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For those of you who don't know how or what is the Seigaku game here is how it is done...

The person starting says their name and Seigaku game. Then they all say yay or Yeah. Then the person starting says a someone's last name and points to a next person, than the person who was pointed at says the person's first name and points to someone else. The person standing on the left and right of the person who was being pointed as says the person move or a saying.

Inui Sadaharu.........Rikutsu janai (it's illogical):
Fuji Syuusuke.........Tsubame Gaeshi
Kikumaru Eiji.........Kikumaru Beam
Kawamura Takashi.
Oishi Shuichirou.........Kara Kara Kara!
Momoshiro Takeshi.........Don!
Kaidoh Kaoru.........Snake Shotto (shot)!
Echizen Ryoma.........Nyarou! (bastard)
Tezuka Kunimitsu.........Nandeya nen ! (What the heck)

Still don't understand well here is an example of how it is done...

Tezuka: Tezuka Kunimitsu Seigaku game,
All: YEAH/YAY (with 2 thumbs up)
Inui (points to Echizen)
Echizen: Sadaharu (points to Oishi)
Fuji and Kikumaru
(standing left and right of Oishi: Rikutsu janai (acting as if they were pressing eyeglasses)

And the game continues until 2 players with no mistakes remain… and the two players left wins

After writing His Abusive past...I wanted to write something not so depressing...


Eiji sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time in the last half hour. The regulars had decided to stay late to prepare for their upcoming practice match against Rikkaidai since it was a nice day,, or it had been a nice day until twenty minutes later the rain came. So the rest of their after hour practicing was canceled.

It was so unexpected that they were not prepared for the sudden down pour and by the time they had picked up the balls, took the nets down and gathered up everything, they were soaked and wet. Oishi had immediately sent everyone into the showers telling them they had to take a warm shower and get changed into some warm clothes before they got sick.

And there was no way they could leave the clubroom without getting severely soaked again. Besides Oishi, being the mother of the team, had forbidden anyone from leaving the changing room even going as far as threatening the person who leaves with drinking Inui juice.

So it was without say that the group decided to stay there. Bored. Then risk the threat of drinking Inui's latest brand of poison he likes to call health drinks. There was nothing, absolutely nothing healthy about those nasty juices that they were force to drink.

"I am so bored. There is nothing to do, nya!" whined Eiji as he wrapped his arms around Ryoma's shoulder who just grunted at the hug, tugged his cap down and took a sip from his can of grape flavored ponta.

Taking a glance around the room, it was obvious that the rest of the occupants felt the same way that the red headed acrobat was feeling. Even if it was hard to tell with some people.

Ryoma watched as Kaidoh twitched in his spot against the wall, Momo tapped his fingers against the bench he was sitting on, Oishi staring out the window, Inui was scribbling in his notebook, about what, it was something only he could tell you. Fuji was just sitting on the bench, his back against the lockers wearing his forever present smile, Takashi was staring into space, And Tezuka was reading a book but by the slight twitch in his brow, you could tell that he was annoyed by Eiji's constant whines about how bored he was.

But no one could fault the acrobat. It was boring after all. And in the half hour since they had been in the clubroom they had played several games from. 'Truth and Dare' to 'I've never' and some other games.

Fuji smiled at his best friend. "Well how about another game?"

"Hm, what kind of game, Fujiko nya? We played everything else already, even I spy."

Fuji hummed with his usual closed eyes, smiling facade while he placed a hand on his chin in his infamous thinking gesture. "Saa..."

Eiji pouted and turned towards the rest of the group, "Does anyone have any more ideas for a game?"

Inui grinned which caused shivers to shoot down their spines, pushing his glasses up higher on his nose, "Well I have an idea for a game."

The team took steps back none of them trusted Inui or his smiles. They were creepy and made the group think that something bad was about to happen to them. Which it usually did. He only gave them that smile when it involved them drinking his latest juice.

Gulping Eiji asked him what his idea was.

Inui grabbed his notebook and opened it. "It's called the Seigaku Game."

Everyone turned and stared at Inui in confusion and curiosity, wondering what this game was about.

"EH, Seigaku game what is that Inui-senpai?" asked Momoshiro looking over at the data man.

