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Chapter 8: Sorry

"Watch it dobe," said the person as he begin to get up from the ground.

'Dobe', thought Naruto, 'there's only one person in Konoha who I know that says that.'

"Sasuke Teme," asked Naruto unsure if he was right.

"Huh…," questioned the raven haired man.

Sasuke looked so much different than he did when Naruto last seen him five years ago. His hair was longer now. It was so long that some of it hanged out the sides of his head band that was tied around his head. His face was thinner making him look like a man. He was truly buff, his pecks seemed to be busting out of black sweat shirt and jonin jacket. He wore regular jonin pants and ninja sandals.

"So do you run around calling every visiting Kage a dobe… Sasuke," asked Naruto with a smirk on his face.

Sasuke couldn't say much. He knew Naruto was here. Sakura told him Naruto was here after her mission was over with. She also told him that Naruto was the Kage of Whirlpool. Now that her mission was over she told him she could tell him this much but not all the details. Though, he was surprise to actually see Naruto, in the flesh, standing in front of him. He wanted to say many things, like sorry and how have you been but those words didn't come instead he heard himself say…

"And does the visiting kage always go bumping into someone and calling them a teme," he asked with a smirk on his face also.

"Don't know? It depends on who the person is," Naruto replied with his hand under his chin never letting up on the cocky grin.

"I guess that means raven haired men who look awfully handsome," Sasuke said with his usual arrogance.

"Still cocky are we," asked Naruto.

Sasuke shook his head but felt his self smiling. It was the first real smile he smiled in a long time.

"Do you want to get a drink Uzukage," asked Sasuke.

"I was thinking the same thing Sasuke," said Naruto. The two then walked to a nearby tavern and order a few drinks.

"So how have you been," asked Naruto?

"I am supposed to be asking you that," said Sasuke.

"Well if you want to know, I've been great," Naruto told Sasuke.

"Really," asked Sasuke wondering if Naruto was telling him the truth. "I know your dream was to become Hokage and that day I ruin it for you. I'm sorry, I really am," said Sasuke.

Naruto picked up the drink that was place in front of him downing it then smiled.

"Yes, my dream was to become Hokage but I think my real dream was to find love and to have a family and for people to recognize me and for me to be a kage. And you know what I got that Sasuke. So I don't think you ruin my dreams you just put a dent in them," Naruto informed the raven haired man.

Sasuke swallowed his drink letting the hard acid of alcohol burn his throat.

"Your Dream was to have a family," muttered Sasuke.

"Yes, I never had a family so I always wanted one. That is why I always seeked to bring you back because at the time you were my only family, my brother," explained Naruto.

"I see," Sasuke said staring at the old painting in the old bar.

"Hinata is the main key to my happiness now. Her and the village, the village people, the council, the Daimyo, and the Ninja are what keep me going strong," Naruto stated proudly.

"Do you blame me for not this village not being what you have today," asked Sasuke.

"I did blame you at the time. All I could think of was that if I never bother to bring you back from the darkness that I would have never been kicked out from Konoha," admitted Naruto.

Sasuke looked down and then grabbed another drink downing it.

"But I don't blame you anymore because I am over it and I know that no matter how many times I got put in that position I would do it again," Naruto told him,.

"Why, you lost everything," asked Sasuke.

"No, I didn't lose everything. Plus I gain a whole lot more. I do miss everyone here but Sasuke you must understand a man can never go back on his word and I promised to save you, I promise to Sakura, I promise to me that I would save you. Not only that but I would have felt way worst with the title Hokage if I hadn't save you, it would eaten at me for rest of my life," reassured Naruto.

"I don't know if I could have did the same for you," Sasuke spoke honestly.

Naruto chuckled, "Of course not Sasuke, Only an Uzumaki could pull off such a thing as I did."

Sasuke laughed shaking his head muttering dobe.

"So I heard you and Sakura have gotten together," said Naruto.

"Yea, were taking it slow right now, I don't know how you do it," answered Sasuke.

Naruto laughed, "Wait till you get married."

"Married," Said Sasuke shuddering.

"Haha… it's not that bad Sasuke, I was just joking. It is actually the most wonderful thing in the world. You know to know that the woman you're with will always been there for you and doesn't leave you for eating a thousand times a day or yell at you for your faults instead they embrace them," Naruto gloated.

"Man, you sound like a wise old man right now. You know that right," Sasuke joked.

"Hey you will be sounding the same way teme once you tie the knot trust me," said Naruto.

"How do you know when you're ready to tie the knot," Sasuke asked with all seriousness.

"It's different with everyone but you will know when it's the right time," Naruto confessed.

"All come on dobe, everyone says that," groan Sasuke.

"Okay, if you really want to know. It's when you start to act ways you never acted around her, when you let her in, letting her know every aspect of your life, your fears and down points, when you trust her with your life and when you think about her 24/7 of the day. When you hate departing with her even if you have nothing to say," Said Naruto.

"So that is love," asked Sasuke.

"Not even half of it but it's a pretty good start," responded Naruto.

"Well thanks for the advice," Said Sasuke honestly appreciating the advice.

Naruto nodded and stood from his stool putting money down on the bar top. Stretching his arms he turned towards Sasuke, "See ya." Then he turned back around walking off.

"Naruto," Sasuke called out.

"Yea," Naruto asked.

"What about now. What am I to you now," asked Sasuke.

"You're still my brother Sasuke, you will always be," Naruto replied walking away in the vast of the night leaving behind a smiling Sasuke who finally felt better, like he got a weight off his shoulders. Naruto also felt the same way, like he finally got to talk to Sasuke and let him know it was alright.

~Back at the Namikaze Estate~

Naruto tiredly walked back into his parent's house and up the steps until he came to the room where he and Hinata would be sleeping for the night. He strolled in to see her waiting in the bed for him. He stripped down to his boxers and crawled in bed with her.

"Where did you go sweetheart," asked his lovely wife.

"I went to go make sure Ryu and Lola wasn't causing any ruckus and then I ran into Sasuke," explained Naruto.

"Sasuke… how did that go," she asked, knowing that Sasuke was a sensitive topic for him.

