Okay, since eclipse is in Bella's pov, we don't get to hear about the reaction of Esme hearing about Bella and Edward getting married so here it is. Also. you don't hear Edward's conversation with Carlisle about Bella and his' contition. And him talking to his brothers either! So I thought I would give it a shot.

[oh and bee, mine take longer coz they have more words in it!]

Alice's news about the Wedding. [An: I almost wrote weeding :P]

"Esme! Esme!" Alice rushed from the 3rd floor to the kitchen where Esme and Carlisle were sitting.

"What Alice?" Esme asked getting up from the table. "Bella and Edward are getting married! Bella just decided to have a traditional wedding and I get to plan it!"

"Oh my gosh. Edward is finally getting married. Oh wonderful." Esme said, looking back over the years to when he was alone. Finally he would have Bella forever in a powerful bond.

"Well it looks like you have some planning to do Alice" Esmee said smiling brightly.

Edward and Bella's condition

"Okay so you heard me and Bella are getting married." Edward said uneasy.

"Yes, Esme is thrilled," Carlisle said.

"Well," Edward took unnesary breath, "We are only getting married becasue of this condition we made. I have to change her into a vampire myself, if I want her to marry me first."

"Well I'm sure you'll have no trouble tasting her blood again. After loosing her must have changed that for you. But I still don't understand why you look so troubled at the momment.

Edward, what's wrong?" Carlisle asked looking at the emotion on Edward's face.

"There's more to the condition. Bella doesn't want to miss out on one paticular human experience she doesn't want to miss out on." Edward said, is voice low, low enough that no

human could hear it. He was trying not to let Emmet and Jasper hear.

"And what would that be." Carlisle whipered low.

"Sex while she's still human." Edward stated. Not looking at Carlisle reaction.

"Edward that's..."

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So watcha think. I'm trying to picture where Edward asked his brother. Maybe the night before his wedding or when they go out hunting. I haven't decided yet.

I'll continue tomorrow.

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