"Well it's a game of course. The rules are quite simple. Let me explain them to you." Inui opened his notebook and cleared his throat, "Well first well have to form a circle and yes everyone is playing which includes you Tezuka."

Everyone snickers at that before turning there attention back towards Inui waiting for him to continue while Tezuka gives Inui a glare telling him that told him he would be running laps if he doesn't hurry up and explain the rules of this game.

Quickly telling the rules to the game and making sure everyone understands it.

Momoshiro nods his head hesitantly, "So whoever starts says someone's last name, points to someone else and that person says that persons first name before pointing at a different person and the person standing on the left and right have to say something, right."

Inui nodded his head.

"Hoi! Hoi! Inui, what is it that we're suppose to say, nya?"

Inui clears his throat and scanned the contents of his notebook before flipping the page before holding it up...

"Tezuka Kunimitsu: Nandeya nen."

"Inui-senpai" called Ryoma in his usual bored tone. "Why the heck is buchou saying, 'What the heck' when he is usually telling us to not let our guard down or don't get careless?"

"Yeah, why is that, Inui?" asked Oishi

Inui shrugged, "It's cute isn't it." he grinned at that causing Fuji to chuckle.


Inui adjusted his glasses. "Continuing...Echizen Ryoma: Nyarou."

Several snorts, snickers and chuckles came forth from that. While Tezuka's lips twitched a bit.

" Fuji Syuusuke: Tsubame Gaeshi. Kikumaru Eiji: Kikumaru beam. Oishi Shuichirou: Kara Kara Kara"

"Kara Kara Kara???" called Eiji, Momoshiro, Takashi and Oishi while Kaidoh, Ryoma and Tezuka rose an eyebrow and Fuji smiled.

Inui nodded his head while pressing on his eyeglasses, "It's the sound his racket makes when it scrapes the ground right before he executes his moon volley."

"EH" Momoshiro, Eiji, Takashi and Oishi replied.

Fuji chuckled at their expression, "Saa...Sounds interesting Inui."

Inui cleared his throat and nodded his head, "Thanks Fuji. Anyways, back to what we were talking about. Kaidoh Kaoru: Snake Shotto, Momoshiro Takeshi: Don. Kawamura Takashi: Burning. Inui Sadaharu: Rikutsu Janai. The last two people remaining is the wins the game. Oh and before I forget there is also motions which you have to imitate as well or you will lose."

"Motions?" Oishi, Eiji, Takashi and Momoshiro asked.

Inui nodded his head before showing them the gestures to make or what to do. Everyone looked amused at the game and they could not deny that they were excited about seeing how this game turned out.

Forming a circle, Fuji, Ryoma, Momo, Tezuka,Taka, Inui, Oishi, Eiji and Kaidoh the regulars glanced at Inui silently asking him who should go first.

Inui looked around and points to Tezuka. "Why don't you begin Tezuka!" he called with a smirk.

Tezuka glared at him, silently telling him that he would be running laps at their next practice.

"Come on Tezuka. This is going to be fun!" chuckled Fuji.

Everyone else agreed and nudged Tezuka to go. Releasing a defeated sigh, Tezuka decided to just go along with it, "Starting from Tezuka Kunimitsu" came the response "Seigaku game" he called "Yay" everyone replied showing two thumbs up.

Tezuka looked around, "Echizen" he points to Fuji who smiles, "Ryoma" he replied pointing towards Eiji. Oishi and Kaidoh, who were standing on either side of the acrobat, replied with "Nyarou" while acting as it they were pulling down a brim of a cap.

Eiji grinned, "Oishi" he called pointing at Fuji who continued to smile, "Shuichirou" he said pointing towards Momo causing Ryoma and Tezuka to respond with, "Kara Kara Kara" while moving their arm like they were dragging a racket.

Momoshiro snickered and pointed towards Taka-san, "Fuji" Taka smiled lightly, "Syuusuke" he responded pointing towards Ryoma. "Tsubame Gaeshi" they (Fuji and Momo) called acting like they were hitting the shot.

Ryoma pointed towards Eiji, "Tezuka" he whispered..Eiji grinned, "Kunimitsu" he cheered pointing towards Tezuka. Momoshiro and Taka froze briefly forgetting what they had to say. "yudan..." they started before Inui placed a hand up.