"We went to a bar and had a few drinks and just had a good talk, you know the regular guy stuff, and he apologize to me and I told him it was okay, you know, nothing much," he shrugged it off as if it was noting.

"Did you cry," asked Hinata joking.

"Hinata-chan what type of man cries," asked Naruto looking at his wife like she was crazy.

She laughed, kissing him on the cheek, "I remember seeing you cry quite a few times Mr. Uzumaki."

"Shhh… keep your voice down. If someone hears what you said it will ruin my rep Hinata-chan," he joked as he tickled his wife.

"Hahaha… stop…. Hahaha…. Okay… okay," Hinata laughed.

"Good now tell me how do you feel being back here? Seeing Hiashi in all and what did he have to say to you," asked Naruto.

"I can't say I miss much besides my friends. I'm not really sad that I left and as far as seeing Hiashi it hurts a little bit every time I see him. As far as what he said to me, he didn't say anything. When I brought him upstairs he passed out on the bed and I left him there. But I can't help to wonder if he meant what he said when he told me he love me. Even though he was drunk it really means a lot," Hinata admitted.

"Maybe he did really mean it Hinata. I think you should talk to your father so you can see how he really feels and set your mind at ease. I will be there by your side," Naruto told his wife.

"I know Naruto, you're always there for me, by my side when I need it the most," she agreed as she kissed his cheek gently.

"And your always there for me Hinata-chan," Naruto said.

"So how are you feeling now that you are back," asked Hinata she knew her husband had been nervous earlier.

"At first I admit I was scared, nervous, and excited all at once but like you said now that I am here and have talked to almost everyone I feel so much better and I don't feel scared or nervous at all. I'm still excited though once we help end this war we can see Neji and the others before we head back home," Naruto told his wife happily.

"I agree with you Naruto. Though I am worried about Danzo, Madara, and K.O.," she told him.

"Hinata-chan may I ask who is K.O.," Naruto asked really confused he didn't know of any K.O.

Hinata giggled, "Oh I forgot me and the watchers were getting tired of saying Kabuto/Orochimaru so we made up a code name called K.O. which stands for Kabuto/Orochimaru."

"I see, that makes perfect sense," he said.

"But you know Hinata-chan there is no need to worry about those fools because I'm sure soon we will find out what there up to and I will take out those bastards," he assured her.

"I know but not knowing what there up to just urks me, ya know," she told her husband.

"Nope, I don't understand ya one bit," he joked smiling at his wife as she looked at him.

She sat up and grabbed a pillow; Naruto knew what was coming but it was too late to stop the incoming assault that his wife was planning with the pillow.

Hinata smiled as she beat her husband with the pillow. "Ne, Hinata-chan don't think you're the only one who is a master at pillow fights," Naruto said as he dogde the pillow and grabbed his own starting a pillow war with his wife.

Hinata laughed, "Naruto-kun no fair your stronger than me. I am just a poor defenseless woman with a pillow," she said playing the damsel in distress as she fought back with Naruto.

"Oh," he said smirking and then he quickly created a shadow clone.

This confused Hinata until she saw the shadow clone and Naruto switch places and Naruto began to help Hinata on her assault on him. The shadow clone poof not soon after and they fell back on the bed laughing.

"I do believe I saved you from a horrible monster miss," he said with his cunning smile of his.

"I believed you did sir," she agreed.

"May I know the name of this beautiful princess that I have just saved," he asked.

"The name's Hinata Uzumaki," she greeted him.

"Weird because my name is Naruto Uzumaki, say you look a lot like my wife," he commented.

Hinata climbed on top of Naruto and smiled. "And you look a lot like my hot husband," she marveled.

"We'll miss I think my wife might get mad with you and me in this type of position," he told her.

"I think my husband might get mad too but you know how about we let this be our little secret," she said.

Naruto smiled big, "Ya, know what miss I was thinking the same thing."

She laughed and kissed Naruto. "How about I show you what I like to do to Mr. Uzumaki," she asked him.

"I'd like that ," he said kissing her back.

Next Morning

Lola, Hiashi, and Ryu were the first ones in the kitchen that morning. After they had puked in the bathrooms nonstop they came in the kitchen for a glass of water. Hiashi sat at the kitchen table with his head on the table and Lola stood near the sink while Ryu stood next to refrigerator with his eyes closed.

"Damn, my head hurts like hell," whined Lola.

"Yea just what did we do last night," wondered Hiashi out loud, barley able to pick his head off the table.

"Who knows," said Ryu with his eyes still closed.

The trio thought hard in silence and the memories came rushing back to them.

Flash Back to Last Night with the Trio before they came to the Namikaze estate.

Hiashi and Ryu came down the stairs to find Lola sitting and drinking straight from the bottle. She seemed slightly tipsy but nowhere near drunk. Many bottles of sake were laid on the counters around her unopened.

"You're not going to drink all that? Are you Daimyo," asked Hiashi.

"Hiashi, Ryu, sit down have a drink," urged the tipsy woman forgetting that she was mad at the two.

"Daimyo I don't drink," said Hiashi.

"And I think I will pass," added Ryu.

Lola began to weep big choked sobs that made the two men worry for a bit.

"Why won't you guys drink with me? Do you not like me? I thought we were friends? I just wanted it to be like old times," she sobbed.

Hiashi and Ryu looked at each other. They both wondered where her guards were and why wasn't anyone watching her. They also wondered what they were going to do about the situation at hand.

"That is not true Daimyo, we just think it's better not to drink," said Ryu.

"If you were my real friends you would drink with me," she told the two.

They sighed. Women know how to trap a man.

"Okay we will have just a few sips," muttered Hiashi looking at Ryu to see if he would agree to which he nodded.

"Great," she yelled instantly cheered up. Their sweat dropped. Something told them this was a bad move.

Lola set two more sake cups on the counter and began pouring the rich clear liquid into the cups.

"Drink up," she told them. They both pick up their cups drinking the warm liquid and Lola refilled it.

After the third time they decided it was probably best not to drink any more.

"I think this is enough Daimyo," objected Hiashi.

She pouted sticking her lower lip out and shook her head no.

"I think we shouldn't drink anymore either," mumbled Ryu.

