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Because Euphie-sama Said So

Chapter One: The Bedtime Story

Suzaku Kururugi always agreed with that gentle polite smile of his. Always.

Euphemia could always depend on him to do that. Suzaku was her personal knight, the one she'd chosen amidst all the controversy of his being an Eleven, above all that. And he was the somewhat long-suffering ever-obedient knight with the gentle smile, whatever she asked of him.

Princess Euphemia waited somewhat impatiently, looking up at the clock. It was late, almost eleven at night. She sat on her bed, in her nightgown, swinging her legs over the edge of the bed.

There was a knock on her bedroom door, and her older sister Cornelia poked her head in, her long deep purple hair cascading down past her face. "Euphie, you're still awake?"

"Uhuh," she answered her, brightly, still energetic.

"…are you waiting for him again?" Cornelia asked, raising an eyebrow. Euphemia could tell from the slight change in tone that she did not encourage the close relationship Euphie had with Suzaku. "He's not your butler, you know. He's your knight."

"They're pretty similar," Euphemia shrugged. She smiled shyly to herself. As long as Suzaku hadn't worked out the difference between the two roles, and continued to obediently answer every request she had, she was happy.

Somewhere downstairs, in the huge hallway, there was the sound of the front door clicking open and closed again, as well as footsteps that echoed along the huge polished marble floor.

"Suzaku-kun!!" Euphemia jumped to her feet.

Cornelia Li Britannia rolled her eyes and left, heading to her own bedroom chambers.


Suzaku yawned a little tiredly, as he made his way through the hallway. Lloyd had kept him back late, trying out a new upgrade for the Lancelot. Of course, he would love to go in the other direction right now and head towards his own sleeping quarters, instead of towards where his princess resided.

But to say he had utmost devotion to Euphemia would be wrong, it was almost as strong the other way round. She was a princess, and he was only her knight, and he was Japanese.

He did everything she asked, as ridiculous as it may be. Such things included teaching her how to ride a bike, and losing tennis matches to her purposely just because she was so horrible at it and he didn't want to hurt her feelings by. Of course, she figured out what was happening once she served the racket by mistake and got quite huffy with him.

He got behind on his schoolwork even, when she gave him that look with her pleading violet eyes and that cute pout on her face, asking him to "Please, Suzaku-kun, please won't you come down to the shops with me and find that ultra-limited-edition collector's life-sized Gundam model?"

And he'd stare at her, and his heart would speed up, and damn, of course he couldn't say no!! Not when she looked at him like that, not when she asked so innocently and said his name like that.

He sighed lightly to himself. He had to work out what his actual responsibilities as her personal knight were. He was pretty damn sure that it did not include chasing her down the street when she tried to ride a skateboard or building the world's largest house out of cards for her while she watched him meticulously working, balanced on the ladder.

But always, all the time, even though it stressed him out, even though he was constantly bending over backwards to answer her requests, as soon as she smiled at him, and said thankyou in that sweet voice of hers, as soon as he smiled and nodded, she'd always beam back at him. And her pretty violet eyes would glisten and she'd give him that adorable smile of hers. As soon as she did that, he didn't care anymore. He didn't care if he had to scale Mount Everest, if he had to bring her back a piece of the moon, if he had to beg JK Rowling to write another Harry Potter book just for Euphie; he'd do it.

But… he didn't get it, she always looked so happy to see him, and he couldn't understand why. He also didn't see why she liked to spend so much time with him. Sure, he was her knight, but that was all. He would give her life for her, but that didn't mean she had to spend so much time with him, deliberately requesting that they occasionally eat meals together and such.

He was tired, and he complained about it in his mind, but as soon he knew that as he saw her smiling face, always absolutely delighted to see him, nothing ever mattered anymore.


"Suzaku!! You're back!" She came running down the staircase towards him, leaping off the second-last step, sliding over the polished marble floor in her slippers.

Suzaku smiled despite himself. And then his eyes widened, and his face grew red and he was immediately very flustered. "Eu-Euphemia-sama, wh-what are you wearing?"

Euphie stopped and looked down at herself. "My nightgown… is it too short?" She frowned, fiddling with it, and pulling the hem down to her knees. She blushed furiously, "Oh no, now I feel really… immodest."

Suzaku fumbled over his words. "N-no, never mind, Euphie… You look fine, as always."

She looked up and smiled with relief.

Suzaku looked away and breathed in and out deeply. Good grief! What the hell? His face was bright red. What was that before? It's not even that short! But I- NO! I can't be having such fantasies about Euphie-sama!

