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It was summer in Area 11. The weather was becoming increasingly hot and even the evenings were sweltering hot, the sultry heat put most people in a bad mood until after sundown, when the temperature finally dropped to a more bearable heat.

Suzaku wiped beads of sweat from his forehead as he put down his wooden shinai and sighed. The sun was still pretty high in the sky and the weather wasn't going to cool down for quite a while. He adjusted his training robes and rested in the shade of the shrine.

Suddenly, he could hear someone's footsteps coming up the path towards the shrine. Suzaku got to his feet to see who it was. It was one of the servants from the Brittanian estate.

"Is there a problem?" Suzaku stood to attention immediately.

"Kururugi-san," The maid was breathing heavily, as though she'd just been running, "It's Euphemia-hime!"

Suzaku's face went pale. "What?"

Chapter Four: The Traditional Japanese Summer

Suzaku bolted down the corridors of the building till he got to the large double doors of Euphemia's personal lounge room. Throwing the doors open, he ran inside, disheveled, still in his training robes, shouting, "Euphemia-sama!"

The said girl looked up from where she was seated on a fancy antique recliner. In front of her was a small glass-topped coffee table. Beside was a silver trolley loaded with various sweets and treats. Across from her on the wall the huge TV was playing on low volume what looked like the newest episodes of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

"Eu… Euphemia-sama?" Suzaku looked lost.

"Suzaku!" Her face instantly brightened up at his presence. "You're here at last!"

Suzaku exhaled heavily, wiped his sweaty forehead with his arm, his slightly damp, wet robes clinging to him. He was still holding his training sword. "I…I came immediately. I thought... something had happened to you, Princess…"

Euphie stared at the disheveled knight for a moment, touched. Then she burst into her usual sweet smile. "I'm sorry for worrying you, Suzaku-kun,"

Suzaku let out a relieved smile as he went to stand dutifully beside the princess. "What is it that you require of me, Euphie-sama?"

She rose from her seat, a secretive smile bouncing on her lips. "Close your eyes."

"Huhh?" Suzaku couldn't help it, his face heated up. Euphemia was leaning closer towards him, an accusing whiney tone picking up in her voice. "Come on, Suzaku, close your eyes!"

The poor flustered knight did as he was told. His face proceeded to turn pinker as he felt her presence draw closer to him, smell her scented perfume. He heard her giggle.

"…Euphemia-sama…?" He felt like an idiot, standing there, eyes closed. "What-"

"Open your mouth."

"Huhh?" With just that command, the already heated Suzaku felt his temperature soar up another ten degrees.

He shyly opened his mouth and then was shocked by the soft touch of her hand on his arm and her long soft hair falling down onto his shoulders and tickling his fingers.

She was so… close to him! Suzaku struggled to keep his mind out of the gutter, lectured himself, beat himself up over it. No! No… Euphemia-sama is a princess! She's not…

And even the seemingly innocent knight couldn't help but think the wrong things when commanded to close his eyes and open his mouth, especially while the gorgeous princess' face was only inches from his, for God's sake!

And then he felt something wet and sweet in his mouth. He almost fell over backwards.

It was cold. Really cold. Kinda like ice.

Suzaku opened his eyes, his face bright red. He looked, face flushing at the princess, standing in front of him with an adorable smile. In her hand she was holding an empty spoon.

"Eh?" Suzaku was flustered and confused, in addition to feeling horribly sheepish and embarrassed for his bad, bad thoughts about his dear princess.

She grinned. "It's kakigori!"

Suzaku's face slowly returned to its paler complexion. "Shaved ice?"

"Uhuh!" She nodded enthusiastically, her long wavy pink hair rippling down her back and over her shoulders.

He smiled gently at her. "But why?"

She pouted and pulled a face at him before bursting into a cute smile. "You know I like Japanese food, Suzaku-kun."

Suzaku smiled to himself. Yeah, he did indeed know that. The Brittanian princess was enchanted by everything Japanese, from anime fandomness to cosplay to food to tea ceremonies to onsen.

"Anyway, that's why I had to call you to come here as soon as possible," she explained as she sat down. "It's really hot outside and you'd been training for the last two hours, so I got some Japanese desserts for you to eat. And I didn't want the ice to melt."