She put three bottles of sake in front of them.

"After we each drink a whole bottle pwese," she asked.

Hiashi picked up the bottle downing it instantly becoming drunk. Ryu did the same and the effects were the same for him. Lola let out a high pitch giggle and drank her bottle like her friends.

"Ya…knows Dwaimyo I… don't know whyzzz…. we have to call…ya…Daimyo," questioned Ryu wagging a finger.

"Don'tzzzz….callz…me… Lola," she giggled.

"Okwaay Lola-chan," slurred Hiashi.

"Hwey… how about we drinkss some mwore…. since it zhows how good of f-f-friends we are," suggested Ryu.

Hours of Sake bottles later

(I toned the drunken talk down some because it can get annoying to read and write so just to remind you they are supper smashed. I just didn't feel like typing them that way.)

"Ne, Ne, Ne, Lolaaaaaaaaaa," Hiashi screamed jumping up and down to get her attention.

"Nani, Hiashi-kun," asked Lola trying to see if anything was in an empty bottle of sake turning it upside down shaking it to find nothing coming out.

"I waz thinking…hic- whatz if we were ninja…hic….ya know, it would be sho cool," he said while trying to balance a sake cup on his nose but due to the alcohol it was not working.

Lola and Ryu started laughing or Ryu laughed and Lola giggled.

"Hic…Why…. ya laughing," asked Hiashi.

"Cuz..Hic-… we are ninja already Hiashi," laughed Ryu.

"Oh….Hic- that's why you were laughing….Hic- I was laughing because….Hiashi-kun can't balance the cup," giggled Lola.

"Wait if we are ninja…Hic-…. then why don't we wear all black garbs with the little black masks and tiny black ninja swords," Hiashi asked.

"Hmm… Hic-…. I'm not sure," stated Ryu. (I too tired to write them drunk anymore but they are.)

"I think it's a ninja stereotype… hey what ninja moves do we know Ryu," questioned Lola.

"I don't remember," said Ryu.

"Hmm, maybe if we did a few ninja like things we will remember how to be ninjas," offered Hiashi.

"Like what," asked Ryu.

"Umm….," he didn't know.

"Don't they do sneaky stuff," said Lola.

"Oh I know, I know we can see who can steal the most milk from cows," proclaimed Hiashi.

"Wooow that's so ninja," cooed Lola.

"But where can we find a cow," asked Ryu.

"I know lets go," shouted Hiashi hoping up from his chair running at full speed.

"Wait up," yelled Lola and Ryu. Lola grabbed a few bottles of sake and chased after him.

After getting to the Hyuga gates they were stopped by a few Hyuga clan guard members and Lola's Eyes and Ears Squad.

"Tsch…move we want to be ninjas," whined Hiashi not liking the way he was being treated.

"I'm somebody important ya know," threatened a tipsy Lola as Ryu shook his head.

"I...I… I know Daimyo of whirlpool and Hiashi-sama but we can't let you leave the grounds like this," stuttered the Hyuga guard.

They whined, then Hiashi pulled Lola and Ryu off towards the side all huddled together in a circle or what they thought was circle, but more like a triangular pattern.

"I got a plan," said Hiashi.

"What is it," asked Lola.

"They don't seem like a smart bunch so I say we pretend like we are going to go back to the house then we scream really loud," noted Hiashi.

"That's perfect and then we can push past the ones who get off track or shove sake down their throats," Ryu proposed.

"Nice," said Lola and Hiashi trying slap five with Ryu but they both missed.

"Okay break time let's do it," yelled Hiashi.

They all started walking towards the Manor and on the count of three they began screaming really loudly. The guards quickly moved away from gates and started rushing towards them afraid that they had gotten hurt. Lola, Hiashi, and Ryu started to take off trying to leave the compound as quickly as possible only to be stopped by Lola's Eyes and Ear Squad.

"Rats ass. We almost had them," complained Hiashi.

"Ne, you guys have to listen to me right," Lola asked her Eyes and Ears Squad.

The squad regrettably nodded their heads yes.

"Den drink some sake with us. That's an order …well I think," ordered Lola.

Sighing, the ninjas began to drink and drink and soon they were also drunk as sunk.

"Ne I think we had something important to do," said Ryu as they lay near the gates with the drunken guards and Eyes and Ears Squad.

"Yea…..wait it was bout cows," beamed Lola.

"I know, how about we see who's a good ninja by seeing who can steal the most cow milk," suggested Hiashi.

"Brilliant idea Hiashi kun," Lola cried and they slowly got up and walked out the Hyuga gates with no complaints from the drunken guards.

"Let's see, where do we find cows," wondered Hiashi.

"Here little cow, come out, come out, wherever you are," shouted Lola into the unknown of the dark.

"Hey aren't you suppose to meow," said Hiashi.

"No, I think its ruff ruff," argued Ryu.

"Yea then what goes mooooooo," asked Lola.

"That's a cat silly," chuckled Hiashi.

"Oh that makes sense," agreed Lola.

"Hey excuse me sir do you know where the cows live," Ryu asked a stranger.

"Hmm what are you talking about…wait do you mean Nara's cow stable…it's right down there and then you see lots of grass…can't miss it," answered the stranger.

"Thank youuuu," called Ryu as he, Lola, and Hiashi dashed towards the Nara's stable.

"What's this wooden fence doing here," asked Lola as they reached the stable.

"Maybe ya suppose to crawl under it like ninjas," said Ryu.

Hiashi nodded and was the first to try squeezing in between open areas in the wooden fence. After getting a quarter of way through he got stuck. It was a funny situation.

"I'm stuck," whined Hiashi.

"Aww man here lets pull him out Ryu," groaned Lola and they started pulling on Hiashi's feet. They pulled nonstop until they finally got him free, falling backwards on their asses.

"Yay we got ya free, now let's visit the cows," cheered Lola hopping over the fence. Ryu and Hiashi did the same but fell onto the grass.

"Wow their so many cats here look at all of them mooing," Lola admired.

"Iie Lola-chan those are mooing cows they are really rare," stated Ryu.

"Cool lets milk them," said Hiashi running towards a cow while Ryu and Lola ran towards another.