"Rikutsu Janai" he called pushing up his glasses. "Since you both got it wrong, and we only need one loser, so rock-paper-scissor and the one who loses would be out, the winner will stay.

"What was the word anyways?" asked Momoshiro scratching his head.

Fuji chuckled. "Nandeya nen" he answered tossing a hand carelessly to the side with a smile.

Momoshiro and Takashi blinked. "Oh right."

Ryoma tugged at his cap, "Mada mada dane!" he whispered turning his head to face the wall not caring who will win..

"EH!" Momoshiro shouted in surprise which caused Ryoma to glance at the dunk smash player and the burning one to see that Momoshiro had rock and Taka had paper.

"Che. Guess you lost Momo-senpai." he said.

Momoshiro growled at the smaller boy, "Echizen, you brat! You can't speak to your senpai's like that, you can't." The only response boy wonder gave the dunk smash player was a infamous smirk. "Your such an un-cute brat sometimes Echizen."

"Mada mada dane, Momo-senpai!" The team baby murmured carelessly.

Everyone chuckled at that before Inui shooed Momoshiro out of the circle, "Well you are the first to lose Momoshiro. Go sit down and wait for the next loser to join you."

Momoshiro grumbled before plopping down on the bench. While everyone moved closer together to cover the gap.

(Fuji, Ryoma, Tezuka,Taka, Inui, Oishi, Eiji and Kaidoh )

"Alright let's start with Eiji this time"

Eiji cheered, "Starting from Kikumaru Eiji: Seigaku game" "Yay" everyone answered showing two thumbs up.

"Kawamura" started Eiji pointing towards Oishi. "Takashi" he responded pointing towards Tezuka. "Burning" called Ryoma and Takashi. Tezuka cleared his throat "Kikumaru" he replied pointing towards Kaidoh "Eiji" he said pointing towards Taka. "Kikumaru beam" replied Tezuka and Inui moving there hands in replication to how Kikumaru would do his beam shot. "Inui" called Taka pointing at Fuji "Sadaharu" he answered pointing towards Eiji. Oishi and Kaidoh remained quiet, thinking before Oishi called out "Rikutsu Janai" while pretending to press on glasses.

Eiji cheered that Oishi was still in while Kaidoh hissed and walked towards the bench and sat down further down from Momoshiro who was snickering. Turning Kaidoh glared at him, "Shut up peach-head, at least I didn't lose first like some idiot."

Momoshiro bristled and turned to glare at his rival, "What did you just say, ya damn mamushi. You wanna fight." he yelled about to stand up to grab his rival but was interrupted by Inui who appeared in between them holding a pitcher of reddish-green liquid, threatening telling them they continued their punishment would be drinking the juice. Both second years immediately stopped yelling and turned their backs towards each other.

( Fuji, Ryoma, Tezuka,Taka, Inui, Oishi and Eiji.)

"Okay, let's continue. Echizen why don't you go."

"Starting from Echizen Ryoma: Seigaku game" he retorted blankly "Yay" they all cheered sticking two thumbs up.

"Oishi" he called pointing towards Inui. "Shuichirou" he replied pointing at Ryoma.. "Kara Kara Kara" came Fuji's happy tone mixed with a stoic Tezuka as they made like they were dragging a racker on the ground.

Ryoma turned his head "Momoshiro" he said pointing at Tezuka "Takeshi" he answered coolly pointing at Fuji "Don" came Ryoma and Eiji's voices as they made their hands in the dunk position. "Kaidoh" called Fuji pointing towards Inui "Kaoru" Inui pointed at Eiji "Snake shotto" called Fuji swinging his arms in the way Kaidoh does to hit the snake, while Oishi blinked and sheepishly rubbed his head.

Fuji chuckled as Eiji whined about how he was mean and why he had to beat Oishi.

Oishi just smiled and took a seat between the second year rivals.

(Fuji, Ryoma, Tezuka,Taka, Inui, and Eiji.)

"Taka-san, you start!" called Inui

"Okay, starting from Kawamura Takeshi: Seigaku game" "Yay" came the response everyone rose two thumbs. "Tezuka" called Taka pointing at Inui "Kunimitsu" pointing at Tezuka. " Nandeya nen" answered Ryoma tossing his hand to the side, before raising his hand to tug at his cap.