Suzaku stared at the princess for a second too long. "You didn't have to do that, Euphemia-sama."

She looked disappointed now and hung her head. "But…" she started.

Suzaku felt pained. "You don't need to do so much for me, Euphie-sama. I am but your lowly knight; I don't deserve so much from you, my princess."

And especially not, thought Suzaku with gritted teeth, for being shameless enough to think such selfish and bad thoughts about my princess!

"I don't care," she said suddenly, looking straight up defiantly at him. "I just… wanted to spend a traditional Japanese summer with my favourite person."

"…f-favourite person, Euphie?" Suzaku felt weak.

She was so defiant, so set in her words as she stared at him with her violet eyes. "And who better than Suzaku to help me do it! You know what the Japanese like to do best in summer, right?"

He didn't exactly know what to say. Relenting, the poor boy chuckled and sat down on a nearby stool. "Well… what desserts do you have there?"

She brightened up immediately and turned the silver trolley towards him, chattering on about the anmitsu and azuki shiratama.

After all, he could never reject or turn down his princess' requests or silly ideas. She went through phases, turning from one fandom to the other, changing her mind at the last minute, pulling him along with her as she chased after various dreams and tasks that she wanted to fulfill.


"I just… wanted to spend a traditional Japanese summer with my favourite person."

She'd never know how some of the carefree things she said had grabbed him by the heart and made it ache.

"Please tell me you're joking, Euphie-sama…" Suzaku's face was pale.

His facial expression echoed the one of Kyon on the huge television screen on the wall.

"No…" Euphie's face was one of absolute innocence, unlike the devilish Haruhi Suzumiya who was now talking in low volume from the TV.

"Euphemia-sama, I honestly don't think this is a good idea," Suzaku tried again, patiently, politely, his hands held up in front of him.

It was only a matter of time before she would use her pleading, pouting face, which Suzaku was completely and utterly defenseless against. Suzaku could see it coming. And yep… there it was.

"Why not?" She looked up at him, the very picture of innocence, her violet eyes large and pleading, her mouth curved downwards into a little pout.

Suzaku felt his life force draining away as the maid brought him a watermelon and a long wooden stick.

Nevertheless, there they were, out on the porch overlooking the generous gardens of the Brittanian estate, standing on the deck and staring down at the watermelon at their feet.

Suika-wari, Suzaku thought despairingly to himself, where did she get these ideas?

She grinned at him and held out the long wooden stick. "Would you like to go first, Suzaku?"

He faked a smile. "No thanks, your Highness."

She looked at him quizzically for a moment before nodding. "Okay." She bounced towards him and held out the blindfold.

He didn't understand at first.

"Suzakuuu," she whined, "Hurry up! Tie it on!"

And so Suzaku tied the blindfold onto the Brittanian princess, the whole time remorsefully thinking about how wrongly this could all be misunderstood and seen. And this was horrible, Suzaku scolded himself, his face bright red, luckily the princess couldn't see it. He could imagine what kind of things Rivalz and the student council president would say if they saw it. Something kinky, eh…? His face flamed up even more as he did the final knot.

"Okay!" Euphie was sounding way too enthusiastic for Suzaku's liking. Dangerously waving the stick around her, she commanded: "Now spin me around ten times!"

Sighing, Suzaku gently placed his hands onto her highness' thin shoulders. And almost immediately, pulled them straight off again.

"…Suzaku?" She turned around in his direction, although she couldn't see him. Which was a relief really, because Suzaku was about to pass out.

"I'm okay," he said furiously, as he righted himself and held onto her shoulders again. The whole blindfolded thing plus the whole touching his highness thing was a bit too much for him to handle at the moment. He still didn't feel right about the whole thing, even though Euphemia thought nothing about it all. Yet over and over, he felt constantly reminded by his lowly position, and how he shouldn't be touching her at all, not touching his beautiful princess; because she was Euphemia li Britannia and he was nothing compared to her.

He span her around ten times and then let her loose with a dangerous weapon as he ran and ducked for cover. Avoiding the dangerously swinging stick was harder than Suzaku's intensive military training. Yet although he was worried about being hit by Euphemia's wooden stick, he was more concerned about her walking into the wall, or the glass door, or falling off the porch altogether.