Hiashi searched all over the cow trying to find out where to milk it.

"Hey guys do you know how to milk the rare mooing cow," asked a confused Hiashi.

"I think we pull those strings hanging down from their stomach," guessed Ryu.

Hiashi pulled on the utters making a small bit of milk come out.

"I'm milking it," bragged Hiashi.

"Me too," replied Lola and Ryu.

Then they began to race to see who could steal the most milk. But they soon found out that it was hard to catch all the milk in your hands.

"How do ninjas do this stuff catching milk in your hand is hard it keeps falling out. It won't stay put even if I yell at it," whined Lola.

"I know, it's so hard," said Ryu.

They looked over to see what Hiashi was doing and found him lifting up a cow taking it out of the stable. The cow began mooing very loudly. Hiashi didn't want it to wake people so he began shush it.

Lola and Ryu stopped milking their cows and followed after Hiashi. "Ne Hiashi you got a lot of milk that means you're a good ninja," commented Ryu.

Hiashi smiled proud of himself until he got to part where they were suppose to jump over the stable.

"How are we supposed to get him across," asked Hiashi.

"Okay, Ryu and I will go across first and then you will hand him to us," said Lola.

Hiashi nodded then her and Ryu hopped across the fence and waited for Hiashi to throw the cow over.

"Ne I got to potty," cried Ryu holding his crotch.

"How about you potty at that restroom over there," Lola offered pointing to a flower shop in the distance.

"That's a long way," he complained. "I'll go with you," she said.

They began to walk towards the flower shop forgetting all about Hiashi throwing the cow over the fence until they heard a plop. Hiashi threw the cow but they didn't catch him. Luckily the cow landed safely enough not to get hurt. Turning back around they waited on Hiashi.

"Hey I think we should let the cows free I think they don't like it there," said Hiashi feeling sorry for the rare mooing cows.

"Me too," agreed Ryu and Lola.

Hiashi ran towards the fence door which he thought was for cows only and open it telling the cows to run for it. This shout made cows do just that and they began running out the stable but this shout also woke up the Naras and who came outside just as the three ran towards the flowers shop with the cows spreading out everywhere.

"Okay where do I pee," asked Ryu.

"Right there," said Lola pointing to a flower garden in front of the shop.

Hiashi though drunk had sense to turn around as Ryu went about his business peeing all over the pretty flower garden.

Yet Lola watched him with wide eyes. After zipping up his pants and turning around he found a drunken slobbering Lola looking at him like he was a treat.

"I want to kiss you," Lola slurred.

"Then kiss me," he said shrugging.

Lola squealed and pulled him into her grasp before sloppy making out with her crush. Hiashi turned towards the two and began laughing. They pulled apart slightly embarrassed but more stunned than anything.

"NE love dovey birds, let's get more sake and do more ninja things," said Hiashi.

They nodded and then ran back to the Hyuga Manor causing all types of ruckus. They drunk six more bottles of sake and decide do more ninja stuff which lead to writing random stuff on walls like "I was not here" and "Hiashi is king of the jungle". They went to the park and jump out of swings thinking they were flying before last Hiashi decide he wanted to visit Hinata.

They sat on park bench and Lola had two bottles of sake, one in each hand. Hiashi decided his friend was starting to get drunk and he should stop her.

"Give me that bottle Lola-chan your drunk," said Hiashi.

"Am not," she cried.

"Are too now give it here," they wrestled over the bottle sake until it fell out her hands on ground breaking.

She began to whined and glare at Hiashi.

"Sworry didn't mean to… Ne …. Can we visit hina," asked Hiashi.

"Yea they might be at nee-chan and Minato face's old place," said Lola.

They got up and heading many wrong ways while holding onto another. After a while they finally got to right place and Ryu knocked on the door.

~Flashback end ~

The trio remembered their embarrassing acts from the day before. Hiashi also remember he was supposed to tell his daughter sorry but he passed out.

Lola and Ryu remember other things after Hiashi went upstairs with Hinata.

~Flashback of Lola and Ryu ~

Everyone began calling it a night. Lola also thought she better go to bed now as she was starting to feel drowsy. She asked Ryu to take her to bed which he did. She looked at the handsome shinobi as he tucked her in the bed like some sort of princess.

"Hic-swleep wit me..hic Ryu-kun," begged Lola patting the bed.

"Sure princess," he said sliding off his garments until he reached his boxers sliding into bed with her.

~Flashback End~

Lola and Ryu blushed as they remembered the rest of that night led to hot passion, kissing, and cries of pure pleasure.

"So… um… breakfast," coughed Ryu trying to see if the refrigerator had anything though he forgot no one occupied the house in years so no food was in the refrigerator.

Lola looked at Ryu and then looked away she couldn't believe she actually had sex with him. She had to place a hand on the counter otherwise she would have fallen to the ground from melting with pure joy.

"So you drunken idiots are up… God I am hungry," said Naruto as him and Hinata entered the kitchen.

"What's for breakfast," questioned Kyuubi as him and the others soon entered.

Hiashi groan loudly, they were being too loud and he had a bad hangover, on top of that he was hungry.

"Why don't you have any food in here at all? I'm hungry you know," he mumbled with his head down on the table.

Naruto glared a Hiashi, how dare he come in his place and complain about there not being anything to eat.

"I know, I'm hungry you baka," Lola told her nephew.

"Well guess what? you guys were at place where you would have gotten served breakfast in the morning but you decided to come here so don't complain," Naruto shouted.

The trio winced at Naruto's loud voice.

"Uzukage-sama this is only thing I beg of you but please keep your voice down," Ryu grumbled holding his aching head.

"Oh sorry," Naruto apologized. He could respect Ryu but Hiashi he didn't like and Lola he could care less at times like this.

"How about we go out and getting something to eat just you and me Ryu-kun," said Lola?

She must not be mad at him anymore, everyone thought.

"Da-da-daimyo….if that's whattt you want," he answered stuttering.

Oh this is great, I can't even talk to her, Ryu thought to himself. Of course you can't you big idiot you had sex with the Daimyo, it's a crime even if she did start it somewhat. But still she was drunk so it could be said at a crime. No, it wasn't a good crime, ugh what am I thinking, Ryu said to himself having inner conflict problems.