"Taka-san, I can't believe you let that brat beat you!" called Momoshiro with a grin while Taka looked around. He wasn't paying attention to who Inui had pointed to and so had missed that he was the one who was suppose to go.

"Saa,,,nice try Taka-san" smiled Fuji as the sushi chief scratched his head and smiled sheepishly muttering a 'thanks Fuji' before sitting down beside Oishi.

(Fuji, Ryoma, Tezuka, Inui, and Eiji.)

'"Alright Fuji, you go!" smiled Inui

Fuji nodded his head, "Starting from Fuji Syuusuke: Seigaku game" "Yay" was the response from the remaining people as they stuck both their thumbs up "Echizen" he called pointing at said person who blinked, "Ryoma" he pointed at Inui. "Nyarou" replied both Eiji and Tezuka as they tugged at an invisible cap.

"Fuji" called Inui pointing at the said person, "Syuusuke" he replied pointing at Inui. "Tsubame Gaeshi" they (Tezuka and Eiji) called out moving their arms to mimic the move, the latter reluctantly while the former enthusiastically.

Inui moved his head and smirked "Echizen" he called pointing at Eiji who grinned "Ochibi"

Inui grinned and shooed Eiji. "No. no Kikumaru...not ochibi. That is not his name"

"Nya" Eiji pouted before solemnly walking towards the bench and sitting beside Oishi as he muttered about 'unfair' and 'Inui is mean'. Oishi patted his partners shoulder comfortingly telling that it was alright.

(Fuji, Ryoma, Tezuka, and Inui )

"Inui, you go first" called Fuji before Inui could speak. Tezuka and Ryoma nodded their heads agreeing with what Fuji said.

"Okay. Starting from Inui Sadaharu: Seigaku game" "Yay" said the three monsters of Seigaku raising their thumbs. "Kaidoh" Inui started pointing at Fuji. "Kaoru" he said pointing at Tezuka. "Snake Shotto" replied Ryoma and Inui making the motion for the snake.

"Inui" Tezuka replied pointing at Ryoma "Sadaharu" he said pointing at Inui. "Rikutsu janai " Tezuka and Fuji said pressing hands to their face like they were pressing on glasses, well Fuji pretended.

"Echizen" Inui called pointing at Fuji "Ryoma" Fuji pointed at Tezuka. "Nyarou" replied Ryoma and Inui, the latter pretending to pull down the brim of a cap while the former did.

"Oishi" called Tezuka pointing towards Inui "Shuichirou" he said pointing at Tezuka. "Kara Kara Kara" came the reply from Ryoma moving his arms in a imitation of Oishi's moon volley.

Fuji, Ryoma and Tezuka turned to look over at Inui.

Eiji laughed and stood up from his spot, "Inui you lost, nya" the red head acrobat teased the data master.

Inui frowned and pressed his fingers to his glasses and muttered, "Rikutsu janai"

Ryoma turned and looked out the window. "The rain stopped, senpai-tachi. I am going home, before the rain starts again." called the baby of the team as he walked towards the bench and grabbed his bag and shouldered it.

"Hold on Ryoma-chan. I'll walk with you" said Fuji picking up his own bag and walked towards the younger male. Tezuka followed after them along with the rest of the team.

Reaching the gates and before everyone separated, Ryoma turned and looked over at the data man. "Hey Inui-senpai!" he called out causing everyone to stop and look at the baby of the team curious.

:What is it, Echizen?"

"It was fun. The game. We should play it again sometime." he answered before turning to walk off with a chuckling Fuji. Everyone agreed with that by nodding, well except Tezuka who just kept walking, his hands tucked in his pockets.

Inui allowed a smile to grace his lips before he walked off.

Ryoma looked over at his smiling senpai before turning to look at the sky. He wouldn't mind more days like this, if it met being able to hang out with his senpai-tachi...his teammates...his friends. It was different from playing tennis with them but it was just as much fun, if not more so.


I was watching Tenimyu all day...boredom and rains, what can I say... I love Kimeru, well the entire Tenimyu first class including Yanagi...Anyways...this fic was made from pure boredom and just for the heck of it...And if you still don't know how to play or understand the game you can watch it on youtube under Seigaku game.