Suzaku felt his face flaming and gritted his teeth. She isn't that kind of girl! She's so innocent!

"Suzaku, what's wrong?" She stood there, looking at him, wide-eyed, head tilted to the side, wondering why he was acting so strange.

He only glanced at her for a second. She's too cute!!

"Ahaha…" he chuckled unconvincingly as he tried to calm himself down, make his face go back to its normal complexion. "Well… it's late, Euphie-sama, I should retire. Goodnight."

He turned and started towards the opposite end of the estate.

"Wait, Suzaku-kun."

He stopped and slowly turned around. "Yes, Euphemia-sama?"

She looked shyly at him. "Will you do something for me?"

Her nightgown went three-quarters down her thigh, it was a creamy white. Her pale slender legs seemed to go on forever, and she looked at him with that pleading gaze. Her lovely pink hair fell carelessly over her shoulder and down her back. Her shoulders were small and pale; she was still fiddling with the hem of her nightgown, and her fingers nervously gripping the edge of it.

Suzaku's face burnt up again. "Eu-Euphie…" he stuttered.

She looked up at him innocently. "Will you read me a bedtime story, Suzaku?"


She sat in her bed, hugging her knees up to her chest, her blanket pulled up snugly to her shoulders. She had a small smile on her face as she listened to Suzaku's clear voice reading out the fairy tale to her.

Suzaku sat in front of her, reading from the book. He was aware of how Euphie leaned forward to look at the pictures on each page, and he was sure to keep his voice even and clear for her to hear.

Personally, Suzaku really didn't like fairy tales very much. They were so repetitive and unbelievable. They always ended the same way. Everyone always ended up living happily ever after, mainly because afterwards, there was no more story to tell, there was nothing else to add.

But it's not possible for there to always be a happily ever after… Suzaku thought to himself, his green eyes gazing down at the last words of the page.

"…Suzaku?" Euphie said, waking him out from his short reverie.

"Eh?" Suzaku blinked, noticing his princess still waiting eagerly for the last line of the story. "Oh! Um, and they, uh," Suzaku tripped over the words, "Um, and they lived happily ever after. The end."

Unlike Suzaku, Euphemia seemed completely satisfied by this ending.

Suzaku still seemed to be in a slight daze as he closed the book and reached over to place it on Euphie's bedside table.

"Thankyou, Suzaku," Euphemia smiled. "Thankyou for reading it to me."

To her surprise, he did not do what he usually did. He didn't smile in that gentle knowing way as usual and tell her that it was his pleasure.

"…Suzaku-kun?" She looked at him worriedly, care evident in her eyes. She pulled the blanket off her knees and came closer to kneel beside him.

Suzaku was looking off in a different direction. He suddenly became aware that she was watching him, that she had moved closer, that she was right beside him.

"Um…" Suzaku was careful to avoid her eyes as he spoke. "…I was just thinking about how it's always a Prince Charming." He turned to smile timidly at her, "You know, it's always the prince who comes and sweeps the princess off her feet."

Euphie looked at Suzaku with her wide purple eyes. And then she smiled. "No…" she said quietly, "Sometimes, it's the knight. The knight in shining armour."

Suzaku's eyes widened in surprise. His face turned red as he stared at her. She looked right back at him with her pretty violet eyes. A tinge of her smile still remained on her lips as she held his gaze.

They stared at each other for what seemed like ages.

And her face was so close to his! Suzaku felt his chest tighten, damn, his heartbeat was racing out of his chest, and he swore that she could hear it, that all the other residents in the building, in the estate, could hear it!

He couldn't look away from her; her innocent eyes had captured his. Her face was only centimeters from his, her lips just inches from his. His face flushed. She was so close. He could just lean forward and kiss her!

The heat rose up in Suzaku's cheeks, his pulse went so fast. Suddenly, he leapt up and got to his feet, his face burning the whole time. He started backing out of the room quickly. "Ah… anyway, it's late! I-I should get going now, Your Highness."

"…Suzaku?" Euphie watched, baffled. She didn't even bother to scold him for calling her 'Your Highness', seeing how flustered the poor guy was.

He paused in the doorway, his heart still doing somersaults in his chest, something like hysteria running throughout him. Euphemia was still kneeling there on the bed, watching him with surprise and confusion.

He struggled to find some composure, pull himself together. He managed to calm down enough to bid her goodnight in his gentlemanly fashion.

Suzaku smiled graciously, in his usual kind manner. "Goodnight, Euphie-sama."

And then the princess's knight turned and left, walking until he was completely out of her sight before breaking into a run.

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