Everyone else just looked at Ryu weird. They all knew him well enough to know he never stuttered even when the Daimyo threw herself on the idiot. He never would break a sweat from his cool calm demeanor.

Lola closed the distant between her and Ryu. She laid her head on his shoulder and squeezed him in a tight hug. Then she whispered for his ears only even though two foxes in the room picked up on it, "Ryu, I love you weather you believe it or not I do. So I forbid you from calling me Daimyo. You can call me Lola or any nickname but I won't allow you call me Daimyo. And Ryu about last night, are we dating now."

"Lola I want to date you but-

Lola cut him off right there she didn't want to hear it, "I heard what you told Kakashi and I really don't care Ryu I would give up being Daimyo for you please don't say you don't want to date me because of something so small."

"Ya know you should listen to everything I say woman. I was going to say I want to date you but don't think it's only because we had sex," he whispered with an uncharacteristic smirk planted on his face.

Lola lifted her head from his shoulder and looked at him he smiled and kissed her.

Naruto was going crazy on other hand and began choking. This was a moment he really wished he didn't have such good hearing. He didn't want to know about anything sexual happening between his Aunt and Ryu. But nobody seemed to notice his choking because the women were cooing at the kissing couple and the guys just shook their heads.

Luckily he managed to stop his own self from choking.

"Gross," he spat after they stop kissing.

"Shut up Naruto," Lola told him.

"So about break feat," inquired a really hungry Kyuubi.

"How about we all go out to eat," suggested Toshiro.

"Great I'm starving and the council meeting starts in a few hours," agreed Naruto.

"Umm… Hinata can we talk first," Hiashi asked deciding he better get this over with now.

Hinata looked unsure at her father but nodded her head once again.

"We will meet up with you," Hinata told her husband. Everyone left the room so Hinata and Hiashi could talk.

Hinata sat down at the table her father was sitting at who was now sitting up straight the best he could.

"Hang over's are not for me," he said trying to make light conversation first.

Hinata didn't say anything there was only awkward silence among them.

"Hinata I just want to start off by saying sorry," Hiashi started.

"Why? Why now? Why do you say sorry now," she asked her father her emotions starting to get the best of her.

"I know I should have been nicer sooner and haven't been a good father but I just want to say sorry whether you accept it or not is completely up to you," Hiashi said.


"Hinata I don't know what I can do to make it up to you but I will try. I don't want to be a jerk anymore and I want to be invited in future events if you let me such as your kids birthday parties and things like that," Hiashi confessed embarrassed he was telling her the truth.

Hinata looked at her father and could tell he was not lying. She began to cry. She didn't whimper or make a sound tears just came down her face as if someone drew streaks of water down her face.

"Hinata I'm sorry did I say something wrong," asked Hiashi afraid that he upset his daughter.

She shook her head tears still falling down her face. "I just waited for ever to hear you say that father."

Hiashi looked surprised but got up and pulled her into a hug. "Even if you don't like me or if you're married to a perverted man you are still my daughter."

Hinata pulled her head back from her father chest. "Are you calling Naruto perverted," asked Hinata.

"He stole my daughter what else should I call him," pouted Hiashi.

Hinata didn't even bother reminding her dad the truth she just laughed. She was glad he told her how he felt. She was glad she came to visit Konoha also.

"So are you going to have grandkids soon," asked Hiashi.

"Everyone has been asking that but me and Naruto haven't really talked about it yet," said Hinata.

"Kids are a wonderful thing," proclaimed Hiashi.

"They most likely are but I might think about having a child after we get through helping out Konoha," said Hinata.

"That could be years… wars last years some times," Hiashi pointed out, not liking her answer.

Hinata laughed. "Not when you have the whirlpool ninjas as soon as we get out there we will have finished it."

"Hinata I don't ever remember you being cocky. You either picked that up from Lola or Naruto, both are bad influences," mumbled Hiashi.

"If I remember correctly father you were the one drunk last night," reminded Hinata.

"That's because Lola forced me and… oh god we did some dumb things," groan Hiashi finally realizing what he did was horrible.

Hinata raised a curious eyebrow. "Like what, enlighten me?"

"This is not for you to know," said Hiashi.

"I thought were bonding," pouted Hinata making herself look like she was going to cry. She picked up a lot of Naruto's cunning nature.

Not wanting his daughter to hate his guts he said, "Okay I will tell you."

"Well me, Lola, and Ryu might have went to the Nara's farm before coming here and let the cows out, then I think Ryu peed all over Yamanaka's flower shop flower garden and we wrote stuff on the walls, at the Hyuga Manor we forced all the Hyuga guards and Lola's guards to drink until they passed out or were too lazy to move. We also called all the main branch members pussies in their ears in the middle of the night," Screeched Hiashi finally remembering every little detail of what they had done.

Hinata just stared at her father for the longest before she burst out in laughter. She shook her head from side to side cracking up.

"Hahahaa… you are so dead dad," she told Hiashi.

"Don't you think I know that," he shouted not understating why she thought this was funny.

"I think you guys should hang out more often," giggled Hinata.

"No way, something bad always happens when I'm with Lola," Hiashi sneered.

"It seemed to me like you enjoyed yourself," Hinata joked.

"I did not, now I will have to explain why all the Hyuga guards are passed out and why I woke up the Hyuga elders by screaming insults in their ears," panicked Hiashi.

Hinata shrugged her shoulders it wasn't her problem. She knew this was going to be a funny one to see her dad work his way out of.

"What about the Nara and Yamanaka clans they are going to be pissed also," asked Hinata?

"Ugh don't remind me," scoffed Hiashi.

"I'm surprised you didn't do anything to the Akimichi clan with the three being so closely related," pondered Hinata.

Hiashi's eyes widen as a memory came back into his head.


"Ne before we go to the park let's eat at that restaurant," suggested Hiashi.

"Kay," shouted Lola and Ryu.

"A-Ki-mi-chi," read Lola.

"Who are they," asked Ryu forgetting about Akimichi clan.

"Who cares go in," mumbled Hiashi.

They pushed don the door but it was locked.

"It is locked," said Lola.

