kage level."

Naruto nodded at everything then realizing what she said and screamed, "Nani, you're an Uzumaki like me and there more to the clan."

She covers her ears then screams back, "Quit yelling so loud."

Then before she could continue the orange hair guy said, "Daimyo you mean he is the prince that are village has been missing. Why didn't you tell me?"

The guy then bow in front of Naruto.

The Daimyo shrugged, "Well Shinji I didn't want to get everyone excited if he wasn't alive or something. But back to explaining. Like I said I am the Daimyo of the Land of Whirlpool, Lola Uzumaki, the younger sister of Kushina Uzumaki, your mother. And before you ask why I haven't come for you early I will tell you. It's simple, our village, no matter of fact, the whole land of whirlpool was under attack and when you were born I had just took control and was a kid.

I also knew we couldn't afford to be attack by other villages so I pretend to be only one who survive the attack out of all people in the land of whirlpool and told all the villages that I was only one to survive. I did this so we could build our damaged village back up without anyone knowing and so I could get stronger. But I also knew my sister was suppose to have a kid. So I went to tell my sister not to worry and Konoha council told me that you and my sister and brother-in-law all died when the fox hit. I then fake my death went back to my village became the Daimyo and temporary Uzukage."

She took a break, "But also for eight years I went around training to become really strong. Then I came back to my village and last eight years I been focusing on making my Land better. I also heard your name a couple times throughout my travels and had people look into it. I must say it wasn't easy especially since at time I was trying to keep a low profile. Needless to say I found you. So I plan to train you for a year and you will be ready to be the village's next kage."

Naruto thought about everything then felt sad, he look down and said, "I love to but I got the nine tail fox sealed into me and-"

All of the ninjas in the room got on their knees with Shinji and Shinji spoke, "Prince we all knew if you were alive that you have nine tail fox in you because of the info we got and so does the whole village but we all still like you to be are Uzukage."

Lola nodded as well, "Yea so you're going to be the next Uzukage whether you like it or not." Naruto couldn't believe they would except him just like that.

Tears in his eyes he jumps into Lola arms taking her by surprise and hugging her. "Thank you Auntie I be honor to be your Uzukage."

Then Lola started to cry, "You baka it's not nice to make a women cry."

After they got their tears under control she said, "Well I got tell you all about The Land of whirlpool's History and your mother and father, and The Uzumaki clan and its great bloodline."

~Konoha Late in Afternoon~

The Hokage was a mess, she drunk eighteen bottles of sake and sent an ANBU team after the person who took Naruto but ANBU reported back that they couldn't find not a trace of Naruto, or the strange woman anywhere. All of Naruto's friends went into a depression stage and trained to the max all day. The most depressed friend of Naruto's was the Hyuga Heiress. She finally had confessed to Naruto and he gets banished. She wished she could have gone with him. Then it hit her! She could leave the village. There was nothing here for her without Naruto he was her world. Hinata knew she might never find him but weather he was alive or dead he wouldn't be allowed to come back to Konoha. That's it, she decide to leave the village and search for him.

Later on that night Hinata hopped the Konoha gates and left unnoticed. She ran nonstop until she was sure if ANBU was sent after her it take hours for them to catch up. So she took a quick break and camped out until early morning then she took off again. Hinata was going to stop at the first village she saw but as a member of a tracking team she knew that was asking to get caught. So when Hinata came upon the third village she stopped there. As she looked around the village her stomach growled. 'I guess I should get something to eat,' she thought to herself. Hinata walked into she came upon a ramen shop. She smiled to herself, I guess ramen is good.

After ordering a bowel of Miso ramen she realized that she didn't bring any money. "How could I forget to bring some money," she said out loud.

A guy next to her heard what she said and being a gentleman that he was he said, "Since you ordered light and it's not that high I will pay for it miss."

Hinata looked up at the guy talking to her with suspicion in her eyes, "Umm… It's okay."

He sighed, "No it isn't because the guy who cooked the ramen has to get paid and you don't have any money you said it yourself."

She nodded, "Well thanks Mr.-"

"Ryu the silent wolf," the man said.

Hinata gasped when he told her his name. She heard it before. He was an assassin and from the rumors a great one.

He looked at her shocked expression and said, "Don't judge a book by its cover; I'm not just a crazy assassin like your thinking."

Still scared of him she nodded and then said, "Well thanks anyways Ryu, but now I owe you, is there anything I can do for you."

Ryu shrugged, "If you really feel like you owe me tell me what you're doing here in this dangerous place and why you have no money?"

Ryu watched her tense up and sensed she didn't want to talk about it, "Look I'm an assassin. I have no reason to be disappointed or angry at anything you say."

For some odd reason she felt like she could trust him so Hinata end up telling him everything about Naruto being banished and her leaving the village over ramen.

He also told her little about himself but it was just basic stuff. After both of them finished their ramen Ryu said, "Hinata if you don't have a place to stay follow me."

Hinata stared at the man unsure if she should take his offer. She then noticed Ryu from the corner of her eye getting up from the stool paying for both of their meals and walking away.

Hinata quickly thought out her options. Her best bet was to follow this blacked haired stranger. Hinata got up from the stool and followed.