"Hyahh!" She cried happily as she swung the stick full strength at the ground, missing the watermelon completely, as she was facing the wrong way to begin with. Suzaku flinched at the huge sound of the stick smashing into the wooden porch.

"…Suzaku?" Her voice was tiny and scared, "I… I…"

"It's okay, Euphie-sama," Suzaku started, "you can try again."

"No..." she whimpered, "It's not that. I… I think I broke the porch."

Sure enough, right in front of her was a large gaping hole where the wood used to be, it was splintered and broken inwards. Suzaku was at a lot for words.

Her voice grew smaller and tearful. "Did I break it, Suzaku?" She mumbled, waving the stick out in front of her.

Suzaku thought fast, not wanting to upset the princess. Hurrying towards her, he quickly assured her, "Oh no, the porch is fine! You just missed the watermelon, that's all! Here, I'll give you some help."

He gently guided the princess all the way down the other end of the porch, subtly rolling the watermelon ahead with his foot.

Euphie gave the stick another swing, this time just nipping the watermelon. The watermelon bounced upwards from the impact on the wooden boards and fell off the porch. As Suzaku went to fetch the watermelon, Euphemia grew excited.

"Suzaku! Suzaku! I think I almost hit it! You saw that just then, didn't you?" She sounded like an excited child.

"Yeah," Suzaku agreed pleasantly, as he came back to replace the watermelon back where it had been. "It was so close, Euphie,"

Suzaku's words seemed to egg Euphie on. She brandished the wooden stick and declared, "Okay! I'll definitely get it this time! I know just where it is!"

She swung the wooden stick as hard as she could.

And then a lot of things happened at once.

"AAARGHHH!" yelled Suzaku in pain as he had been on the porch, bending over to replace the watermelon in the radius of Euphemia when she swung the stick, and the stick had hit him right in the head making him fall off the porch, still crying from the hit while Euphemia, who was blindfolded, tripped over the falling Suzaku's foot and tumbled onto him in a heap.

Meanwhile, the watermelon was rolling away merrily.

Suzaku came around quickly; groggily opening his eyes and closing them again a few times before snapping them wide open in horror. He was sprawled out on the ground with a splitting headache, and a gorgeous blindfolded girl lying on top of him. Not to mention that the blindfolded girl was Euphemia li Britannia, the princess he was devoted heart and soul to. And it was all so wrong for the poor injured knight to compute and before he knew it, he was passing out again.

"Suzaku!" Euphemia had her hands clapped together in front of her apologetically. "I'm so, so sorrryyyyy! Are you okay? I didn't mean to hit you, I'm sorry! It must really hurt! Are you going to be all right? Do you still hurt anywhere? Want me to get the doctor? Are you-"

Suzaku mumbled an incoherent reply from where he was laid out across the porch, managing to open his eyes as he looked upwards at Euphie. His sight was a little hazy and damn, his head hurt! Sitting up in a rush, he immediately apologized, "Euphemia-sama! I'm sorry for passing out like that, what happen-"

"Suzaku-kun!" The relief on her face was enormous. "What are you apologizing for? That was my fault, I'm so sorry!"

Suzaku groaned and felt the back of his head where he could feel a huge lump growing and it was sore and bruised.

She was sitting beside him, her long pink hair falling down to the porch, looking down at him. Her violet eyes were sad and apologetic. "I'm sorry, Suzaku."

Suzaku sat there, slightly dazed for a moment. Then, forgetting himself for a moment, forgetting about their status and everything, he simply smiled. "It's okay,"

Euphie stared at him.

"Just…" He sighed before he lay back down again. "…let me sleep for a while."

It had been a hectic summer day and he was exhausted, sweaty and his head hurt. And Euphie sat there, beside him, out on the porch. And the heat finally let off as the sun started to set, a brief but cooling breeze rippled past them. And Euphemia sat very still and Suzaku lay there, resting.

She looked down at her knight, exhausted, the perspiration on his forehead slowly vanishing as the cooler temperature arrived, Suzaku in his training robes, battered from the day's watermelon-smashing events.

"Ne, Suzaku?" She said.

He made a noncommittal sound, as though he was listening.

"You know, I meant what I said before…" Euphemia smiled and her voice brightened. "You are…" and her voice softened tenderly, "…my most favourite person in the world, Suzaku."

If only she had said that while he was awake.

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