Hiashi walked away then came back with a brick. He threw it at the glass and they stole food. Then they all didn't feel like eating so they handed it to the midnight creatures.

~Flashback End~

Hiashi groaned he was in so much shit… he didn't like this at all.

"Stupid Lola," he whined.

"You shouldn't blame others," laughed Hinata as she got up and stretched.

"Lola is the blame of everything. She is such an evil woman and she was evil when she was a kid. I should have known better than to let her come to my place," said Hiashi deciding to use Lola as his scapegoat.

"What are you talking about Hiashi," shouted the one and Only Lola Uzumaki.

"I wasn't saying anything Lola," Hiashi lied.

"I thought we were supposed to meet you guys at the restaurant," said Hinata who smirked at her father's coward act.

"We came back since it was taking you guys so long but I brought you food sweetheart," said Naruto as he walked in the kitchen with food for Hinata.

"What about me," whined Hiashi?

"What about you," asked Lola and Naruto?

"Evil," growled Hiashi at the two.

"Anyways Hina-chan I bought you cinnamon buns and milk," sung Naruto handing his wife her favorite breakfast meal.

Hinata took the food and kissed her husband making Hiashi glare. Lola smiled lovingly… all while Hiashi was suffering.

"So Lola what did you do to Ryu, run him off already," taunted Hiashi with a smirk similar to a younger Sasuke's. He loved teasing her.

"No you asshole we ran into Tsunade on the way and she and him went off to talk for a while," said Lola in a matter of fact way.

"And who said you can call me Lola," she said cocking her fist back to hit him.

"You did, as a matter of fact you said it while you were drunk and you said it before, do you remember your words," stammered Hiashi.

Lola thought back to yesterday, she remembered quite well saying it while drunk and during their little talk but she didn't care so she pretend to forget.

"I don't remember that," lied Lola and she punched Hiashi in the face.

"Lola," yelled Naruto and Hinata.

"Hey, not my problem," she said laughing at the twitching Hiashi.


"So have how you been," asked Tsunade. She was talking to Ryu. They sat alone at the old Senju Manor. They were the only two left of their clan yet neither one of them stayed here anymore. But somehow this is where they end up.

"I been great," answered Ryu smiling wide.

"Lola makes you happy I see," said Tsunade. She knew her younger cousin was the type of person to show no emotions but to see him smile meant Lola was doing something right.

"I must say she is. Lola is an amazing woman. I'm glad I could finally see that," smiled Ryu.

"I'm sorry I wasn't around to help you out when you got into that mess back in the days," apologized Tsunade.

"There is no reason to be sorry cousin Tsunade. You were hurting over cousin Nawaki's and Dan's death plus I doubt there was much you could have done. Also I loved how the turn of events turned out. I became an even more of master ninja, Met Hinata who end up being a good thing for my attitude, then I met up with Lola and Naruto again, I became part of a village once more but gain more friends than ever. I also happy so there is no need to say sorry Tsunade-neechan," Ryu stated calling her by the nickname he used to call her when he saw her ever once in a while as kids.

Tsunade's eyes went wide. Ryu hadn't called her that in years, since he was eight years old. She smiled at him showing that she appreciated his words.

"Thank you Ryu," said Tsuande looking to the sky. She could see Nawaki's and Dan's smiles they seemed to like the moves she was making lately and so did she.

"Is that blonde hair knuckle head actually a good kage," she asked as she turned her face back towards him.

"Naruto, yes, he is the greatest kage I seen in history and that includes Kages from all the great nations and from the smaller ones," replied Ryu he thought the Uzukage was the best kage history was ever going to see.

"What really, even better than my Grandpa and the third and his old man," asked Tsunade.

"I believe he has surpassed all of the Hokage's even you Tsuande," said Ryu honestly.

"Hmm I wouldn't doubt you for not even a second, Naruto has this amazing ability to do the unpredictable," noted Tsunade.

"Oh trust me I know, he change you after all," mused Ryu.

Tsunade couldn't help but agree. Naruto had made a cold hearted woman like her become a softy and slump down to becoming the Hokage, he convinced Neji Hyuga to give up on his hate, change Gaara to where now he is the Kazekage, and he brought back the last real Uchiha.

"Damn kid is always finding a way to look better than the rest of us Kages," muttered Tsunade with a smiled.

"He reminds me of Nawaki yet he is very different," noted Ryu.

Tsunade wondered if Ryu actually believed that or read her mind somehow. She always thought of Naruto somewhat like her little brother.

"I think so too Ryu except he very annoying," added Tsunade yet she still held a smile on her face.

"You said Nawaki was very annoying too if I remember correctly," said Ryu.

"Of course all little brothers are annoying just like you were," Tsuande joked.

"What I was not," said Ryu shaking his head. He couldn't remember himself like that.

Even though he didn't have much contact with Tsuande considering that she was much older than he was, he still saw her as his older sister and she saw him as a younger brother. They were in the same clan after all.

"Hahaaha…. The council meeting will be starting soon brat," laughed Tsuande as she walked out the Senju compound back to her office.

Ryu watch his cousin disappear and smiled.

~The Namikaze Estate~

"We should probably head toward the Hokage's towers," warned Toshiro interrupting Hinata and Naruto who were sitting in the kitchen, Hinata in Naruto's lap as he feed her.

"Hmm…what are you saying," asked Naruto placing a cinnamon bun in Hinata's mouth.

He and Hinata were paying no attention what so ever to Toshiro.

"I said we should head towards the Hokage's towers," Toshiro told Naruto and Hinata once more.

Naruto still wasn't listening he was licking the extra icing of the cinnamon bun off Hinata's lips.

"Speak up Toshiro I can't here you," mumbled Naruto still licking Hinata's lips like a wild fox.

"Ugh…Uzukage we have to go," yelled Toshiro loud enough to make the whole house jump.

"Gosh Toshiro did you have to yell that loud. Come on Hina-chan some idiot assistant got to be rude and yell to the world. It's time to get to Hokage's towers anyways," Naruto said with Hinata getting off his lap and agreeing.

Toshiro stood there in disbelief. He had been trying to tell Naruto that a few times and now he finally gets it. There were only few times when the Uzukage didn't act responsible and that's when he was with his wife. Toshiro had to play the responsible one which he hated whenever Naruto was hanging with his wife.

"Toshiro come on your going to make us late," shouted Naruto near the door. Toshiro grumpily left the kitchen.

As everyone was leaving the Namikaze Estate Hiashi pulled Naruto back to have a small little chat with him.

"Look don't think I like you with my daughter, I can only put up with you because you make her happy and I want to start a good relationship with her but I don't like all this kissing in front of me and stuff," Hiashi told him.

Naruto looked at Hiashi and smiled. "I don't like you either Hiashi but since you are already making my wife feel better about coming here and since she really likes how you are acting, I'm willing to put up with you also, father. But if you break her heart your dead."

"Well spoken Naruto and the same goes for you too," commented Hiashi happy with the pick his daughter made for a husband even though he would never admit it.

"Good than shall we go," asked Naruto ready to catch up with his wife.

"Yes but I really want to have grandchildren soon so I want to say this, hurry up and make some kids damn it," yelled Hiashi as he walked past Naruto out the door.

Naruto was surprised that even Hiashi wanted grandchildren. He supposed it was something all parents wanted at a certain age.

~Council room~

The council room was very lively today. For one, three very close council men were angry, one of them had their cows let out and it took them forever to find ever single cattle, another found out his flower shop was used as a piss basket, and another saw that his restaurant had been broken into and the greatest treasure, food, was stolen from the place then a few miles down the road was the food on the ground.

The Hokage wasn't in a good mood either as she was walking back to the Hokage towers she saw writings saying things like, "Hiashi is the king of the Jungle" and "I was here" posted on walls and all down the street. Not only that but the kid's park was trashed with sake bottles and the swings were broken. The thing that made her so pissed was she was not invited to this drinking party someone must have held.

The other Hyuga's on the council were incredible mad because they didn't get much sleep and Hiashi had yelled in their ears in the middle of the night saying horrible words. Then when they awoke the next morning they found all the Hyuga guards passed out it was embarrassing to their clan.

As everyone got seated many people looked at Hiashi as they all had seen the writings and figure he did everything that was done to the village.

"Hiashi you are dead after this meeting," hissed the Nara's, Yamanaka's, and Akimichi's.

"I didn't do anything," lied Hiashi, damn that Lola to hell.

"I found Hyuga Necklace on the ground near the stable," growled Shikaku Nara.

"Oh that well….Umm look I'm sorry but it is the Daimyo of Whirlpool's fought," said Hiashi.

"Please do explain," inquired Choza.

"Hiashi don't you blame me I am a guest I came here to learn of Konoha's beauty and then Hiashi here got me and my Ryu-kun drunk then he went about doing horrible deeds," lied Lola.

"Ehhh you lying woman….you fucking wench… wait to I get my hands on you," shouted Hiashi.

"Did you call me, the Daimyo, a fucking wench Hiashi? I swear you're going to wish I was as nice as River had been when she found your porn collection," shouted Lola.

"You're so stupid Lola and it wasn't porn….wait how do you know about that," said Hiashi turning red as a younger Hinata would have done.

"Shut up," yelled Naruto and Tsunade at the same time.

Hiashi and Lola glared but shut up.

"Let's start this meeting we can worry about the other problems later. Besides I will pay for all the repairs since I am sure the Daimyo cause this," said Naruto.

"Way to be a traitor," muttered Lola.

The Nara, Akimichi, and Yamanaka's seen happy with that idea and was happy to continue on with the meeting.

"As you probably know we are up against Iwa, Yuga, Oto, they are wining as of now and pushing are ninjas back. Since you are friends with Raikage and Mizukage we could probably get them to help and over power the three," stated Tsunade.

"Nonsense Hokage," objected Toshiro.

"What do you mean," questioned Tsunade.

"What he means is the Raikage and Mizukage is not need, hell the whirlpool ninjas in the room and maybe a few of your ninjas and we can take out Iwa, Oto, and Yuga," boasted Naruto.

"Don't get to cocky Uzukage you don't even have that many ninja with you," scolded Homura.

"Don't understatement us whirlpool ninjas, my kind sir," said Kyo.

"I am not dumb on your great accomplishments. I heard of your great winnings in other country but you are just a few what could you do against three armies," said Homura.

An eagle landed on the council room window. Then tap the window with its beak showing it wanted in stopping anyone from saying anything about Homura's comment. Tsunade went over to the window opening it so the eagle could come in. The eagle flew over to Hinata landing on her shoulder before dropping a scroll it carried on the table in front of her. Hinata picked up the scroll looking at the seal before handing it to Naruto.

"Speak of the devil," muttered Naruto as he opened the scroll reading it.

"What is it," asked Koharu.

"Mizukage and Raikage have informed me if I need back up aiding Konoha in war that their willing to bring their armies and back us up," Naruto explained.

"That's great," said Tsunade.

Naruto only took out a small ink pen from his jacket and wrote something on the scroll wrapping it back up.

"To bad I decline there help," smirk Naruto handing the scroll back to Hinata.

"Have your eagle send that back to the messenger," said Naruto.

Hinata gave the scroll to the eagle. "Karou take this back to its messenger think you for your assistance."

The bird gave Hinata a nod before flying out the open window. Tsunade and the rest of the council looked at Naruto like he was crazy.

"Uzukage why did you refuse them," asked Tsunade not understanding.

"Allow me to break it down for you," said Koji knowing the very reason why Naruto refused.

"Please do," Said Tsuande.

"The Uzukage himself can take on a single army by himself and not only that he has the power of three Kages, Hinata-sama, head of WATCHERS, ANBU level ninja, is also at least as strong as three Kages, the Daimyo herself is as strong as three Kages and has brought her guards a group ninja called Eyes and Ears, they are all kage level. We also have group called SEEKERS and we have two of them here and two WATCHERS and I myself along with the rest of ninja here are high Jonin, not mention if you haven't forgot Kyuubi-sama. The Uzukage, Hinata-sama, Lola, and Kyuubi have all taken down armies by their self's, alone, three armies is not going to stop us Hokage," Koji explained.

"Koji you also forgot I don't like to share my fights," pointed out Naruto.

The look on the council's faces was priceless. Not only had the forgotten all about Kyuubi being with them they now where hearing that at least four people are over kage level and can take on a single army by their self's.

"The SEEKERS, who are they," asked Koharu. The leaf ninja who been on the mission to escort the Uzukage here dropped their heads.

"They are the ...SQUAD," Said Kyuubi proudly.

"Tell me that is a joke," said Hiashi.

"Nope," said Kyuubi.

"What are we going to do with them then? Huh? Let them be perverts on battle field," asked Koharu.

"As we said don't underestimate us," said Gin.

"Yes, for your information everyone one of the SEEKERS train especially under me, they are all kage level ninja and specialize in torturing and killing people in the worst ways possible they just happen to be perverted but they will kill you and make sure your death is the most painful thing in the world," Spoke Kyuubi with a dangerous voice.

"I see," said Homura scarred a little. In fact everyone who didn't know the SEEKERS was.

"Yes don't every underestimate my ninja they are unpredictable just like me and even I don't want to be tortured by the SEEKERS they are all eighty times worst than Ibiki," added Naruto.

You could hear the swallowing of many of the leaf ninja. Kakashi thought to himself he was glad he didn't laugh at the two SEEKERS once they told him what their name meant. But this didn't surprise him much. Perverts just happen to be strong like Jiraiya and himself.

"So there is no need to call on the Raikage or Mizukage we can handle this our self," said Hinata.

"Yea small fish like them should be handle umm… let's see… tomorrow," asked Lola.

"Sounds good to me," said Naruto.

"I can smell their blood already," laughed Kyuubi along with Gin and Mazurka also.

"Tomorrow," croaked Tsuande.

"Yes we should head out tomorrow the sooner we get this done the better right," said Naruto.

"We can't rush in their without a strategy Uzukage," stated Shikamaru.

"We already have one," countered Kyo.

"Kyo, specializes in war strategies, he's a pro," said Naruto.

"Thank you Uzukage," smiled Kyo.

"What's the plan then," asked Kakashi.

"I say we, to be on safe side, have all you Konoha ninja suit up for battle. All the whirlpool ninjas here will also go to battle. We got word that they plan to invade from the East so we break into four big groups at the border of the battle, blocking not only the east but the west, south, and north," Started Kyo.

"That could be reckless if anything it should be two groups one to the east and one to the west," argued Shikamaru.

"That is also playing right into ones hand plus we have enough man power to cover it so why not do it. Also this way can take more out in quicker so let's say they don't except us to come from the back but we do, so they think we won't come from the front but we do. No matter what we will catch them off guard giving us the advantage if not we can have the power to back our self's up," reassured Kyo.

Shikamaru was defeated there was not topping that. To attack from all sides is better than one especially if you have the power because you plow through the enemy line in no time.

"Also we can attack the Oto ninja and have a few ninja attack Yuga and your ninja can attack Iwa and have a few attack Yuga also then we can regroup after the fall of Oto and Iwa the bigger armies and attack Yuga all together," added Kyo.

"This will also give me, a medical ninja, a better chance of healing people because this way we get less injured and I heal less saving my energy so I can fight if need," said Kadae.

"That makes since," said the Hokage, this would be great for the medical ninjas.

"Splitting up would give me more room to use my Uzugakugan," said the Uzukage.

"What do you mean," asked Tsunade.

"The Uzugakugan, my Dojutsu can be dangerous when many people are around because the numerous amount people I can trap under my eyes is big," bragged Naruto.

"Do you mind demonstrating," asked Homura.

"If you are asking me to make you suffer and possibly kill you, no thanks," warned Naruto.

"You can't control it," asked Koharu.

"For some reason Naruto's Uzugakugan is more powerful than any other Uzumaki so therefore it is harder to control but never less you only have a few seconds to stop looking into his eyes after its active otherwise you could die," explained Lola.

Most of the council members were really cursing Danzo at this moment. They had lost a strong kid and he seemed to have an incredible Dojutsu. Though they had help in kicking him out Danzo was the one nagging them about kicking him out when the brat went eight-tails.

"I am willing to show you if you're willing to suffer," Naruto then said, making everyone look at the Uzukage.

"I will do it," smiled Homura.

"Then I suggest we go outside," suggested Naruto.

"Let's," agreed Homura.


All council members went to the training grounds and most stayed behind Naruto. Naruto was facing Homura who thought this was going to piece of cake. Kakashi was jumping like a little kid.

Naruto stared at Homura not giving him a second to prepare before shouting, "Uzugakugan."

His eyes became a darker blue and swirls appeared in his eyes like the Uzumaki sign. The swirls were dark black and well defined.

Homura started sweating he could feel the effect, his lungs felt as if they were being filled with water. He began gasping for air falling to the ground.

Naruto knew he wasn't going to die yet though. He could tell because with his Uzugakugan active he could see the outline of Homura's stomach and organs. The water and acid from his stomach was swirling like a whirlpool and beginning to feel his lungs. When it reached the top it meant he would die. It was already half way.

Homura couldn't even gasp for air now. Silent screams left his mouth it was… so painful. He felt like a whirlpool was inside his stomach but not only that he was under a Genjutsu and he felt like he was trapped inside a real whirlpool, spending around and around. Drowning with nothing nor nobody to help him.

Naruto canceled his Uzugakugan and Homura tried his best to breathe.

"Ya see, it takes ten seconds to capture you and a minute to kill you except I stopped 10 seconds short from doing so," ranted Naruto.

Homura looked at Naruto and tried to stand but his knees collapsed from under him.

Everyone who never seen this Dojutsu stared in shock, Hiashi used his Byakugan and Kakashi used his Sharingan to check out what was happening and were amazed by what they saw.

"Deadly," the both whispered.

"Well now I think we both should say this meeting is coming to an end and we will set out tomorrow early in the morning," advised Naruto.

"S-s-sounds good," stuttered Tsunade still shocked that the kid nearly killed Homura in a mere minute.

Naruto and others started to leave but he stopped near the Hokage before going.

"You should stop by tonight Obaa-chan," he whispered in her ear before walking off again.

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